bottom line business strategy
  • Tips to make the right decision at the right time.

    You are the key player to make the final decisions but you have some doubts, do not hesitate to contact me for fast & efficient advice online.

    In an objective and professional way, I listen to you and will comfort you in your decision making, by giving you all the necessary arguments in your choice. On the contrary, if I don't agree with you, I will let you know and will argue why and how accordingly.

  • Need strategy advice now!

With her cognitive performance, listening to you and asking you direct and relevant questions, Delphine easily performs and shares key ideas in business strategy and strategic management to improve your business.

Delphine is available online to respond to your request within 48 hours. 

Feel free to send your quote and you will get a personalized answer wherever you are.

  • Think outside the box with an Expert.

You don't know who to trust and you want to have a professional feedback, what about contacting me who is "outside the box".

The plus is to get the reasons of my opinion respectfully.

  • Cheap service...?

The cost of my services is the result of their values.

To help you during your difficult financial period, I suggest you to "test and learn" some tips for one hour, so that you will invest in yourself for a short period. With the clear and efficient advice, you will be able to make your situation profitable quickly!

  • Strategic and operational advice.

Delphine has a holistic and pragmatic approach for helping professionals.

Depending on availability, Delphine likes to go "on the field" at different times to discover and feel the atmosphere of your business, observe the teams, to provide comprehensive advice.

A customized service with authenticity, Delphine gives you advice on your strategy, on your operations and also about your management and clientele. She fully engages herself and performs a SWOT analysis in real "on the floor", to advise you precisely and define your effective actions. Try this unique experience and ask for a free quote now.

*The service is free and anonymous

Customer Reference

After seeing Delphine’s accomplishments, founder of the firm Performance Outside the Box, made for the Spa and beauty salons aboard floating palaces, I contacted her to receive marketing advice to succeed my start-up in England. I did not want to miss my launch, and without visibility of the future sales and reservations to ensure paying my bills, I decided to seek guidance from an Expert in start up. Delphine came in London for a week and she guided me to develop a strategy to get customers in the long term and therefore to get a return on investment quickly. Flexible, fast, wishing like me to make a difference"! Without her, I don’t know if the beauty salon would exist…

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