#Coronavirus #Quarantine_Good luck!

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  • #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Good luck!

    #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Good luck!

    Our courage is presently being tested by adapting ourselves and improvising our life in the face of this disturbing situation.


    The Coronavirus has impacted the whole planet and tormented our emotions, between the fear of contamination and the love of life.


    Confined at home, we are learning to be patient and to no longer be in the automatic action as we used to be. We are also pushed to be brave to face ourselves taking the time to think before acting.




    We have done our best to get to this point in our lives. Are we really satisfied with the result?

    What would we like to change now to refocus on our priorities?


    Now is the time to TRANSFORM our lives!

    The deconfinement is slowly beginning around the globe…

    A new life is about to begin, a new model of society will have to be built, this is our opportunity to change our destiny and have the courage to change what no longer exists!


    Do we want to live in a FREE world, or do we want to be ENSLAVED… by pharmaceutical labs, new technologies, governments that lie to us, some media owned by rich lobbies?


    Which direction and actions are we going to choose?


    Do we have the courage to take our responsibilities?

    Are we going to take the lead in transforming society into a better world?

    Or are we definitively locked in our existence without seeing that we are part of everything?…That this virus simply shows us the reflection of our globalized human civilization that is sick?


    Are we going to dare to act differently or are we going to reproduce what we have learned and what we have done so far?

    Do we have enough courage to change our behaviors and create a better society?


    Do we have the COURAGE?

    – Not to do exactly as before?

    – Be aware that Men do not own the planet Earth?

    – Realize that we have the same rights as other beings?

    – Understand that we can no longer destroy the living to have wealth?

    – Move towards a balance where equity and sobriety are obvious?

    – Being able to work together and listen to each other’s realities?

    – No need to find someone guilty to prove our own truth?

    – Be open to new ideas outside the box to move forward with meaning?

    – Exploit our adaptability to rebound and bring innovations?

    – Make a difference that disturbs the established system and the present thinking opinion?

    We are currently threatened by a virus. This puts us in a phase of dispossession.

    Indeed! We are not the masters of the world!


    We have the choice!

    As Camus said, either we revolt ourselves or we embrace the beauty of life…

    Today Bertrand Piccard suggests confronting the unknown as an explorer who adapts and learns from failures by moving forward with confidence.

    And Sylvain Carufel from Canada mentions: “I have learned that from the worst crises can emerge the most beautiful opportunities, that from the darkest uncertainties can arise the brightest ideas”.


    This crisis is revealing our potentiality, so let us show that we can do better differently!

    Let’s wake up and reinvent a new and harmonious system that allows fruitful alliances between economy and ecology!


    Let us think and act outside the box to be better now!
    We are at a crossroads of our life where we are invited to write a new page of our history so let’s go!



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      • Siw
      • 4 May 2020 at 22 h 30 min

      So beautifully put. This message is so important and lets pray that people don’t forget this and go back to how everything was before. We can all make small changes for the better. Thank you for your wise words once again. I pray that mankind wakes up and STAYS awake. That we will see a better world with equal rights for everyone. That people think for themselves and not just follows some queen bee like a bunch of sheep. Like Michael Jackson sang: starting with the man in the mirror.
      If everyone did that, imagine what a beautiful world we would have.


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