Bespoke Services

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  • Audit

    Want a thorough and objective analysis from a professional Expert?
    For your business and yourself in personal branding, Delphine gives you accurate and detailed responses linking your body and soul. Decisive holistic connection for you to exceed your limits, to stand out and move forward!

  • Consulting

    Need a spontaneous tip or an advice over time?
    Either online or face to face, Delphine carefully listens to you to deeply understand your concern, and thanks to her strengthen cognitive capacities being strategist and intuitive, she gives a multidimensional approach and guarantees you a relevant service to improve your situation.

  • Coaching & Training/Conference

    Wish to be guided by a Coach and a Psy. ? Well here, you have the 2 for the price of 1!
    Do not hesitate to contact me, as a Therapist Business Coach! With a holistic and pragmatic approach, I adapt the right strategy that makes sense for you and guide you step by step for better quality and profitability.
    You are not considered as a number but as a person (physical or moral) that I help as if it was me/mine. I offer you a full and efficient service until the result!

    Our Philosophers appear in companies. Far from focusing on theory and concept, they also propose an operational approach. Our Speakers-Philosophers introduce reflections on growing concerns through workshops and coaching sessions. They help managers to step back from their practices and prevent conflicts.

    Expect to have a training in Sales or in Communications? Our bilingual pro-active instructors are not standardized and are available in France to give you a personalized training (individual or group), certifying optimal results. Our French firm is considered as an official "Training & Education" organization, registered under N. 93.06.08. 365. 06 with the "DataDock" quality certification to the French Riviera Prefecture, so that all our bilingual trainings can be funded in France.

  • Expertise

    Willing to complete a project without recruiting an employee?
    Let us convince that an outsourcing is faster, more efficient and cheaper than hiring someone internally.
    The plus is we give a bespoke and permanent expertise until we achieve your goals. With no wage obligation, you can get a well-trained and experimented operational Manager, who provides you quality service and sustainable results.

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