Necessary turbulence at the end of this 2021 year

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  • Necessary turbulence at the end of this 2021 year

    Necessary turbulence at the end of this 2021 year

    At the end of this 2021-year, Life is shaking us strongly to push us to close a cycle and to start a new one in 2022 with more Consciousness.


    What do you decide?

    1) Continue your current life, waiting for the others to improve your situation?


    2) Battle against the current system that is collapsing by losing your health?


    3) Welcome what it is there for you and make new decisions to feel good?


    Numerous lunar eclipses and powerful energy portals, at the end of this year, are making us change and mourn our past that no longer needs to be.


    Mistakes, failures, illusions, breakups, chaos…

    Yes! So what?




    Don’t have any regret or guilt about your journey, which gives you the best Life learning!


    Indeed, it is very painful for our Mind that wants everything to be perfect in an imperfect world.


    But remember that everything is temporary and is a way to grow…


    The Ego, our brain machine that reassures itself with what it knows, suffers when we switch and transform some parts of ourselves, and when, as a mirror effect, we also close relationships to open new ones.


    In the energy of cycle Life, it is natural that Living Beings change and reflect their vibration at every moment.


    Potential responses:

    1) Keep doing the same thing as yesterday waiting for your happiness coming from outside, is only a mental illusion that puts you in survival by letting others create your life.


    2) To rebel against something or someone is when you put your attention on your binary and radical Unconscious that compares, criticizes, and divides.


    3) I select the 3rd answer because, we can never say it enough: everything starts from us! Joy is a choice!


    depends on your choice


    To change our reality, it is essential to change ourselves

    The question to ask yourself would be: do I want to change something now to radiate my light and my love?


    Right now, the outdated materialist system that we know is falling apart.


    So, most of us are losing our reference points that are going up in smoke. We realize that we do not have control over what is uncontrollable, as our Mind thinks in vain.


    In a phase of transition such as this one, it is normal that Fear is as big as Courage, in polarity.


    Despite the fear of the unknown, there is an opportunity to invent our life differently.


    That’s why current energies encourage us to be more creative in starting new things.


    Whether we believe it or not, we are supported!


    By revealing to us all that has been hidden until today and by becoming aware of the teachings of our experiences, we are helped to re-align ourselves with coherence, to express who we are in our completeness of being different and to assume our own choices with full responsibility.


    The fact of revealing to us what has been hidden or lied to us is going to be astounding for some.


    Many people start to realize that they have been living in an illusion, manipulated by egotistical governments.


    For others, it is simply the confirmation of their feelings. In any case, we can all wake up facing the collapse of an obsolete system and the emergence of the sovereignty of living beings.


    Of course, people who have been clinging to their external security (material, financial) are collapsing internally, as the tumbling system that has formatted them. They feel disoriented and don’t know what to do or how to move forward.


    This is the occasion for them to take a moment of pause to find oneself, to be in silence with Nature, and to integrate their inner deconstruction, so as to rebuild themselves in a different way, on more solid foundations, based on the Human inner security.


    The fact of observing that we breathe every morning and that we are in good health gives us the strength to overcome our fears and to pay attention to what makes us smile.


    For these people, it is significant not to wait for their happiness to come from their outside, because Life is the other way around, asking us to be the actor of our own Life.


    inner peace


    Those who complain about current events fuelled by fear, illness and lies, putting their energy into fighting against a game whose rules were established by others. They can exhaust themselves to their loss in their traumas.


    By putting your attention (words, thoughts) on fear, you become angry, positioning yourself against others and then your vital energy would be drained. I would thereby advise you to put your energy on something that brings you back to peace.


    May you stop looking for being right with your Ego and let others do what they want respectfully?


    It is significant for this second group to take back your place and keep your energy for yourselves by doing new actions that nourish your well-being.


    We don’t die from viruses because they are inside our body. On the other hand, we can die from a high strong toxic dose of fear that paralyses our body, soul, and spirit. We can also die from any excess of chemicals injected into our living body.


    mind body soul


    It is fundamental to remember that Humans are social animals that come from Mother Nature and that we have an exceptional power of creation and healing when we do things freely from the heart, without forcing ourselves.


    What is decisive is to make the right choice about how we want to live until the time of our death.


    Do we decide to give ourselves vibrant and living energy or low frequency energies that make us weak, manipulable, hypnotized, without being able to question ourselves compared to others’ positioning?


    Return to the Essential and to the simplicity of who we are

    This turbulent end of the year is stirring up everything with physical, mental, and psychic ills.


