We Always Learn From a Relationship

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  • We Always Learn From a Relationship

    We Always Learn From a Relationship

    Whether it’s a professional, friendly, family, or a romantic relationship, lasting for a moment or a long period, a relationship always has the power to reveal who we truly are and what “baggage” we carry that needs to be released.


    When we behave differently than usual, we become aware of the various contradictory and incomprehensible aspects of ourselves for our Egotistical mind.


    We realize that indeed, we can allow ourselves to change our opinion to be more aligned with the person we are today. It is never too late!


    By respecting ourselves, we notice who around us respects our choice, even if they don’t approve it, and those, on the contrary, whom we allow to control our life to our detriment. This is at that time that a just decision is needed to prioritize ourselves and follow our own path with the belief, “those who love me will follow.”


    In the School of Life, it is through relationship with the other that we can observe our behavior and readjust it in the neutrality of the heart, at the center of our physical bodies.




    As human beings, achieving inner/outer balance is a quest for creating harmonious relationships.


    We observe that from childhood, we are conditioned by the Ego to constantly prove we can make it and focus on the material, neglecting the love felt in our physical body.

    We have a limiting belief that it’s not acceptable to show our own emotions, even though we are emotional beings by nature!


    Through our mistakes and failures, which are the best teachings, we realize that we are TOO focused on the material = NOT ENOUGH on love (for oneself and others), and this imbalance leads us to our downfall.


    Attachment vs. Love

    Many of us who do not distinguish between blood family and Soul family, encountered in the journey of life, try to maintain a certain familial loyalty even when it is no longer necessary in our life.


    There is a strong belief that we have a duty to be attached to our blood family, and some prefer to remain unhappy to please their relatives.


    Hence, it is crucial to become conscious and clearly differentiate between loving your family and detaching from it to create your life on your own.


    Learning Commitment

    With the acceleration of information on social media and the numerous available entertainments today, we have become accustomed to quickly moving on from everything we touch.


    Unfortunately, this fast-paced behavior makes us less present in the present moment. We do things automatically and unconsciously.

    Hence, it is challenging in today’s world to commit to someone, personally or professionally, as we tend to think short-term instead of building lasting relationships.


    The impact I see among my coachees is a lack of attention to what they do daily. They want long-term loyal clients but are not attentive to maintaining their relationships and don’t take the time to be interested in them.


    They have become automatons, prioritizing quantity over quality, making it challenging to give = receive trustworthy relationships.

    Relationships also means Love Couple and Soul Connections

    In this month of February, celebrating love

    You probably know the saying “opposites attract.” Indeed, a person with a predominantly Yang polarity is rather attracted to someone with a predominantly Yin polarity to unite in their complementarity.


    I notice among my coachees that many refuse communication with their loved one when there is a disagreement, instead of welcoming differences with kindness.


    Clarifying the “deal” of the relationship through questions allows you to discover what the other person feels. It’s unnecessary to say, “I know what my partner thinks,” because it’s impossible

    We all perceive life uniquely through the filter of our own “glasses,” tinted by our individual “baggage.”


    The goal would be to create dialogue with our opposing parts reflected in others, to respect our differences and couple them to realize a common desired project together.


    Finally, I conclude with a message I often hear: it would be boring to be in a relationship with our exact double in life.

    Indeed, it is in the diversity of our differences that the richness of the relationship is complete.

    So, it’s up to us to water the relationships we have planted every day, lovingly assembling the different pieces of our relational puzzle.


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