How to be free and alive in our Life?

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  • How to be free and alive in our Life?

    How to be free and alive in our Life?

    What if the vital key was to choose yourself to have the liberty to choose your Life?


    1. “Who decides for me?”

    Is it really me, taking the time to check myself to clarify my positioning and vision?

    Or do I let my family, my surroundings, or any external authority decide for me, just to feel considered and loved?



    1. What are your priorities?

    – Do you allow yourself to come first?


    – Do you prioritize your children over yourself, even though they need you to be first filled with your own energy before sharing it with them?



    1. How do you communicate with yourself?

    Do you berate yourself whenever you make a mistake, or do you welcome all parts of yourself and simply ask:

    “What can I learn from this experience, and how can I help myself so that it doesn’t happen again?”



    1. Which Life choice do you make every day?

    • Happiness


    • Unhappiness


    • The choice of not having a choice


    Are you aware that you are responsible for your daily choice assuming its impacts?


    Of course, no state of being lasts 100% in absolute terms, as we are composed of paradoxical and ambivalent aspects of ourselves.


    However, we can set a clear and precise intention every day to help trigger the desired path, taking small dedicated steps.


    Are you using your free will to venture into the unknown following your intuition, or are you fatalistic, feeding the narrative in your head that you don’t deserve happiness?


    If you want to experience happiness before leaving this Earth, how are you helping yourself create your new path today?


    Are you taking action steadily, or are you adopting a passive stance, “waiting” in vain for “the right moment” to come to you?


    To assist my Coaches, I simply ask them if, on the day of their departure from this Earth, they want to have lived full of experiences, with plenty of failures/successes,

    or if they prefer to look back on their lives with regret, having lived nothing, out of fear of taking the risk of living in the unknown of Life.


    Life is within us


    1. Life is within us.

    A human being is a living being from Mother Nature, so do you desire to activate the living within you by embodying who you are, cherishing your body, your vehicle that is crucial to your health, to stand up?

    Or do you prefer to abandon your vibrant humanity to become a transgenic organism in a virtual world?



    1. Do you believe in yourself?

    When you believe things will go wrong, there’s a higher chance it will be!


    Because we’ve witnessed the power of our beliefs. Hence the importance of freeing ourselves from what blocks us to move forward on our path.


    Yes, we carry a lot of “baggage,” especially with cellular memories, family DNA, societal conditioning, religion, and so on.


    I therefore advise my Coaches to be mindful of what they consume:


    > Anxiety-inducing news of war, death, and duality, or neutral citizen media that open up debates for peace between opposites?


    > Toxic relationships of jealousy, power struggles, lies, and addictions, or an environment that wishes you well, even if they disagree with you?


    I often say in my workshops that eating healthy is futile if, at the same time, you watch the news of mainstream television and think of the worst outcomes.


    By constantly fueling fear and war, the Mind is overly activated, and those with a dominant mind struggle to return to Consciousness and realize that their situation is not as the worst, and that there is always a solution to a problem in our polarized world.


    Therefore, I strongly encourage people to surround themselves better and receive positive information and energy to break free from constant fear and stress.


    Whether it’s through your circle, neighbors, coach, or therapist, dare to ask for help:


    > Go find trustworthy people !


    > Approach neutral people who wish you well!


    > Take a moment to ask yourself who your relational support is.


    Note: When you ask, you receive! But do you do it?



    1. Who is in the “I” position in your Life’s game?

    > When you say, “I am…”, who is speaking within you?


    > Are you so influenced by others’ opinions that you are lost?


    > Do you take the time to write down and anchor what you want to experience?


    > Do you know that you cannot have a stable and harmonious relationship with someone to create a “we” without your “I”?



    1. Thinking or Acting?

    Choosing the path you want to live is not about overthinking your route before taking it.


    Many people procrastinate because they want to be sure that their choice will be the right one by visualizing the path, assumptions of the result, etc.


