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  • #Deconfinement_Freedom


    A wind of freedom is opening up for us…

    This is it! Deconfinement has begun!


    A page is being turned!


    Are we starting a new page of the same book or are we changing to a new story?
    Have we realized through this confinement what matters now?

    For instance, that Men do master and own NOTHING on this earth?


    Or are we moving towards an even stronger CONTROL by ensuring :

    Health “at all costs” vs Freedom?

    Men and women died so that we could be free!

    Our elders fought for freedom of movement, freedom of expression, etc.


    Yep, our memory is always short when our mind wants to quickly regain control.

    During this quarantine, this brain could have balanced itself with the voice of the heart… But no! it seems that for some people it has rather followed the path of fear!


    Indeed, the good reflexes of the Ego have been highlighted: at the beginning of the crisis, people were in denial, not believing that the virus would cross borders… until the moment we lived it without preparation and without anticipation, which plunged us into FEAR!


    Faced with this egregore, are we creating a society that prioritizes Health at the expense of our Freedom to be?


    Are we moving towards a society that no longer tolerates risk?

    Do we wish to:

    – Live in a society where we no longer tolerate the uncertainty?

    – Be traced and reprimanded when we express our feelings that are always different from one another?

    – Know the number of deaths of the Corona virus everyday in our temporary Life?



    By the way, why count Covid-19 deaths every day without comparing those who die of other viruses so numerous every year?

    Why compare the number of our deaths to other countries that apply different criteria?


    This count spread around with all, day after day, seems so illogical and so alarming…


    Instead of paying attention to COURAGE and the achievements of caregivers in this business resumption, the French government is doing the opposite by continuing to tip us into terror!


    Of course, fear is necessary to rebound. However, being identified with this emotion, that does not belong to us, permanently for more than 2 months, overflows our emotions of uncertainty.


    Many people are confused by these government statistics that do not stop, and are lost by the national regulations that contradict each day, with a lack of security.


    That is why most French people are emancipating themselves in the streets today…

    We observe a fragile population that is more stressed than ever by a confused future where they can no longer plan projects, but have only the advantage of staying in the present…  until some of them lose complete control and have a disrespectful “I don’t care” attitude.

    Others are happy to get back to work but wonder how to do it with little French public transport available to ensure a safe distancing…


    And finally, many people are not psychologically ready to go back to the outside world:

    – Faced with the lack of sanitary conditions to ensure a healthy and safe environment, many parents are reluctant to put their children in school and at the same time, they are afraid of losing their job if they do not return to work…


    – French citizens have lost confidence in their government… After the unspoken and total disorganization of the leaders in the management of this crisis (concerning the real cause of quarantine, the lack of masks and tests still today, etc.).


    – In relation to the inconsistency of the acts:

    * We were told that masks were useless and finally they become mandatory…

    * As soon as we started the blackout period, French schools were closed and finally reopened first!

    Unlike Monaco, which has proposed a coherent “stop & go” strategy to reopen businesses and only classes that pass exams without cafeteria and without sport, France does the opposite…

    * We learned that some French people had to go to jail because they did not respect the quarantine period and that a French entrepreneur had to be in police custody because he had given Chloroquine to his employees… While the French government released lots of murderers, who had long criminal sentences to have more space in prisons!!

    Indeed, it is not easy to regain confidence after this rout.
    It is a pity that the French government did not take this opportunity to commune with their people and show its humanity.


    Confinement has been an ACCELERATOR:

    – French doctor’s appointments show that those who were fragile declined to depression and disarray.
    – Others who felt good took advantage of this global break to focus more on themselves.
    – Some vulnerable people who were unable to see their doctor in France were severely impacted.
    – Children who are spontaneous and happy to be connected to each other have been deprived of living their youth…


    Finally, we wonder if we are not going to have more indirect diseases due to this confinement.


    France is the leader of anti-depressants, which seems to say that we have many people who suffer from depression. With this acceleration due to this blackout, it would be interesting to analyze those who will be collateral victims:

    – Families who were locked in a stressful home.

