#Deconfinement_Everything is Vibration?!

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  • #Deconfinement_Everything is Vibration?!

    #Deconfinement_Everything is Vibration?!

    Do you know what “energy vibration” means?

    I often say to people I accompany “vibrate the moment, because when you vibrate, all slip 😊” so that they enlighten their potential and externalize their unique vibration.


    Google defines that “a vibration vibrates and makes it vibrate. When a vibration matches us, it resonates with our own vibrations and creates a reaction. This can be pleasant or unpleasant.”


    I give the meaning of “vibration” because

    We’re changing our vibration frequency.

    Have you noticed that at this time, life is becoming more active and the vibration of Beings is suddenly amplified towards an intense experience that is either “pleasant” or “unpleasant”?


    “I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s moving around a lot right now! »

    “I have headaches… Oh you, it is your belly! »

    “I’m confused, I don’t understand what’s happening to me! »

    “I’m so tired… I can hardly sleep… I worry, ‘cause my daughter doesn’t even eat anymore! »

    “I’m exhausted too, it’s hard to do what I used to do. The days pass quickly in a gust of wind! Speaking of wind, have you seen how strong it is now? »



    In fact, many people today perceive an accentuation of our rhythm of life with a body that does move 😊. This is normal, as the Earth is strongly modifying HER vibrations.



    What is the link, some of you are wondering…?


    Well, as “occupants” on this globe, our human species feels more energetically the pulse of the Planet, which is in full TRANSFORMATION with wide variations.


    It is noted that the Earth’s magnetic transverse waves, known as Schumann Resonance, regulate our internal clocks acting on the Sleep/Dream/Hormonal Secretion patterns.


    The rhythms and pulsations of our brain are simply a reflection of those of the Earth’s cavity that functions as a FLUCTUATING wave conductor.



    We follow the VIBRATION of the Earth!

    For many years, this resonance frequency has oscillated stably at 7.83 Hz with only slight variations.


    In June 2014, the monitors of Russia’s space observation system showed a sudden increase in activity to about 8.5 Hz.


    Then on February 27th 2020, it amplified to an unprecedented level with an enormous power of 170 Hz!


    Last April 4, 2020 (4.4.4), we felt particularly intense vibrations parallel to the peak of the Corona Virus. This allowed us to be in better connection with the Universe and to see the benefits of our confinement for all OTHER living species of our planet, which are animals, minerals, and plants.


    To date, the terrestrial vibrations still vary considerably. Some say around 4 to 80 Hz per day.


    An unprecedented moment for Humans!

    The planet offers to our generation of incarnated souls a crucial period filled of emotions: SHE disintegrates to make us vibrate.


    Some would say that it is magnificent to live so many things in one incarnation!


    Others even speak of “Apocalypse” which etymologically means “Revelation”, referring to this profound transformation.


    We can perceive this rise in vibration, with everything happening here going faster and faster.


    Astronomers in 2014 considered our shorter days not 24 hours but 16 hours, with a very viral human communication that modifies the perception of time.


    Right now, the notion of cycles is very disturbed, because we have reached a point of convergence of high energy.


    In preparation for purgatory!

    For thousands of years, we have been in a three-dimensional universe:


    – We perceive our existing in 3D: Length x width x height.

    – The dominant energy frequency is our Mind = Ego = Unconscious.
    * The Mind freezes the movement and allows us to distinguish ourselves as one person.
    * Only the human Ego needs things and beings to possess.
    * We are in a world of duality, survival, where good and evil exist.
    * Our society demands to earn a living, and to fight in a war of good against evil.
    * The Unconscious easily dominates and traps us in illusions, while it can follow the vibration of our Heart which is pure Love.


    Since the beginning of 2012, we have been accessing a gateway, a Transition plan called 4D.

    Why is that?
    Because the Earth, which has also astral cycles, has changed HER rotation.


    For HER it is every 26,000 years or so that she changes her “astral sign”.
    Since 2012, the Earth has moved from the Fish era to the Aquarius.


    The Mayans had announced the end of a world to determine this passage from the 4D to the 5th.


    Indeed, we are transmuting from the Technological to the Energy era!


    The moment is «close to heaven» because it has never happened before on Earth: we are entering the sphere of the SPIRIT where we reconnect with our soul and source.


