Death to be reborn

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  • Death to be reborn

    Death to be reborn

    Is your death there ?


    We are witnessing global upheavals on our planet that bring down many things into our lives.


    We do notice that everything that no longer is, needs to be now falls apart, even if we still want to keep them alive.


    There are situations that doesn’t make sense anymore to us and die.

    –  Either we refuse to accept the breakdown of what we’ve built until now to keep it “at all costs”.

    – Or we accept that everything can partially or entirely collapse if it is the end, because nothing lasts and nothing is acquired in this world.


    I mention “a partial or complete” death of something, someone, or of our own behavior, so that you may stop being radical and binary like the Mind and bring nuance into your life.


    With humor, I often tell my coachees, we’re neither white nor black, we’re gray like Michael Jackson .


    Right now, the strong cosmo-telluric energies are pushing us to let go of our Unconscious Mind, which, besides going to extremes quickly, freezes things in our life and stays in a fight against Life, so that we cling to things that are already dead.


    When we are exhausted, it is often because we don’t let go, we cling to the old version of ourselves that we know and that reassures us, even if it no longer suits us.


    Yes, many of us prefer to live in the known suffering mindset rather than in the unknown life that asks us to take risks to go and test something new.



    It’s therefore the learning how our Mind works in our brain that we can stop following it. Indeed our “Unconscious” refers to the past to create our present, without being “conscious” if it brings us good-or bad-being!


    It is thus essential to leave mental survival and to (re)put yourself in the present to check if it is OK for you:

    Am I satisfied with my personal and professional life?

    What can I change now to go to the direction I want?


    If you remain a spectator of your Life, waiting for change to come from outside, undergoing your life by following your Mind, you create “the wait” and you do and will consequently wait.


    Above all, by letting yourself be directed by your Ego, which is in the appearance, instead of following your Heart that is in the Being, you give your authority, your power of heart to others, outside of you.


    From then on, you will continue to behave like a victim, feeding the thousands of excuses from your egotic head, not to move and continue to do as yesterday.


    The mistake is to believe that it has worked until now so it will work the same today!


    We are a completely different person at each moment, vibrating differently, so it is essential to ask yourself if it is still in agreement with your Heart to make such a choice now.


    Either, you dare to make the first change towards another direction, to start another path that corresponds better, by putting yourself first in inaction in order to listen to your inner voice. And then, you may decide and allow yourself to regain your life, as your own Master, prioritizing yourself in your decisions.


    0r, you go on doing what your head knows, remaining in the illusion created by your Unconscious, which puts you in a play to appear a good person in vain, forcing you to provide exhausting efforts to keep what is dying in you.


    If it doesn’t match with you anymore, it’s over! Finished for now, the way it used to be.


    It is not a final death, as nothing dies, and everything is transformed.  But it is up to you to transmute your energies to your frequency of the day.


    If you don’t initiate your inner change first performing an introspection, you will have signs to tell you that you are disconnected to your current vibration.



    In fact, what is perfect in our imperfect and uncertain world is that the Universe, which co-creates with our Soul, gives us experiences to awaken us and makes us come out of our mental illusions.


    Today, Energies are extremely powerful, so “it goes or breaks”, if I may say so.


    I mean that the light of our Soul greatly emphasizes our Ego that has been activated at its climax in our society, so that several people wake up from their scenario.


    And at the same time, in this world of polarity that becomes a duality world when the Mind is overpowering, there are also many people still asleep on this planet.


    In any case, we all have our own rhythm to evolve in Consciousness towards our Essence, and thus may stop being in the societal appearance with our masks in order to finally reveal our complete ambivalent Being.


    It is hence quite normal if sometimes you are not confident in yourself, and in other times, feel the opposite.


    We are like Life, with ups and downs. It is key to accept the functioning of Life in Oneself to be alive and vibrant!


    Of course, it is troublesome in this SOCIETY where the Ego is activated at its peak in:

    – FEAR to remain submissive to our outer authorities.

    – ENTERTAINMENT to sedate us and to be passive.

    –  THE MASS OF INFORMATION where everything and its opposite data are to lose our references.