    As the Planet is doing for Herself, everything is also swept away in Humans, so that we can return to the essence of life and to the simplicity of who we are.


    Who are we?

    We are not good people. We are ambiguous, contradictory Human Beings, with, in duo, a Mental machine located in our Brain and a Divine Soul that expresses our inner voice in our Heart.


    We are Spiritual Beings incarnated on earth with a physical body to experience the Materiality in this 3D duality.


    Spiritual beings

    What is the benefit of this crisis?

    This crisis is perfect to reveal the strong imbalances that we have conceived against Humanity for centuries!


    Since childhood, we have been conditioned to activate our Mind every day and therefore not to be in connection with our Soul.


    This is the reason why most people do no longer know what they like, don’t remember how to have confidence and to be faithful to themselves.


    With the past confinements and stops of our daily working life, we were forced to stop being a machine in an infernal spiral and thus to settle down for a while, which was forbidden / unhealthy / negative for some Egotic people.




    By offering us a moment of availability, far from the external world, we could reconnect to our inner world!


    It is at this moment that we realized, at our level, that some were OK to spend time alone with themselves, to awaken to Faith, for the Invisible world. Ohers, on the contrary, clung to what they owned and fled from what they didn’t know by entertaining themselves in the digital screen world.


    Everything is OK!

    The external crisis is only a reflection of our internal crisis.


    Whatever your situation, what is fundamental to understand is that the engine of your Life is your Heart and only YOU can change your outside by transforming your inside and free yourself from your Mental prison.


    Without the crisis, some of you, who are reading my words, would not have moved your routine without a good kick in the a..! Yes, the crisis allows us to wake up, to experience “the dark night of the Soul”, to have a shock of Conscience.




    Nobody except you can help you out. Consequently, we cannot change you and modify your life, even if it seems painful.


    Only you can take back your life, using your free will and accepting the flow of life that is present for you to learn more about yourself.


    If everything starts from you, better be your own best friend 😊!


    So, it’s time to accept us, as we are, in our complexity and with our multiple facets, impregnated with our cellular memories, invisible and incomprehensible for our Brain which wants to understand everything.


    Even if we belong to the same Source, each Human Being, in this 3D polarized world, has their own characteristics. It is hence necessary to remember that the same news is perceived in a different way for each one.


    We see a reality that is unique to us, with our own “glasses”, tinted by our memories, our ancestral family, our childhood wounds. So please stop trying to make the other person understand your way, because they won’t be able to.


    Let’s try to, understand one another through our own filter, nuance situations and adopt other points of view by asking questions.


    Understanding the others doesn’t mean to be agree with them and that’s OK!


    This world situation teaches us to accept all individual truths for the same event.




    Our changeover period allows us to stop being binary and radical, like our Ego (either “pro” OR “anti”), but to realize instead that we are all here on the same boat, with our contradictory convictions.


    We are led to replace the “OR” by the “AND”: there are some of us who are “pro”… AND others who are “against”… AND…Etc.


    We are all different with a unique value. So, let’s seek our complementarity to make a new and more harmonious world, by accepting our differences as a richness.


    Referring to the Quantum laws of the Universe, they show that everything is a mirror effect:

    * What you see around you is a part of you!


    * What you see on a global level is the common mirror of each of our inner self.


    * Our Unconscious is to distinguish and in excess judges, criticizes, divides. It must be in action at the service of the Soul.


    * Our Consciousness is to show us our inner voice, to guide us in Light and Love.


    mirror effect


    Calm down your outer/inner Life during the end of a Life cycle

    This painful transition time helps us to clear our mind, to lower the energetic weight of our head into our body, our Heart, by anchoring our feet on the ground, and by aligning ourselves to our Soul.


    It is in the inaction at the end of the year that most of us need to calm our minds and be linked to our bodies.


    Since we are so used to nourishing our heads by receiving as much information as possible, some are overheated wishing to be in vain a robot.


    They need to stop getting a mass of information from TV and mainstream media but activate instead their intelligence and their common sense.


    media control all

    Many of us are less active in our bodies and therefore no longer have any connection with our gut intuition instinctively.


    Most people who have fully activated their Mind are, at the end of 2021, very tired, irritated, and have physical ailments that have been repressed in their body for a long time.


    If this is your case, the key would be for you to make the decision to take a break with yourself, to respect yourself, to be there without expectations of results. Listen and follow your feeling, moving your body to rebalance yourself.


    It is through bodily movement, alone, that we can evacuate the emotions that are ready to come out of our body, without judging or identifying with them.


