#Coronavirus #Quarantine_We are as sick as the Earth is!

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  • #Coronavirus #Quarantine_We are as sick as the Earth is!

    #Coronavirus #Quarantine_We are as sick as the Earth is!

    Is the health of Men a reflection of the health of the Earth as Heraclitus said?

    We’ve had viruses in our computers.

    With Facebook, for example, we have known that a virus can block the development of a digital application. Now the virus is on our human scale!


    Faced to this global pandemic caused by the Covid-19, we can realize what we have built up so far. Some of us are trying to protect it, others accept Life as it is with its permanent change.


    Locked up at home, some of us feel frustrated because we can’t control anything anymore.

    Yes, “letting go” is a theoretical word for many of us. We used to be in control. And now this present lockdown prevents us from acting the same as we used to do!


    Should we take advantage of this global BREAK?

    Is it a great opportunity for us to stop our hectic pace and let it go?


    Confined at home, we have time to look at where we are in our professional and personal situations and make a choice.

    We can see what’s not working now and make a decision to stop a tough situation to free ourselves.

    This quarantine period allows us to realize what is no longer relevant and move on to a new direction.


    For those who decide to no longer remain mobilized by the past, make room for renewal and will free themselves. Congratulations to those who are going to do it! Congrats for your courage, which will be beneficial for everyone!


    For people who want to hold on to a past that is no longer relevant, because they are afraid of the unknown and of void…can develop this fear in their bodies and embody a “dis-order”.



    Indeed, the body speaks to us with pain to signal us once, twice…until we understand the STOP message!

    “You haven’t understood?

    I’m going to give you a stronger message in your body to stop what you’re doing and to listen to me”.


    Modern medicine, through “drugs”, treats the physical level, but it does not heal the causal one, which is responsible for everything that happens in our physical reality.

    This is why Mother Nature’s natural medicine is complementary, especially since it has shown its benefits from the beginning of the earth.

    So let’s do it! Let’s accept our present to be confined in order to treat ourselves with our first remedy, which is, ourselves, our human power by bringing us human warmth and lovely attention.


    Quietly at home, we can concentrate on our body sensations and realize that we can act kindly today with our free will in a new way taking care of the earth the same.


    It’s time now to reinvent ourselves and approve to be our best version!


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      • Siw
      • 6 April 2020 at 20 h 29 min

      Yes yes yes! I love the view on this, and i wish more people would ‘let go’ and just surrender to the universe and go with the flow. Change our ways and focus on being better onwards.


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