    However, like any passage, we have a foot in each dimension, and some realize that there are the forces of life and the anti-life forces mixing… This is why DISCERNMENT is strongly stimulated.


    A majority of us, especially via the quarantine period, have been able to see what we didn’t see before and become aware of delusional behavior, excess and abuse on both sides.


    We note that some people have/had a real AWAKENING and a clarity of inner renewal, which wants to regain its Freedom and Sovereignty.


    What is it about?

    – For Mother Earth:

    This temporary situation is essential for the dark and frightening energies accumulated over centuries to be cleaned up at an astonishing rapid rate.


    So, it is necessary that these energies rise to the surface so that they can be transmuted and transformed into great Light to be used for the greater good of all.


    That’s why there’s a lot of turbulent energy moving on the surface of this planet.

    These energies are those of collective consciousness, of the energies of chaos, of terror, of conflict, of anxiety – the energies of those who have lost, of those who have experienced sudden changes that have taken from them what was dear to their hearts…


    How does SHE change her vibrations?
    SHE “shakes her fleas”: violent wind, chaos, natural disasters, fire, pandemic…



    – For our civilization:

    Unlike minerals, plants, and animals that have no Mind, and therefore have easier access to this new energy frequency, humans receive vibrations that awaken the sleepy ones, allowing us to stop judgment, condemnation and to feel free to live in peace.


    Many are «worked» with the help of our body trying to adapt to this planetary ascension.


    To rise to this other vibratory level, our body removes the weights it no longer needs (like a hot-air balloon).


    To get rid of what no longer needs to be, in order to connect to 5D, the body expresses itself through emotional disorders: palpitations, diarrhea, sweating, stomach bug, nightmares, humming heads, tiredness, crises with waves of fear and joy, loss of appetite, etc.


    Each person in this passage is confronted with what he or she carries within and with the hope of a harmonious life that begins first IN ONESELF.



    What can we do?

    – Keep going now at our own pace!


    – Drink water to clean yourself and lighten.


    – Don’t force yourself to eat or do something you don’t want to do anymore.


    – Follow your instinct and desires that come instantly from your heart.


    – Despite our collective unconsciousness that is connected to the unconscious of our place, it is essential to listen to our intuition and keep a clear mind of discernment.


    – Stay free = listen and make a decision aligned with your own conviction.


    – Let it go and trust yourself = trust life!


    – Be in love and look up while moving 😊.


    – Thank the good little pleasures that Life already offers you: a good coffee, a gathering…


    – Embrace your emotions and let them flow through.


    – Realize that we are in full MUTATION towards the 5th D. like our Mother Nature.


    – Dare to follow your inner voice, to anchor yourself with your feet on Earth, meditate if you like, pray or ask for help from the Universe if you feel the impulse to do so.

    * It is not a question of entering into meditation « as entering into war », but in the awareness of welcoming the light of change.

    *  “Ask, and they will give you; seek, and you will find; knock, and they will open you.”


    – Move, doubt and remain open to your feelings which is your truth!


    – Stop playing the role of a “good” person.

    Do things that look like you and be yourselves fully!
    Welcome your shadow and responsibility, forgive without blaming.
    Keep in mind that the two “good/bad” poles are the two sides of the same coin that create the harmony of your Being, like the “ying and yang” of the Chinese energy balance.


    – I recommend (people I guide) to use positive words instead of low vibration words. Try for example to replace your words : “I must”, “I have to” by powerful words like “I desire”… You will see the change in your vibration 😊!



    A cohabitation that offers an increasingly clear split!

    Remember that we live in a Duality biosphere, where the worst is with the best at all times.
    And at this moment, the turmoil of this disoriented civilization, having lost its usual landmarks, accelerates the movement that begun recently.


    We currently exist in parallel worlds that coexist… and here and now, “it makes it or breaks it”!


    Have you…
    – Observed the speed of some who leave towards another energy level = the death of the physical body?
    – Noticed the radical separation between people who were tied up so far?


    Today, we may say that some people rise in vibration and others remain in this human plan, or even are influenced by low vibrations of submission.


    So a lot of relationships that were linked up until now break up because their evolutionary energies become incompatible. Some relationships of the past take their distance or break at once.

