It’s the END

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  • It’s the END

    It’s the END

    The end of something, someone, the end of a relationship, of a situation… Any end is more or less painful, whether we like it or not, even if we learn on the way of Life that nothing dies, everything changes.


    Here and now, this end of the year marks the end of energies that the planet has been strongly sweeping in front of her door, by powerful natural events.


    As a mirror effect to Nature, we are pushed to do the same to cross the passage to 2023.


    This end of 2022 is a turning point for all of us to take responsibility, coming back to Self and understand who we really are.



    NO MORE….

    – Excuses that you have no choice.

    – Defining yourself by others.

    – Forcing to please others.

    – Clinging to what is ending.

    – Depending on the other to exist.

    – Sacrifice to avoid conflict.

    – Lies when you don’t feel well.

    – Listening to your rational head instead of your intuitive body.

    – Scattering around trying to do everything well in vain.

    – Full action for fear of missing.

    – Too much laziness for not moving up.

    – Filling your inner void from the outer world.

    – Mistreating yourself with your thoughts.

    – Feeding stories that weigh you down.

    – Fighting that generates inner conflict.

    – Control of everything to feel reassured.



    NO MORE….

    – Searching for an intellect reason of Life that surpasses us.

    – Behaving like a robot instead of being an ambivalent Human.

    – Perceiving the only dark angle in situations.

    – Saying it’s complicated to move forward.

    – Thinking that there’s a good and a bad where everything is nuanced.

    – Comparing today to yesterday when everything is moving.

    – Complaints to feel alive in your head.

    – Deluding yourself with frozen stories from the past.

    – Feeding the fear that crystallizes your body cells.

    – Wishing the change with the same environment.




    NO MORE….

    – Botching relationships without respecting the other truths.

    – Wanting to have the last word and create a power struggle.

    – Trying to convince others and create duality.

    – Mentalizing everything exploding your brain.

    – Believing that we all discern the same thing.

    – Starting something and never finish until the end.

    – Waiting for tomorrow to be better crossing fingers.

    – Blaming others instead of assuming that you create your whole reality.

    – Connection with electromagnetic waves instead of connecting to Mother Nature.

    – Self-sabotage when you are the master of your Life!



    It is the end of cycles at the end of this year

    With powerful energetic portals that lead us to make a clear choice for the next crossing of our paths:


    > Either you continue to be directed by your Egotic head and remain outside of yourself, in appearance, becoming your own Unconscious machine without Soul, without Life within you, which has already deteriorated your vital health…


    > Or, you decide to be guided by your body intuitions, your heart, your guts, and you accept that you cannot control what happens outside of you.


    By welcoming this powerful change, adjusting to what you feel and by accommodating yourself to your new reality with confidence and courage, you close your obsolete patterns, you evacuate your emotions on your own, without identification and judgment, and you let go of what needs to go in your life, in order to MAKE SPACE FOR RENEWAL, which better corresponds to the person you are now.





    You want novelty in your life in 2023?

    It starts now from yourself: through your thoughts, your words, your visions, by treating yourself like your best friend, respecting yourself, listening to your heart, and helping you to balance yourself in your physical body (between altruism and selfishness, between action and inaction…).


    This long period of reorientation where we integrate new perceptions and another vision of ourselves, pushes us to detach ourselves, step by step, from an environment that no longer resonates with us now.


    Energies help us to persevere, with the heart, towards a different desired direction in the unknown of Life, without seeking for the immediate result, and without comparing ourselves to others, giving us the best means to concretize our projects of Life.


    Understand that the change you want to have in your outer world must already be manifested in your inner world.


    It is therefore up to you to take your life in hand, to support yourself at each small step of evolution on your way.


    The strong Cosmo-telluric energies urge us to dare to express what we feel in the present moment, with our instinct, while respecting the contradictory truth to ours, even if we do not approve it.




    It’s time to choose ourselves first in order to be chosen.

    That is why it is important to engage with ourselves and to follow our inner voice, which is our path. Each of us has our own, which is different and complements one another.


    By seeking complementarity in our opposites, we can advance together by co-creating harmonious links, by being supportive and united in this challenging transition, while the old worldwide governmental system is also at the end destroying itself.


    In this vibratory tumult, we are all present on this Earth, at our level of Consciousness, to leave our old “self” and, if we wish, to be reborn in a better version than yesterday for 2023.



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      • Siw
      • 9 January 2023 at 15 h 48 min

      THIS. Simply this. So beautifully written as always, and your words resonates perfectly with the similar thoughts Ive been having lately. Thank you once again, for sharing your wisdom with us. Please continue to do so with the world still changing drastically and big things happening!


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