Back to school to get back to basics

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  • Back to school to get back to basics

    Back to school to get back to basics

    In this new school year, we don’t know where to put our head!


    Back to school means a lot of things to manage, so it’s time to get organized and focus on yourself.


    A new school year with a lot of information where everything and its opposite is said, so stay focused on your essential.



    I want to remind you of our world of polarity. So, instead of wanting to do everything (= nothing) and exhausting yourself to please everyone (= no one), choose yourself first, and ask yourself what your priorities are now, in this new school year.


    The mistake here in this destabilizing back-to-school period is to choose the convenience, i.e. to copy and paste from the past and to continue in your known zone, even if it doesn’t suit you anymore, waiting in vain for something outside of yourself to bring you a better change.


    End of material security to begin spiritual security

    The new school year in September shows a renewal, as we witness the end of a societal functioning that is dying.


    The current Cosmo-telluric energies push us to leave the security of our material prison in the Mind, in order to focus on ourselves and then detach ourselves from what no longer makes us vibrate.


    Be careful not to unbalance yourself by following your Mind, radical and binary, which always appears in full power as soon as we change something in our life: some people think too much and don’t take action with their intuition; others act mechanically with their Unconscious machine, by allowing themselves to be influenced by others or by their emotions, which are currently emerging strongly.


    Indeed, with the planetary ascension, the massive influx of the present vibratory energies disturbs our body which is accustomed.  We are tired and disoriented with these powerful energetic waves of ups and downs. That is is why it is important to take time for resting yourself to stay healthy, and to focus on yourself, wondering what your new projects are.


    Your ideas come in the inaction of your head, for exemple when you dream and also when you dedicate time for yourself in Nature, moving your body naturally.


    I also suggest that you prioritize your ideas, when you write them down on paper, to take one small step at a time on your imperfect path, at your changing pace and in your unique way.


    The time to get back to School now is the right time for you to take back your power and stop letting others choose for your own good. Everyone plays their game of Life and only your inner guidance knows what is best for you.


    So, follow your inner voice that shows you your way at every moment.

    Yes, it is not obvious when we take an unknown path.

    Most people who are afraid of doing differently can influence you not to move forward, by sending you their emotions of fear that paralyze and then mortify the organs of your body.


    Therefore, I encourage you to try your adventure spirit by experiencing Life “outside the box” to do what is right for Self at every step.


    Trust yourself by following your guts

    In this hectic back-to- school period of the year, we are in the middle of a test of Faith, as we are pushed to dive into the void within ourselves, to reconnect with our inner voice and to transform our material way of life towards our essential.


    It is therefore up to us to make decisions that come from our intuitive heart (and not from our reasonable brain) in order to implement them, step by step, with perseverance.

    Try also, in this new school year, to better select your information channels to keep your vital energy.


    Block the anxiety-provoking news that is weighing you down and do realize that you can’t change outside things worldwide, so stop wasting your energy fighting against them. Instead, use your energy to create heart projects that make sense to you and where you can contribute locally to the living and for the human.


    I would thus encourage you to concentrate your energy in what makes you vibrate, brings you the joy of engaging. It is through each information received that you could adjust your alignment (body, soul, mind), keep your discernment and free yourself from your old patterns that burden you.



    Everything is a cycle in LIFE : Vibration Frequency Energy

    It used to work before, and it is OK. Now it is different. Everything is constantly changing.

    It is crucial to follow the flow of Life and not to go against the flow of your Consciousness.


    At the end of this huge planetary cycle, help yourself to terminate some files that are already closed, to make new ones (re)born with meaning.


    Therefore, I encourage you to give yourself a moment with yourself before making a decision to ask yourself if it is still relevant now.


    Stop doing what you used to and submitting your life to an outside authority, but instead start listening to yourself and be guided by your heart.


    Indeed, it is beneficial to be surrounded by inspiring people who raise your vibratory rate and to stop anything that lowers you. Remember to always come back to yourself after collecting ideas from others that resonate with you, and always do what you think is right for you.


    You can say to yourself, if it helps you, “I do my best with my heart and let the Universe brings me the suitable result”. Yes, this period of transition is intense and makes us work on Self-confidence and trusting Life.



    Listen to your Soul and activate your Mind in its Service

    It is fundamental to stop being directed by your mind, which defines you in a box, which judges you when emotions pass through you to free yourself; or when you discover your darker sides to accept them as a multifaceted being.


    It is when you love yourself with all your parts, even the shady ones, and when you dare to show who you are, entirely with all your flaws, that you will be able to reveal your value to the world and participate as an authentic hummingbird.


    So don’t waste your energy rehashing things that exhausts you, you will lose your health. Instead, be aware that we are all in the same boat and that we are all trying to do our best, with our traumas and our courage.


    Just know that we simply don’t have the same “baggage”, the same beliefs, the same wounds, so we always react differently to a problem.  It is each person’s difference that will provide the solution.


    Therefore, let’s rather gather our specific resources in living and vibrating collectives, so that our complementary leads to a human and lasting solidarity.


    But before giving to others, it is vital to be in love and peace within oneself.



    We are our own Source of Life

    We can only give to the outside world what we have in our inside world.

    Hence the importance of devoting a daily moment with oneself in Nature and drinking water during this period of cleansing and purification, in order to recharge your batteries and help you free yourself from all that no longer needs to be for you.


    Here are 3 keys that I often give to my coaches in this back-to-school time:


    – In every situation, there are pros and cons. So when there is a problem, identify it and then switch your mind to the opportunity, putting your attention on the benefit that we don’t see right away.


    – When faced with an event, it is the way you react that makes the difference in your life. As I often say: “we have the life we vibrate”. With your free will, you always have a choice, so here is a proposition to say to yourself: “what can I do with my means to help me feel better now?


    – Take a moment to be clear with yourself. Check yourself before you make any decision. When you are clear in your head, you can set an intention and then take action with attention by following your heart’s choices, which are constantly evolving like Life, where everything changes permanently.


    Bright metamorphosis to you in peace and love xx



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