    And in the end, they’re still in their head and haven’t moved their body during all this time in Life where they could have lived the short and fragile Life that quickly passes…


    To summarize, I try to guide my clients in this way:

    – The best choice is the one of your Heart, not from the head that wants to be rational.


    – To know if it’s a good idea, it’s good to taste it, test it, fumble your way through. We quickly realize through lived experience that what our head had thought is not reality, co-created with Life bringing us chance/synchronicities.


    – When you want to start a new chapter in your Life, it’s wise to start with what you have and not “wait” to be more prepared or better trained.


    You always have what you need to start the adventure and climb the first step of the staircase, giving yourself the best conditions to go, without trying to figure out how the end of the stairs you’re climbing will be, which is impossible!


    As I write these lines, I remember telling my clients several times to first plan a coffee meeting with the desired person to start a new adventure.


    I notice here that some people want to go too fast and reach the 10th step of the stairs before putting their foot on the first.


    That means that many people aspire to something unrealistic, which ultimately blocks them from starting to change their life!


    1. Are your lifestyle habits good for you now?

    – Did you have a certain relationship with a person?

    Today, by being honest with yourself, do you want to continue nurturing this relationship by investing your energy and time in it?


    – Do you maintain this painful situation because it has become a life habit to which you have resigned yourself?


    – Do you choose yourself, meaning saying “no” to those you love in order to say “yes” to yourself and stop suffering?


    – Do you accept being controlled and manipulated by others to feel secure? Or will you choose to reclaim your heart’s power and be in charge of your Life’s game?


    – Has your Life routine thrown you off balance in excess?


    > “Too much” in technology = “not enough” in Nature,


    > “Too much” listening to others = “not enough” listening to yourself,


    > “Too much” drama = “not enough” neutrality,


    > “Too much” drowning in negative thoughts and heavy emotions = “not enough” getting out of your head to act spontaneously with your body and see what the experience teaches you?



    1. Better communicate

    To better speak with others, it is crucial to express well with yourself first and ask the right questions:


    > Do I feel alive when I am with this person? Does it make me vibrate or weigh me down?


    > What am I afraid to tell my loved ones that causes me physical pain?


    > Why do I avoid communication with this person? What should I learn?



    The current energies of March 2024 push us beyond our emotions (fear, anger, sadness, resentment, frustration…) and help us leave dominant-submissive relationships, in order to expose our unique truth in the light, with clear and just communication.


    To get what we want in our outer Life, it is fundamental to start with our inner Life, to no longer feed what makes us suffer but to maintain our course despite the winds during the journey of Life.


    It is therefore important to activate in us the “heart-rage” to achieve this freedom of being and no longer stay in control of our thoughts and beliefs.



    1. Security or Health?

    Some people want to feel secure and therefore let external security control everything by putting them in protective boxes against the unknown, the foreign, the unforeseen, humans, animals, weather… All components of life in its diversity.


    And others prefer to live Life by welcoming it as it is, with its ups and downs, listening to themselves, and following their instinct in the moment, to open up to Life, to the encounters that Life presents in all its complexity.


    Whether the experience is enjoyable or unpleasant, thrilling or painful, this group has chosen the living, the respect for the Divine body, the union with Oneself to then unite with others in their Human polarities.


    I then invite you to choose your inner references while respecting those external to you that bring irrational doubts and blockages, in order to live with discernment, in peace and love, in this School of Life.


    It is therefore essential that our references are now our inner knowing that guides us.


    Trust yourself!

    Trust Life within you!


    Be proud of your path strewn with obstacles to learn more about yourself.


    Be your own savior from now on, positioning yourself fully, without dependence and without duality with others.


    Regain your peace of mind, the respect of your Soul, and the vitality of your body.


    Remember: “Your inner voice is your way.”


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      • Siw
      • 14 March 2024 at 9 h 19 min

      Thank you 🙂

      • Suzie
      • 3 March 2024 at 22 h 05 min

      Thanks for summarizing main questions to stand out and move forward. It helps !

      • Thanks Suzie for your comment! I’m glad that it does help xx


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