Collapse & Metamorphosis

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  • Collapse & Metamorphosis

    Collapse & Metamorphosis

    On this day 11.11/20.20, Humanity is swinging!


    In addition to our economic and social collapse as human beings, today we are faced with emotional deconstruction and construction via a turbulent passage that we haven’t seen for 101 years!


    The current energies lead us to a very intense renew with the planet Venus which marks the end of a cycle and the opening of a new one.


    These powerful energies make us feel up and down, with body aches and pains where all our own emotions come up to free ourselves.


    As well, the energies bring Humanity a new awakening, new information, give us the impulse to perceive bigger, to (re)start thinking calmly about what we want.


    Thanks to Venus, we are invited to:

    – Activate our lucidity.

    – Use our discernment.

    – Dare to make changes that resonate within us.

    – Set aligned intentions with our Being.

    – Discover and follow our own inner truth (while respecting others’).

    – See things with love and not fear.

    – Thinking with our heart and not with our Ego.

    – Unleash our discordant patterns to make room for new, more positive, and constructive habits.



    So, let’s activate this double-digit 11/11 energy of this year that is increasing our emotional sensitivity to open our hearts and welcome new understandings and aligned intentions.


    External events, which we do not control, can make us lose our reason and paralyze us with the dominant fear.


    This is why the passage of this great energy portal of 11/11 today helps Humanity to:

    – Become aware of our own truth which is different from others

    – Direct our mind to self-love, our power of heart, our opportunities.

    – Transform toxic energies into a positive force and Light.

    – Recover our inner balance between our feminine and masculine parts.


    If you say “I don’t know”, “I don’t know anymore”, it’s normal according to the current global context with a leading authority, that addresses us through our Emotional rather than our reflection.


    Have we started a class “war” in which powerful organizations  blast the people?

    > Did the WHO and the Pasteur Institute create this global virus, as some people claim?

    > Leaders pass on their fear to us and then replace anger with guilt.

    > Our elites force us to stop living with social ties that are essential to our survival.

    > They punish us and take away our rights if we disobey or if we think, which is unprecedented!

    > Confined, they entertain us and we go into a sleep that we no longer think and act.

    > We are dazed by contradictory information, absurd figures that make us lose our mind.

    > Governments show us that the other is the enemy, and that viruses are not part of us.

    > Our individual freedoms are threatened to the detriment of the GAFAMs who hit the jackpot.

    > Abuse of authority by the Global Administration that feeds the stock exchange and lobbies.

    > Health care workers, citizen groups and whistleblowers are deliberately forgotten.

    > Why not use a medical remedy successfully used by 2 billion people?

    > To convince us of their new security rules, big emotional shocks occur.

    > Without agreement, systemic organizations change and health operations are deprogrammed.

    > Thanks to our data and the many ineffective tests, we are known better than we do.

    > We are kept in stupidity and ignorance.

    > Our power of thought and critical thinking are turned off.

    > We let ourselves to be complacent in mediocrity to satisfy our need to belong to a group.

    > Is the ethical and moral basis of debate over for a world of control and cashless?

    > Their project called “the great reset” is launched to drastically and selectively reduce the population.


    Right to live or to disappear?

    Is the objective of our “elites” is to sedate “80% of useless”, be part of Humanity, to extinguish us without any social link or make us inhuman so that the world leading class obtains an authoritarian and dematerialized governance that hunts us down and makes us obedient by acting on emotion and no longer on reason?


    Through the current energies, the Universe helps us today to (re)define our perception of the reality, to feel our “guts” and to lead us to seek serenity in order to stimulate our creativity.


    On this day of 11/11, our emotional sensitivity is intensified to allow us to multiply our receptivity. So let us take the time to focus on ourselves, to listen and to let our Soul act.


    Let us:

    *Activate the power of our human being, in this case our creative power to realize our intentions.

    *Trust our own creative energy to reveal our potential.

    *See “outside the box” obstacles into opportunities.

    *Let’s take time to verify the veracity of the information before believing in any global scenario and thus make our own opinion!


    Plethora of information that says everything and its opposite

    We receive so much divergent information about our current crisis: some appreciate the support of governments who manage under their own fear; whereas others who stipulate that it is the construction of a false, wanted and programmed pandemic for years to govern differently now.


    With the energies of today and the lunar vibrations, we are pushed to move forward, to position ourselves, to assert ourselves, to find other ways of functioning in order to reconnect with the light of our being.

    Modified image from Freedoms-coffin_indepest

    In addition, let us:

    _ Seek our inner peace.

    _ Analyze our state of being in front of this virus of fear and this French infantilization.

    _ Take a step forward to get our own full page.

    _ Have confidence in our feelings and in our power of: Decision, Intention, Communication, Creation, Realization.


    Above all, let us stop at:

    *The automatism of swallowing irrational information to regain common sense.

    *Our conditioning to be an object and to submit to this collapse.

    *To be a spectator of our life and rather act at our level collectively, locally.


    Let’s take a moment to be with our soul, to feel our bodies, let what is being released and welcome the peace within us.


    Some governments have developed an urge for arbitrariness, so let’s not get used to live without our freedom to be a Human!


    It is now or never for all the people to keep trust and stand together… Before the global elites of the Davos Forum, gathered in the Berggruen Institute, reset, without referendum, the world system with their “Great Reset”!


    I know it is easier for some of us to believe and follow this alarming posture than being in good luminous energies. However, I trust the Human and the Universe that co-created with us to take back our responsibility and humanity.


    Let us change our life system with awareness, knowledge and compassion.


    Humanity must reinvent itself.

    Faced with the unscrupulous project “the great reset” initiated by the world’s elites who seem to look for a reduction of the world’s human population, I congratulate the citizen actions, the courage of certain French mayors who support small traders, the global collectives of doctors, whistle-blowers and entrepreneurs to defend our sovereign rights to stay alive!


    I thank you for your reading and urge you to transmit the right information to the greatest number to wake up/awaken our consciences with benevolence, to take our courage to act collectively now.


    We, people of the world, are the key! The solution will not come from above but from us!



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      • Siw
      • 16 November 2020 at 21 h 17 min

      As always i admire your way with words and your consciousness.. thank you for another great read. It is so relevant in this time!

      • Suzie
      • 13 November 2020 at 22 h 13 min

      Thanks Delphine to raise our consciences with energies and geopolitics! Love it!


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