    – Those who lost their jobs.

    – Entrepreneurs who don’t know how to rebuild their business…


    It’s too bad we didn’t wonder like Sweden “Why some countries didn’t confine and isolate only those with symptoms?”

    The Swedish did not want to confine because they thought from the beginning that the deconfinement was going to be tougher than confinement, causing a lack of reference and heavier anxiety repressed for months…


    Did they get it right?

    Should we have confined only infected people and those at risk of contracting the virus?
    We don’t know yet … while learning more about this unpredictable experience every day!


    On the other hand, what we see concretely is the strong desire of people to have a

    change for a fairer collective society.

    Our government is chosen by the vote of individuals and so fairly we ask to be involved in the management of our lives and in this case our freedom to be!


    It is completely unacceptable to give, for example, the agreement to sanction our FREEDOM of expression to algorithms of foreign private companies, which is, first of all, the main value and symbol of our French nation, and secondly, which is a subjective and unique Men feeling, that cannot be judicialized!



    Also, why not transform this emotion of fear, conveyed by our governments that has paralyzed us for months, into TRUST in Life?

    Life exists thanks to Death and even if the goal of doctors is to delay that moment, it is important to gather all various economic actors around the same table in order to ACCEPT the freedom of sharing different truths.


    The question is:

    Can we agree on the facts and act without drifting?



    – Not simply understand the message of this ordeal?

    – It is so difficult to recognize our mistakes and identify the benefits of this virus?

    – Refusing the awareness that Men have little control over Life?

    – Wrongly believing that the more we possess, the happier we are?

    – Are we pushed towards a society of surveillance and control of individuals?

    – Taking the risk of censorship with foreign algorithms instead of trusting our French justice system?

    – Condemning whistle blowers to create a clone of a thinking society?

    – It is so complicated to be accepted as a single individual in its own right?

    – Do we consider the other as “Hateful”?

    – Putting laws in place without asking the opinion of those concerned?

    – Not listening to the difference of opinion of the others in order to move forward?

    – Being deprived of our freedom which has been fought for, and now protected by our French national motto?

    – Don’t we radically sanction the excesses and reprimand the failures of Democracy at all levels of the hierarchy that deprive us of our individualization?

    – Not encouraging and rewarding now each one’s responsibility by letting us do what is up to us?

    – Today not distributing money to companies that will go further to ensure health security through local recruitment?

    – Not mobilizing our resources to put forward collective solutions together?

    – Do we make us believe that the environmental challenge is so difficult to take up?



    Covid-19 has shown us that we need to regain our autonomy, our integrity?

    Whether it is the purchase of masks, our medicines, of our fruits and vegetables that tripled during this blackout period, we observe globally that we are dependent on foreign countries!


    It is time to make sure that we are no longer dependent on abroad and to have a peaceful country with trained and well-paid people to reindustrialize our country and regain our national greatness!


    Today, we are given the opportunity to take our lives in a different way, accepting that the world is increasingly unpredictable!


    Either we SUFFER or we ACT with consciousness and confidence!?

    So let us stop complaining and no longer wait for the world to change.


    This virus is the catalyst for change in our globalized society!
    That unprecedented event is a springboard to help us!
    Here is a crucial moment that offers health, economic and social upheavals in order to transform us!


    So let’s anticipate the uncertain future with our ability to adapt. And let us accurately express our intrinsic value of being, that is, to DO ourselves the fulfillment of our wishes!


    All Together, let’s stay united.

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      • Daniel
      • 18 May 2020 at 22 h 50 min

      Fear is in fact what is sold to us by the government and media so it can control people more tightly into following orders so they can fear the consequences of their actions. Reality kicks in and we have to do our part to make things better even if most of it is out of our control. Even when there’s been conflicting information regarding the virus a well as the reliability of the masks if there is even enough of them, causing frustration and confusion amongst people as who to trust and what pathway they should take.


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