    – THE DIVISION OF HUMAN BEINGS, while any opposite truth is respectable to show us the polarization of our unity.



    It is clearly difficult to recondition ourselves, as an adult, having been educated, trained and formatted since infancy, to show only our bright parts and to be rewarded if we submit to the thinking mass, hiding our difference as human beings.


    As a matter of fact, it is complicated to detach ourselves from our Occidental imprint of the Judeo-Christian religion, which banishes the word “selfish” to take care of OneSelf, and to take time to Self before exchanging energy with others.


    But how do you want to share what you have within you if you don’t like your own company?


    How can you be at peace with outsider if you first don’t have inner peace between your Mind and your Soul?


    We can only give to others what we already have within ourselves, so it is vital to feed Oneself with vibrant energy every day to be healthy every morning and then to be able to share our value to the world.



    So let’s come back to our Essence, to Life and to the Living where there is no moral judgment.


    We are energies, as the famous Serbian-American engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) already said.


    As we are Energies, it is simply that we are in imbalance in the Mind, which has been too activated since early life.


    2022 = number 6 = the 6th letter “F” which is Fire of all spirits, so it is hot for all of us.


    Our minds heat up (Fire element) and at the same time our emotions pour out (Water element).


    The tension is intense, and Mother Earth is pushing us to re-balance with the fire energies that burn and transcend us to be reborn in a different way.


    The fact of observing that we are not feeling well, we are about to burn-out at work, or that we are in a daily routine where nothing makes us happy, will push us to act in one way or another.


    At some point, either the Universe helps us to stop our cinema and change story that concurs better; or we understand that Life is made of natural cycles and that it is crucial to let go of the past and go back to the fundamentals in the present, to now express our authentic being with humility and humanity.


    By letting the Energy movement manifest itself in our lives and letting go with heart-strength, while remaining centered in the midst of the current “storm”, it allows a true renewal of our existence.



    On the contrary, if we refuse the energetic, vibratory and planetary transformations that come our way and we are always in action fighting against, we have the “ping-pong effect”, as I call it in my accompaniments: everything we reject comes back into our face. Once, twice, …. The Universe always repeats what we need to understand until we learn our lesson.


    It is often our health that takes a hit so that we stop the Ego game that wants us to be likewise a machine, which is impossible as a human being.


    At one time or another, when we are too much in the Mind and not enough in contact with our Soul, we are pushed to fall into our depth, in the blowhole, this unknown world for our cranial box.


    When I help people who are losing meaning, and who feel empty, of course it’s unpleasant and you want a magic wand to feel fulfilled.


    The key here is not to blame others for your problems, because everything comes from us, our (un)happiness. It is thus necessary to lead your life and to be responsible for the impact of your choices.


    Everything comes from our inner world to the outer world as a mirror and not the other way around.


    Yes, I know, we didn’t learn this quantum knowledge at school in our “Ego-driven” Society.


    So, what to do?

    Well, I would suggest you plunge within yourself! Dive quietly into your body, feel your own sensations and travel in your invisible world. In this way, you devote time alone to meet and recover your soul parts that have been hidden or taken (in)consciously by others.



    Nowadays, it’s the end of a big karmic cycle.


    The powerful energies of our ecosystem bring to light all our different Human realities, including the darkest ones.


    As we’ve already seen outside of us, it is major here to understand that it is simply the collective reflection of our individual world of our inner Duo, with our Soul and Mind.


    You would from now on consider the signs of your body that speak to you through its aches and pains to follow your instinctive subconscious.  And what about letting your emotions flow through you, without identification and judgment? It is by accepting to feel these unpleasant emotions at the right moment that they are released.


    Towards the detachment from wounded memories, limiting belief systems, and patterns that we no longer tolerate, it is fundamental to welcome them to be delivered with Consciousness and Confidence without searching for the reason.


    Be honest with yourself and take the time to ask yourself the questions:


    Is it what I want now? If I die at the end of the week, would I do the same?


    How can I help myself now to move into the direction I want, this path that is unknown to my brain and which my inner voice is?”


