#Deconfinement_Towards a different world

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  • #Deconfinement_Towards a different world

    #Deconfinement_Towards a different world

    A harmonious world that promotes Humanity, Biodiversity, Equity and Sobriety… is it possible after our current period of transition so tumultuous?


    Covid-19 woke us up by locking us in our home!

    This virus has shown how we have been living for decades and our overall impact on this planet.


    Instead of balancing our lives, we’ve chosen:

    – Machines to Humans.
    – Chemistry instead of Nature.
    – Economics over Ecology.
    – Financial values rather than Human values …


    We are starting to be aware of the limits of globalization and the excesses of the system we created:

    – An impoverished earth due to an intensive chemical yield that kills all species including us!

    – We no longer produce what is necessary on our national soil. We are now dependent on other distant countries, which pollute the planet to bring us our products!

    – We have preferred to reduce the costs on human beings, despite having sanitary facilities to care for our population.

    – The actual Europe is led by technocrats on a European scale, far from the local reality of individuals, and where it is impossible to reach an agreement with 27 sovereign countries that have different aspirations…


    This is not the first global pandemic the planet has had.

    As I wrote in my previous article, SHE will continue to turn and follow HER cycle, even without our human species.


    Life came to this globe about 4 billion years ago while Men appeared about 2 million years ago so let us be humble and respectful of the Earth that welcomes us to HER home!


    After every pandemic, as now via the Corona virus, there is a growing wave of outside-the-box ideas to change the current system by a new social-economic model to be fairer and more respectful of the planet. So are we going to use consciously our immeasurable power of creation and adaptability?


    Are we going to dare to change our society or are we about to return to our old habits… or even worse as some people claim!



    Some history…

    Already in the 19th century, Men thought only of themselves without worrying about the other beings of the planet. And they not have the will to see that their world began to collapse around them.


    In 1820, warning precursors like Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck said, “It seems that Men are destined to exterminate themselves after having made the globe uninhabitable.”


    In 1915, Pablo Servigne and Raphaël Stevens published in French «how everything can collapse».
    They propose an interdisciplinary overview towards a possible “collapsology”.
    This book gives meaning to the crisis phenomena that we are currently experiencing.


    In 2008, Patrick Artus and Marie-Paule Virard proposed the French book “Globalization, the worst is yet to come”.


    According to them, the worst is tomorrow, because of these 5 major characteristics of our globalization:

    – An unequal machine that undermines social fabric and fuels protectionist tensions.

    – A cauldron that burns scarce resources, encourages monopolization policies and accelerates global warming.

    – A machine that floods the world with liquidity and encourages banking irresponsibility.

    – The global stock exchange, completely disconnected from economic activity, knows as «the Casino» where the excesses of financial capitalism are expressed; a centrifuge that can make Europe explode.


    “Our globalization is leading us straight into a wall if, in the name of efficiency, equity is finally sacrificed because our political and economic leaders will give up trying hard to assume their responsibilities and collectively regulate the system”.


    Their comment about “a machine that floods the world with liquidity” makes me think about what is going on right now.


    Indeed, the European Central Bank (ECB) is going out of its initial treaties, to allow to give billions of euros, with its banknote board, until the end of 2021 without conditions.

    Why not distribute this money to rebuild our country by favoring national companies?


    Europe, for its part, has just launched a “next generation EU” debt plan of 750 billion, written under conditions of repayment which are not yet disclosed…!


    So, I wonder why our governments are still committing us to a debt when it has never worked in previous crises. What is the point, as the French journalist, François Lenglet mentioned: “we are using the same unproven tools”.


    Also, in the United States, it became clear a few weeks ago that shale gas oil companies preferred to continue their production at a loss and even paid people to store their barrels instead of simply stopping production from their wells!



    A lightning polarization!

    Right now, extreme behaviors are surfacing like a thunderbolt.


    The duality of the two sides is appearing dramatically. The “cons” against the “pros”…


    Some people think that a radical change is now useful, others, like the French journalist Marc Menant, who aspires to improve what already exists instead of writing off the economic wealth that makes a country great.


    I would simply say at my level, let’s try to BALANCE OUR LIFE IN HARMONY.


    To date, you must clearly understand that 1/5 of the global population consumes 4 / 5 of the planet’s portions, that is to say that 20% of the world’s richest population spend 86% of their consumption, and 40% of our products are thrown away on our continent, which is unacceptable!


    This is why Patrick Artus and Marie Virard speak about a radical change towards EQUITY, a value that has been taken up many times by Pierre Rabhi who defends the same rights for all.


    Pierre Rabhi and the French journalist Juliette Duquesne remind us through their book “the Alert Notes” that water, hunger, seeds, finance, are at the heart of our lives and our societies.



