Bespoke Services

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  • Audit

    Want a thorough and objective analysis from a professional Expert?
    For your business and also yourself in personal branding, Delphine gives you accurate and detailed key ideas linking your body and soul. It is a decisive connection to stand out and move forward!

  • Consulting

    Need key advice to improve your professional situation?
    Either online or face to face, Delphine carefully listens to you to deeply understand your concern, and thanks to her cognitive capacities, she applies a multidimensional approach to maximize your business.

  • Coaching & Training/Conference

    Wish to be guided by a Coach and a Psy. ? Well here, you have the 2 for the price of 1! 🙂
    Do not hesitate to contact Delphine who is a Spiritual Business Coach!
    Mixing the neuro-psychology and pragmatism, she finds the key strategy that makes sense for you! She also guides you step by step to get well prepared in your project.
    She helps you as if your business were hers, by offering a full and appropriate accompaniment until improvement!

    Our Philosophers have started to appear in companies, which is a great news! Far from focusing on theory and concept, Delphine proposes an operational support. As a Speaker-Writer, she introduces reflections on growing concerns through interactive workshops and coaching sessions.

    Expect to have a training in Management or in Sales & Marketing? Delphine is a bilingual pro-active instructor that doesn't follow standardization. She is available to give personalized and diverse trainings (individual or group). The firm of Performance outside the box was created in France as an official "Training & Education" organization, registered under N. 93.06.08. 365. 06 with the "DataDock" quality certification to the French Riviera Prefecture, so that all trainings offered can be funded in France.

  • Expertise

    Willing to complete a project without recruiting an employee?
    Let Delphine convince that an outsourcing is faster, more efficient and cheaper than hiring someone internally.
    The plus: she gives a bespoke and full assistance until you achieve your goals. With no wage obligation, you can get a qualified and experimented operational Manager, who gives bright energy, key ideas and sustainable results.

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