Is 2021 summer going to (a)wake(n) us up?

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  • Is 2021 summer going to (a)wake(n) us up?

    Is 2021 summer going to (a)wake(n) us up?

    Are we about in this summer to see the light of no longer accept what is unacceptable to us?!

    Summer sends us bright energies so that we give ourselves a gentle break to question ourselves.


    For those who still feel frustrated because they have difficulty in making their wishes come true, that is normal now.

    It is the time to rest, to reflect, to slow down and not to act quickly by letting ourselves be overwhelmed by our emotions.


    Summer is the best period to breathe, to clear your head, to recharge and to evacuate alone what is ready to leave from the body, to clean energies to make new ideas emerge.



    Steve Jobds advice

    Do you feel that you are ready to:

    – Continue a situation or a relationship where you force yourself to keep it going?

    – Stay in your mind with your expectations until your life changes dramatically for you to move on?

    – Persist hard in an exhausting struggle of trying to change what is outside of you in vain?

    – Pay attention to the fear-dominated external news to stay playing in a survival pattern?

    – Suffer from an authoritarian order, external to your heart, that does not respect your integrity as a unique being?


    your habits decide your future


    – Stop clinging to the past which is a dead energy that prevents you from living in the present?

    – Accept the ups & downs of life without powering the downs and comparing with who you used to be?

    – Stop your habits of indulging in a reassuring and well-known comfort zone that never evolves?

    – Change yourself by switching your words, letting your thoughts pass and by welcoming your emotions?

    > Take the time to experience your own reality that doesn’t depend on other truths?

    – Allow yourself to live your life following your heart, with imperfection, uncontrollable evolution, where nothing is acquired?


    comfort zone


    Summer is the right time to be reborn to yourself in order to re-balance:


    …Follow your reason but your intuition.

    …Be in the having but in the being.

    …Reconcile the man and the woman within us.

    …Seek to control so that it is perfect for you but rather to accept what it is in this relative world.

    …Want an immediate perfect result but going towards an evolutionary direction, step by step.

    …Look for the reason why …But recognize what is already there for you, in you.

    …Wait for your happiness to come from the outside of you because it depends on your inside.

    …Blame others for your unhappiness because you are also responsible for it.

    …Give up at the first obstacle but persevere with the believe in what you are doing.


    Einstein advice



    …Transfer your authority to others, because only your inner Self knows what best for you is.

    …Resign yourself by losing hope instead of bonding with others who have the same aspirations as you.

    …Be in a mental battle, remaining binary but rather accept each other’s contradictory choices.


    Life is a learning experience



    …Get stressed from anxiety-provoking information but refocus on what is important to you.

    …Complain about a situation but perceive it differently to find an advantage for you.

    …Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by energies that put you down but by energies that boost you.

    …Hang on to a relationship that actually gets you nowhere, bringing you chaos and confusion.

    …Follow your ego which mechanically reproduces your known past, even if it brings you a pain-being.

    …Do what doesn’t work for you (anymore) but dare to think & act outside the box to give yourself opportunities.


    Mental Prison



    …Looking for love from the outside while waiting in vain for your unique point of view to be validated.

    …Copy others for fear of being excluded but assert your unique singularity to be complementary.

    …Talk too much but take thoughtful action in peace and harmony to set an example and inspire us!


    Live in the Action


    This vacation season is beneficial to spend time with yourself, in silence, to recharge your batteries in nature, far from the cerebral agitation and the emotional pressure that deviate from your Self.


    The 2021 summer is particularly pushing us to rebuild ourselves by thinking of better adapted choices that allow us to express our originality, our inner beauty, and our freedom of heart.


    In this world of polarity, several realities exist at the same time, and each of us is responsible for the way we look at each situation and how we react to it.


    It is therefore essential to be in agreement with oneself, detached from any result and any expectation, by questioning ourselves on the why of our actions and assuming the impact of our choices whispered by our heart or created by our ego.


    All comes from our inner world


    With the intention of respecting our inner obedience, which is the greatest, we can reassure ourselves with the power of our heart and live the reality that is ours.


    With our free will, each of us make acts that belong to us and can change our life movement at any time.


    We are free to choose what is right for us.

    We are free to obey our inner rightness.

    That’s why we can’t impose our own truth on the other.


    Summertime 2021

    The intense brightness of summer is currently highlighting hot flashes that we did not want to see and thus gives us new opportunities.


    We can do differently:

    > Imagine a new way of caring for people with Nature.

    > Invent original meeting places where differences are accepted.

    > Return to the Source of Love by cuddling our children.

    > Create new ways to eat healthy food everyday…


    We are invited to stop trying to do things against our will to keep what we’ve had so far.


    We are pushed to be in the essential and to live differently from yesterday to get out of the illusory mental survival.


    Self care tips


    The summer sun gives us more strength to courageously move forward with patience and hope despite the obstacles on the road, which make us grow stronger.


    The lunar energies help us to make decisions aligned with what we feel, and to cut away from what we no longer tolerate in our life.


    This 2021 summer is therefore the propitious moment for you to take the necessary distance from external events and refocus on yourself, observing your senses, enjoying the present moment, in order to slowly rebuild yourself in your imperfect, dual and evolving game of life.


    Wish you a peaceful, joyful, free, and unified summer xx


    life is to live

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      • Siw
      • 11 August 2021 at 22 h 54 min

      Another fantastic, important and well written post! Thank you for sharing, this is a good reminder for anyone and everyone. We need to slow down, enjoy the moment, we need to be more accepting and loving and non-judgemental, of ourselves and others. May the summer bring light to us all and into our souls

      • Michael
      • 25 July 2021 at 17 h 30 min

      Thanks Delphine for your blog post in English too! I know it takes double time to write it into French and English. Thanks for sharing your insight with us.


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