    It is by getting rid of many layers, by removing our emotional weights that we lighten our mind and free ourselves from bodily and psychic tensions.



    To establish peace in your (outer = inner) life, it is good to calm the Mind and return to the Soul.


    I hence would suggest you stop feeding yourself with toxic information, stop believing in the dominant announcements that convey fear and lies to manipulate you, but rather reposition yourself by reconnecting to Nature and recharging yourself with the energy of love.


    Remember that each of us is doing our best. It is therefore necessary to question yourself each morning: what are my priorities for the day? Does this decision bring me happiness?


    toxic info


    Ex: if you feed yourself with anxiety-provoking information that lowers your energy, will you continue to lose your health or will you do something else to keep and increase your vibratory level?


    Ex: do you force yourself to do something that is unfair to keep something from your past?


    This complicated end of the year is beneficial to realize that we always have a choice. And based on your decision, there is an impact in your life!


    The other lesson to learn is that we are constantly changing, that is to say that our desires evolve too: We are not the person we used to be in the past, even if it is important to consider our background.


    The key is to motivate yourself to do the first step forward, and to get free from references to choose your own path of freedom.


    Without expecting immediate and perfect results in an imperfect path, it is wise to give oneself heart-rage, step by step, and to show perseverance that everything is possible when we make it happen!





    Years of Mental deconditioning

    Obviously, we did not learn, with our family and at the school of our government corporations, to be responsible, but rather to give our power to the Other.


    We have been thus impregnated from childhood, in a system where authority comes from outside of us, obliging us, under conditions, to do things, while Life functions backwards!


    Why give our authority to others (adults, teachers, directors, governments…) if the others cannot feel what we feel in our guts? Who decides for oneself?


    These years of crisis began to decondition us from everything we were taught as children! We are changing our limiting belief systems and taking back our power to be.


    Each of us perceive our reality with our eyes and thoughts and we all are right in our own truth with respect.


    It is therefore good to, listen to the others ‘opinions, and always and again, do what fits us:


    – The best way? Yours with love!


    – The best choice? Yours that comes from your heart in the present moment.


    – Connect with others without dependence and attachment to be in your place and keep your discernment.


    – Forgive (yourselves) of your mental judgments and bring together what is opposite.


    – Stop referring to unfair codes and hierarchies generated by an authoritarian regime.


    – No longer lie to yourself and deny a suffering situation but rather let go of control and civilly express your own truth which is and will always be different from the others’.


    release attachment


    Death / birth are gateways

    When you say “end” you mean “mourning”.


    Mourning means (re)birth, as we are on Earth, in a dual and cyclical world that is constantly changing.


    At the end of 2021, with the strong evolution of the vibratory fields, the energies accelerate to follow the flow of the Universe, to accept the passage from an old electric and even aggressive state to a new one of peace and love, confronting the unpredictable movement of life and by facing the emotions which are there to pass entirely through our body.


    This very hectic time radically increases the energies in polarity (fear/love) and we all suffer from this cleavage that divides us.


    In fact, some humans, in order not to feel alone and not to feel the emptiness within them, fill their body and their mind with any kind of outside substance.


    Others are so afraid of this temporary state of loneliness and emptiness within themselves to be reborn to Self, that they even allow, against their own heart, the external authority over them.  This is what is called in Neuroscience “the cognitive bias of belonging to a group”.



    At that time, we must question our own current priorities, while respecting each other’s contradictory choice. Absurdity and dictatorship are presently at their full load to make us move towards human balance with lucidity and get back our inner freedom:


    Is it your priority to continue working under these conditions? Does it make you happy? Or could you change your job, earn less in quantity, and gain more in quality of life by respecting yourself?


    It is up to you to make gently your own choice according to what you feel now, without being mentally radical and binary.


    Since the beginning of the health crisis, I have been accompanying all types of men and women, at all levels. They made the decision to leave their companies or public institutions, because of the severe governmental injunctions.


    They have reinvented themselves to practice differently with sense and with the rising energy every morning to continue being at the service of Humanity.



    As the Chinese define it so well, a “crisis” is an “opportunity” to release the Unconscious and to reconnect to our Divine Consciousness.


    The idea is to no longer allow yourself to be directed by your Mind, which is in your head, rehashing dark thoughts that become realities in your life.


    On the contrary, it is vital to nourish yourself with love and peace; to take time to question yourself what makes you vibrate joy here and now.


    No longer seek to define yourself by a status or a job, giving a reassuring label to your ego.