    Let’s think together to create a new and more harmonious world:


    1. Let us agree on the harmful ecological observation:


    More and more, we see:

    • climate shocks: fires, tsunami, melting glaciers, etc.
    • People’s migration due to global warming.



    1. Let’s act collectively now!

    Here are some key ideas to think and act, as a little Hummingbird 😊



    • OUR PRODUCTION: produce without chemical treatment.


    In 1962, Rachel Carson accused some pesticides of being dangerous for birds and humans. She testified facing the U.S. Congress after the publication of her book “Silent Spring”.


    Today, Cyril Dion, French author of the « Little Manual of Contemporary Resistance » and director of the film «Tomorrow», confirms that we can no longer save the planet alone without a radical change brought by industrialists.


    Indeed, it is absolutely necessary that governments (linked to lobbies and multinational industrialists) are concretely committed in the same direction to move forward together.


    Of course, individuals, at our level, must behave as global citizens by reducing, or even removing plastics and waste, as the Monegasque government encourages to do in its principality. But it would be interesting to stop feeling guilty and to look beyond.


    For example, we feel guilty when taking a bath… Even if I encourage people to have a shower instead, I would like to make it clear that this saving is 9% of water, whereas that used by industrialists and farmers to water their corn in full sun is 91%!


    So why not just stop now this intensive production that has no sense, and which rots our soils.

    And then move to AGROECOLOGY?


    We see that ecological and local farms are sustainably productive and a win-win for all. This is therefore the right time for governments to comfort this type of farm.


    Governments could invest and encourage individuals to do the same (with 60 billion French savings locked up in banks), and thus finance the transformation of all national agricultural fields into agroecology…


    Our farmers would be financially self-sufficient and would obtain profitable land with local biodiversity!



    • OUR CONSUMPTION: consume less and better, locally.



    • Induce to eat the animals that are disappearing?
    • Develop over-consumption?
    • Boost the business of industrial food preparations, chemically conditioned?
    • Not reinforce a simple and natural consumption that comes from the Earth?


    Do consumers prefer to pay low prices for their food that makes them sick?

    Or are they now choosing to eat better to be healthier?


    By the way, are you happy to feed on chemistry?

    Do you make the link between your food and the state of your body?

    Wouldn’t you like to eat the food from Nature that grows in LIVING soil?


    Today, it seems crucial to directly consume local without pesticides, respecting the cycles of the seasons.





    – WATER

    Water is a vital resource that is becoming more and more scarce, so why do we constantly throw it away in our toilets?


    We should keep this potable water only for our consumption and simply use rainwater for our lavatory and our production?


    – AIR

    Remove artificial air conditioners that pump energy and cost us a lot of money!

    Stop at cities concrete where the inhabitants can no longer breathe!

    Let’s opt for air conditioning with trees: sustainable, free, and healthy for everyone!


    – WOOD

    Stop abuse excesses of forest cutting! It doesn’t make sense to cut down century-old trees to decorate private residences and plant new dwarf trees!


    The cutting of wood should be better supervised, regulated, and transparent to offer an environmentally friendly trade.


    Regarding Brazil, which keeps destroying the Amazon, it is unacceptable that international organizations do not apply an authority with firm sanctions to simply prohibit any criminal act like this one.


    It would also be fair for the populations to have a right of veto on their territory!



    We must stop planting mono-culture trees to show that we are interested in planting trees that grow quickly! These mono cultures, like those of Eucalyptus, kill other trees and attract fires!


    Also, it is important to inform that the installation of home-grown beehives destroys wild bees. This act does not help the preservation of these pollinators, which are part of the fertilization of our Biodiversity.


    From now on, everyone must understand that if any beings of the ecosystem die, we, as Humans, also start to disappear.




    Our human resource is of course our children!


    Until now, they have been asked to go to school to learn new knowledge and to strengthen themselves.


    Now we see in France that the level is dropping dramatically with a fairly high rate of high school students who cannot read and write well!


    At the same time, the French government decided to remove marks and exams such as the Bachelor degree, which will now be a continuous control.


    Then we see many children very disturbed and addicted to screens that were compulsory at school from the youngest age, even if they damage their pupils. It’s why now lot of them wear glasses at an early stage!


    I would suggest the following:

    • A more harmonious change, which puts at the center of the program the role of Nature in our human world: Do you know why is our natural food subjected to disappear without bees?


    • A balance between laxity where we accept the smartphone language in class and the terror of competition where young people see the other as an adversary, instead of being in solidarity with one another.


    • An education where we give meaning to Death and therefore to Life, helping children to exist as Human beings and not to let them flee by creating superficial images to resemble the others.


    • An opening to creation through the connection of the right hemisphere of the brain. I refer to schools in Finland where children of all ages are brought together by projects and not by the year of birth. They teach students to be imaginative, creative, to collaborate with one another, without grades and exams or even homework until the age of 14.