    By setting a clear and precise intention on releasing our burdens and recovering our soul parts, with presence and attention, we help ourselves to harmonize our own way with new opportunities, contributing to the Collective.


    By giving time to let your Egotic personas die, and dive into your inner void, you may transform this lonely emptiness into a restful vacuum, that gathers all your Soul parts with peace and love.



    In doing so, you allow yourself to act a conscious (not physical) death to be reborn to your Self.

    You give yourself the right to transform, to change to a new version of yourself that suits you better now.


    When I indicate to be reborn by being a new version of Self compared to yesterday, it is better to be accompanied to:

    – Remove your limiting beliefs that don’t need to exist today.

    – Deconstruct your fears that prevent you from daring to start.

    – Stop reproducing your patterns linked to childhood emotional shocks.

    –  Modify life habits that limit your growth.

    –  Finish your past world affairs to start new projects.

    – Cut transgenerational loyalties that block you to be aligned with yourself.


    If you can’t afford to be coached, I give a free discovery offer to put you on your way and allow you to start alone to close one or more chapters of your life for opening new ones, by behaving differently from yesterday without being categorical.



    We have free will and constantly decide for our life:

    – Many of us let go and follow the flow of this turbulent stage with Faith to transform the darkness into light, in their own way and at their own pace, knowing that everything passes and that it is important to welcome what is there.


    By opening up to the unknown and invisible world that merges with the visible one, these people will be able to reconnect to new energies that will help them transform themselves. They will even regenerate new sensory perceptions that will guide them in their daily lives.


    – Others who reject the death of the past life they have built, continue to do the same as they used to, until they have no choice. They choose “not to have a choice” and consequently feel this transformation with suffering, even if it remains accessible for them to grow.


    – Finally, several people decide to keep submitting their authority to someone else outside themselves, and not to follow their inner voice. Those people who refuse to act and prefer to undergo, will collapse with what falls around them, as they ask. That’s okay. Everyone has their own path in life.


    What is important to understand is that we always have the choice to express who we want to be, in front of the big waves of Life that we are currently facing to change.



    At this moment, with the multitude of contradictory data we receive, we are asked to anchor ourselves to Mother Earth, to keep our discernment, and to stop believing what is said but to start questioning the information received, even in our illusion “game of life” that we feed with our thoughts, wounds and experiences.


    What is indispensable on this illusion world or not, is to always choose what makes you vibrate to stay alive and vibrant.  Try not to stay in energies that weigh you down, because with the best egotistical will, you will be influenced by down spirits.


    If you love yourselves a little and you respect your Source of Life, you can try to guide your Unconsciousness to be at the service of your Consciousness:  check yourselves first to be (re)aligned with what you deeply feel in your guts and dare to move first towards what you want to express, without expectations and with fear/courage.


    Life has ups and downs that manifests in constant cycles of death and rebirth.


    This cyclic life is naturally reflected in OneSelf by our cells that die and regenerate.


    It is therefore vital to accept the functioning of Life (Out/In Self ) with its periods of death and rebirth to be fully incarnated here and now.


    Comments (2)

      • siw
      • 23 August 2022 at 21 h 37 min

      It is scary to me, that this blog post comes at the time that I need it the most. Because this is exactly what I am currently going through.
      Just wanted to say I loved this, how it made me reflect.
      It really helped me a lot. making me realize my new life might not be the right choice. because I feel like I am killing myself and dying inside at the same time. Thank you again Delphine!

      • Delphine
      • 21 August 2022 at 11 h 01 min

      For the first time I leave a comment here to express that this long article was very long to be released, in French and in English, with images. As always, I share what I feel and live alone and with people I meet. After several months of thinking, with all what has happened until now internally in our living collectively and individually, this topic came up as evidence. As you know, I love to link Energies, Spirituality and Materiality in our Egotic Society leading by our worldwide governments. Here are my insights, hoping to open your Consciousness outside the box for you to think your own way. ASA I am concerned, I believe that change can come up only if we already transform ourselves, which means that some old parts of ourselves should die to be reborn differently. What do you think? Thank you for your consideration and support xx


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