    Instead, be “outside the box” with your multifaceted human being and reveal yourself, discovering yourself every day:


    – Accept that your sensitivity is growing up by opening your Consciousness.


    – Get out of your old patterns and cut with the past that imprisons you.


    – Observe your repetitions that Life offers you to understand your life lessons.


    – Compare yourself only with your version of yesterday to give the best of love-self!


    – Welcome what is already there for you to be in gratitude for what you already are!



    Our society, which is reaching its own limits, is collapsing so that we can rebuild a new world connected to collective Consciousness, so try to focus on your “being” and to “make” novelty that circulates life within you.


    Drop the “having”, and the possession, considering that nothing is acquired, and everything is temporary.


    The Universe here reminds us of being a human “being” and not a human “having”!


    The authoritarian restrictions and the revelations of what has been hidden from us allow us to awaken even more: that we no longer do as we used to, following a system that is more and more artificial and that destroys our ecosystem and our Human essence, and virtually pours us out to escape our inner emotions.


    artificial world


    Take back control of yourself to be in the moment in the instinct. Develop your creativity without the goal of succeeding your life but rather living your life simply.


    The more you radiate your sweet light by accepting the ups and downs of life, the more you spread it to the collective.


    By setting the intention to share your love and solidarity with Humanity through bright Energy, other humans, who are also part of the Whole, in mirror effect, feel it and can be inspired to do the same.


    Free yourself from your weights to be your best version

    – We have body aches to free ourselves from our memories.


    – Limiting beliefs are identified to transform them.


    – We are invited to love ourselves as we are and thus to accept our dark parts which are also there with our luminous sides to stop being in the survival world to undergo our life but rather be in life.


    We are proposed to welcome this whirlwind at the end of the 2021 year, which torments our body, our heart, and our mind, to close a cycle with the aim of opening a new one.


    Spiritual growth


    We realize that everything is connected. Many who have always been cerebral in their head are slowly reconnecting to their body where aches are in fact words from our Soul… It is major to understand that we are caught in a turbulent wave where we are in full contractions before giving birth!


    For those who have made the choice to move forward according to their Soul and Consciousness, as I am also committed to, during this storm, we are experiencing intense contractions, where the worst meets the best.


    Our collaborative intention is to create a new world more human and awake to our Consciousness, for all living beings of the planet; and this requires the end of a bygone world and the opening of global mindset to make a quantum leap and pass to the next level of our Human evolution.


    When we give birth to a baby, we know that the project of having this baby is what we desire.


    We thus accept the contractions, the physical and psychic pains, and the constraints to obtain it.


    When the baby is there, we understand that we think differently now than before, and we adapt to the daily life by giving ourselves the best conditions. It is indeed quite normal to have a different thought, a new vision of things, even contradictory to yesterday’s!



    When you give life to any heart project, the most important thing is that it is YOU who take the first step to show the path you want to take.


    It is up to you to show your patience in the direction you wish, at your pace and at your level of Consciousness.


    Thereby, as with any childbirth, it is relevant to be accompanied, during these emotional upheavals, to move forward, in the wobbliest way possible in this imperfect and evolving world.


    Finally, as I say to those who come and see me for a guidance in their transformation process, it is beneficial to have the intention of changing oneself first in order to find your way of life keeping your own integrity.



    It is crucial to neither wait nor hope for a sudden global change in the whole of society after having cultivated infected seeds for centuries. Different worlds will rather live in parallel before the mass is awakened in Consciousness.


    In the face of these electrical voltages and the current imbalances that are reaching their peak in this period of transition, please stand up with confidence and awareness, then extend your “outside the box” vision to be free.


    Already, seeds of light have been planted and begin to germinate, little by little, at their own pace.


    So you can, already now and even more so in the months to come, if you choose it, cultivate within yourself and truly live the state of the new world of peace, alignment, love and trust; then vibrate and share your highlight frequencies, where you are, no matter what is happening outside.


    These luminous energies will add up and pacify many areas in your life and ultimately will spread as a mirror effect in your surroundings. By making changes in your life choices, your change will spread around you.


    Be a hummingbird, an example of a more inspiring and fairer alternative.


    Through your more virtuous life choices that nourish a more respectful lifestyle, others are inspired by you!




    This has already started…


    That’s why, at the end of 2021, I want to congratulate you for committing, to love yourself, to bring responsibly and freely harmony within you.


    As well, I thank you for revealing and sharing your value to participate collectively in the world of the living souls in peace!

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