    According to documented studies, it is preferable not to over-connect the left hemisphere of children’s brains, the rational side, to the detriment of the right side, the instinctive side.


    In fact, Finnish children regularly come out first in the PISA ranking (Program for International Student Assessment), which is the international comparison of each country’s school level.




    – Wouldn’t we clearly tell our children that we have been wrong so far, that we have refused to give space to Nature, which is our vital resource for breathing, because we thought we were powerful predators!?

    Is it so complicated to tell them that we have until now used Nature as a resource stock and not as the ecosystem that sustains us?


    -Don’t we learn more about the global history of our own country, to convey all different ideas and struggles led by our elders and bring a national reflection?


    – Do we make a difference between women and men? We are equal and complementary human beings who demand mutual respect.


    – Do we not help women to go to university in underprivileged countries in order to avoid overpopulation on Earth?


    – Not to leave us free and responsible for the health of our family? What is the intention in France to oblige us to vaccinate our children under penalty of school withdrawal?


    – Not learning the power of words at school? For example, if you replace the word “against” with “for” in your sentence, you will see that your vibration will be different 😊


    – Do not be inspired by the Northern European countries that link education with Mother Nature: learn biology in the forest, analyze the benefits of animals that have enabled the realization of innovative projects?


    – Have we always prepared our children to enter a system in France where they would have to work hard in a “box” for 11 months with 1 month of rehabilitation?


    – Don’t we rather guide children to find their way and reconcile their life with their passion?


    – Not teaching them that we are all part of a much more vibrant and living world: to explain, inform and, for the most determined, to offer them the opportunity to try…?




    Since confinement, governments, thanks to NICTs, have been encouraging the development of telework.


    This seems to reduce stress and pollution from transport, the numbers of non-productive meetings, and thus get better attention and profitability far from open spaces… despite the loneliness and the machination of the Human behind the screen.


    Also, the “click & collect” drive has been implemented everywhere so as not to be in contact with the crowd when shopping. Is this the beginning of the end of hyper- and supermarkets?


    It’s good to test new concepts and see if they’re favorable for all.


    However, I would like, once again, to emphasize the HARMONIOUS BALANCE, here between the virtual and the real world, where the human being needs to be connected with others around the coffee machine at work and to get out of the house to meet people.


    Instead of accentuating a social difference between workers who can be teleworking and those who cannot, it would be rather interesting to recreate short, local circuit jobs to revitalize regions.


    The indispensable role of invisible people, the Heroes” during the quarantine period, has been well understood, even though they haven’t been considered at their fair value to date.


    Let’s then continue along this path in order to improve our near environment and act LOCALLY!



    The Corona virus has highlighted a crisis of meaning.


    The new generation no longer wants “bullshit jobs” but rather prefer to contribute to something that is aligned with their values.




     France has the highest tax rate in the world so why do we not change the French tax system to prevent companies from continuing to locate elsewhere?

    Would it be interesting to lower the rate of firms to help them rebuild the national country?


     Why not follow the German model where banks support regional companies and finance national SMEs?


     France was considered as the country with the best health care system in the world!

    Through the Covid-19, we quickly realized that this is no longer the case.

    We really noticed that our health service has been suffering, as the care workers had loudly proclaimed during their strikes before this health crisis.


     Should we pay better our caregivers and researchers in order to keep these human resources on our national territory?


     We should stop thinking of our Health Service as a private company where it is nowadays asked to produce stays and not care, with inappropriate constraints and management standards. Instead, let them continue to work as a team in the field and get to the essentials, as caregivers did during the Corona virus crisis!


     As much as Germany, France spends 11.1% of GDP on health, but our French healthcare service is getting poorer and poorer. Would it be beneficial to better direct our financial redistribution?


    We have seen through this health crisis where we greatly need resources. So why not distribute the government’s money to those who need it, such as hospital infrastructure, instead of giving fully to individuals?


     When we talk about fraud, we think of offshore tax evasion, because many companies do not want to pay as much corporate tax in France. On the other hand, it is surprising to learn from the French Magistrate Charles Prats in the Figaro newspaper that 42% of the beneficiaries of French family allowances are foreigners, born outside France…


     In addition to creating new local technologies, we could repatriate and protect the «made in France» (medicines, machine tools, textiles, wood, cardboard), which, according to the Chamber of Commerce, amounts to 5 billion euros.


     Would it be recommended to restore our «technological sovereignty» by encouraging the installation and the lasting of French companies (such as OVH, Eqwant, Scaleway, WIMI, etc.), instead of letting foreign algorithms rule our national freedom and the American CIA get our private data, which is right now the black gold?