    We also see it in our behavior which is drastic ». It is as if we see things more clearly… Well it is the case!



    This SCISSION became more pronounced from the time of confinement.

    For those who learn about them give themselves energy to rise.


    On the other hand, for those who don’t take care of themselves, but rather focus on anxiety-provoking information, constantly polluted by the egregore of fear and manipulation, become vulnerable.


    Also, those who are located in places where the 5G installation began (such as in China and northern Italy) are subject to intense external imbalances that make them permeable to disease.


    On the other side of the polarity with the 5D, the Coronavirus has pushed us to transform ourselves with clairvoyant energy in order to step up to vibratory power.


    This brutal lockdown at home interrupted all our routine activities.

    Many of us panicked at the idea of no longer being in CONTROL of our daily lives… But the 2+ months of isolation gave us the opportunity to take a deeper look at our life and our direction:


    – Some who felt lost in their situation, (re)focused on who they really are, no longer trying to compare themselves to someone else!


    – Even though this period was worrying for many of us, it was necessary to be able to sit quietly and realize if we were finally satisfied with our life.


    – Most of us now say “stop” to situations that were becoming intolerable and that we had to put up with because of fear or obligation.


    – Those who did not dare to say “no”, or who were silent, now dare to express what they think.


    – Above all, we honor with more confidence our beautiful and unique being and we give ourselves the right to refuse from now on relationships and situations that no longer deserve our attention and energy.


    – We accept to reveal our true identity and to develop our potentialities.


    – In spite of the uncertain future, we begin to ALLOW ourselves to be and to do what we want.


    Is that your case?

    If so, congrats! Continue to (try to) focus your attention on your Light!



    “All will be given to humanity who wants to receive without limitation in time and space. »


    The active year 2020 will be terrible for some, wonderful for others…


    Everyone is indeed activated by these vibrations and is free to CHOOSE the life scenario:


    – Not to go into this new dimension, which is unknown, and so cling to the 3D, the age of the MATERIAL, that is familiar, by experiencing suffering and struggling…


    – To let it go to be ourselves, with awareness and confidence, following our instinct of love, to prepare the way for the new 5D, the era of the SPIRITUAL.


    We are actually at a crossroads.


    Each one of us has a DIFFERENT viewpoint that is respectable.

    The Earth, SHE, anyway, continues her flow by purifying herself.




    That period of quarantine at home allowed us to become aware of a potential paradigm shift where Humanity is asked to take its place.


    Also, we may realize that a long protection from others kill us.


    The present deconfinement period is the opportunity to enter into a new freedom, with fair values that respect Life. It is essential to remember that it is our ATTITUDE and our thoughts that create the reality, which surrounds us.



    Which way chose your Self?


    – The one that feeds you through FEAR and thus puts you in a position of “victim” facing a deteriorated world, filled with catastrophe?


    – Or the path of the LOVE of YourSelf, of Life, of empathic interconnection with all beings living on this Earth?


    Some Souls decided to be swallowed up by this damaging society that is dying…

    Others planned to move into another dimension.


    Everything contributes to our evolution.

    Everything has its reason to be 😊






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      • Paul
      • 5 June 2020 at 17 h 02 min

      Amazing insights on our crazy present world. This different point of view helps me to think different, so thanks Delphine!
      What is great with you is we’re very comfortable speaking with you about these deep topics. You always offer dialogue that help create potential solutions!
      As I mentioned to you personally, the world needs strong and intellectual women like you to move forward and make it happen “with mindfulness” as you wrote on your Twitter’s. You’re very deep and a solid thinker of logic and critical thinking. I sure love your writings with admiration.

    • This is the absolute best article i have read in my entire life! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge on this. It is what we need ‍♀️ it all makes sense. It is like when we have a breakdown, a breakthrough will follow, and it is the same for our dear mother earth. We need to ascend to the next level, that is better for our world. It is incredible to be a witness of what is happening now and how. Also to have seen the sprituality growing all over the world and more and more people have been waking up the last two-three years, and now we are here at a cross road. Will we follow our dear earth into the next dimension and change our ways for the better, or will be be stuck here ? This is incredibly interesting and all your points are so true. I will save this article so i can re-read it many times, because it is filled with wisdom.


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