     The all-electric would still have ecological nuisances and external dependencies. Would it be then interesting to try to improve our French nuclear power without waste or to reinvent our electricity consumption with hydrogen, or even natural elements, as we started to do for the insulation of houses?


     What has been the intention to add ecological standards to French companies in addition to those required by the European Union? Why do we have an ecological political party when all humans on this planet should respect Mother Nature?


    To this day, we can see that an economy linked to ecology is profitable for everyone!



    Here are some alliances that already exist between business and ecology:


    • The Canadian Bertrand Picard through his foundation Solar Impulse has already shown this growth momentum.


    • The foundation of Prince Albert II of Monaco encourages collective reflection on global challenges for the “day after” through the “green shift” campaign.



    Bio-inspiration shows us concretely that we can carry out innovative projects thanks to other beings on the planet!


    This concept based on biomimicry is the key to innovation: health, robotics, ecology, chemistry…


    For example, Eel energy based in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, has developed a river tidal turbine inspired by the swimming of eels.


    Also, the antibacterial properties of shark skin have enabled the company Sharklet to offer Sharkskin, an antibacterial dressing that allows ultra-fast healing, especially for the wounded, and to produce an adhesive film on the surface of which bacteria cannot attach themselves.



    Paradigm shift

    During the lock-down, we heard from many experts. So varied and quite often unfounded, that we became aware of our habit of submitting to the dogmas of science, which were perhaps formulated by the same “experts” who said that Asbestos was not harmful…


    Science has its limits, which the Human brain may capture by deploying its capacity to be.


    This pandemic through confinement touched us in our individual lives.


    We’ve been requested to go inside ourselves. Many realized that they were wearing masks, creating images to be like the others, instead of simply being unique with their parts of shadow and light.


    Also, we’ve raised awareness of our abuses and now tent to adjust our view of the unequal and damaging facts of globalization.


    This present transition period with the changing planetary vibration, is now resurrecting our collective unconscious, which is sending back a powerful surge of social explosions, tensions that were already there before the Covid_19.


    In parallel with the strong resistances, in this world of Duality, some earthlings want to change and act differently to live better and respect Mother Earth from now on, while modifying our current values.


    It is certainly not easy to make a ®evolution of consciences because our current model, which is based on beliefs, has no interest in awakening consciences too much…


    However, we have already drawn inspiration from Nature to develop new innovative systems.


    So let us persevere in collaborating together with our collective intelligence.

    It is when we put humans and the planet at the center of our priorities that we can do miracles.


    With a market made up of 27 European countries that NEVER agree, let’s now show that it works locally with citizens!

    Let us continue our efforts and commitments IN SHORT CIRCUIT within our environment, as we started to do during the health crisis.


    Sales of local fresh produce without intermediaries has increased by 150%. So let’s keep encouraging production, promotion and local transactions by helping one another.


    Let’s try to get “outside the box” and out of our obscurantism!

    And let’s stop our class-leading posture.

    We are multiple beings with many abilities, so let us dare to undertake things differently!


    Let’s explore cooperation, empathy and altruism with a collective intelligence that brings systemic change.


    Let’s build together a better world where we peacefully respect the living and concretely regenerate our Earth!


    What would be my key…some would ask me?

    The key, I may give you today with humility, would be to regain your sovereignty: remove your superficial society’s image and accept to be yourself with all your sides, in order to take the risk of living your life and to go to the essence of your existence on this Earth… 😊

    Thank you xx







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      • Siw R.
      • 22 June 2020 at 15 h 30 min

      Love this! Once again thank you for sharing!
      This article made me think of my favorite phrase : ‘less human, more being’. Because yes, we need to be less human in the modern meaning of the world. We should live in harmony with our earth in a co-creative way. I was listening to a very interesting podcast about this topic a few weeks ago. I really do hope more people are starting to wake up and realize we need to change, that our whole food system is f*cked up, and start growing their own or buying local as much as possible. These are the things that should be taught in school. And regarding the kids in french schools that are getting more and more under educated – the same thing is happening in Denmark, and it is truly sad.

      • Tom
      • 15 June 2020 at 21 h 28 min

      As always an outstanding article from a good person like you with intelligence and wisdom applied to your amazing writing skills! Thank you!

    • Once again outstanding article filled with thought provoking questions we need to ask ourselves everyday. We may not have all the answers but they always at least be talked about in order to come up with a solution for the future to improve the conditions of Mother Nature. We don’t want to abuse it for profit it like a wasteland because our grandchildren will pay the price once we are long gone.

      • suzon
      • 12 June 2020 at 18 h 29 min

      HUGE thanks Delphine for your last weekly article ! It gives lots of great ideas to move forward together with mindfulness as you say 🙂 Thanks for your great sharings that make a difference in my world!


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