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  • #Deconfinement_Become Aware

    #Deconfinement_Become Aware

    Today we have a wake up call!

    We should be aware that we are at a turning point in our lives:

    there will be a before and after… the quarantine period of the Corona virus.

    We are now able to be aware of what we have been doing so far and the consequences of our behaviors. We are therefore called to experience discernment today and to test the game of balance.


    Let us remember that our life is based on the balance between antagonistic poles (loneliness/community, silence/wording, unhappiness/happiness…) and our mission on this earth is above all to balance to be aligned.

    Confinement helped some people to take care of themselves and to listen to each other.

    Others, on the other hand, it is now at this beginning of the deconfinement that they want a leap of consciousness.


    While some are afraid to go outside with “the virus circulating”, having been polluted by the egregore of fear conveyed by our governments, others are refocusing on what is “heaven essence” for them.


    Even if we experience this unprecedented pandemic in a different way, it reveals us to ourselves.


    This adversity shows us our relationship with common values. It highlights our emotions and encourages us to be aware of all aspects with discernment.


    Even if it is not necessary to suffer for evolving,


    Most human beings need to be shaken in their life habits to see more clearly !

    Many people must unfortunately descend into chaos to become aware of the splendor of Life!


    Our relationship to…


    Theoretically, I knew I was mortal, but now I’m embracing the fact that I could die at any time.

    Is it easy for me to accept that life is hanging in a balance?

    “The virus is in the street”, so am I afraid of the air I am breathing?


    It is interesting to note that most governments around the world preferred to confine the entire planet in order to prioritize the health of vulnerable people against this pandemic instead of trusting life and greatly strengthen (hospital) conditions to take care of these people impacted by a virus.


    This global choice shows that we are doing everything we can to stay alive… instead of simply accepting Life cycle, as it is. Have we forgotten the polarity of this world where death is only the reverse of Life?


    So why today with the sudden appearance of death in our lives, in our western countries do we…

    – Refuse to die “at all costs”

    – Fill our lives with relentless actions to suppress our fear of death

    …While thinking of death as a stage would surely lead us to live better in the present moment?



    Should we be inspired by the beliefs of the East?

    – Everyone’s death is planned from birth anyway.

    – Death is less painful than our birth.

    – It is our physical body that dies at the end of our life on earth,  since the soul of our being is immortal.



    This black out period deprived us of space and gave us time!

    We were forced or delighted to open the door to our inner life: our body, thoughts, desires… Whereas in our western societies we have always had the reflex to rather seek happiness outside of ourselves.


    Here again, we realize that BALANCE IS VITAL for human beings!


    Being in our inner world and observing the movements of our breathing has certainly a great benefit on our nervous system. However, it is important that we are also linked to others in the outside world.



    Psychological studies show that children who have been abused and those who have been overprotected by their parents have the most difficulty against adversity. For some, it is due to their vulnerability, for others it is because of their illusion.


    Indeed, some parents want to protect their children, so they either don’t explain Life’s hardships or they hide the truth, which is not always easy to express.


    These attitudes to do well often lead to an imbalance that can be observed with excess in this over-brooded generation of the king child as well as in the infantilization of individuals. This loss of reference leads to an inability to take responsibility and to face trials with discernment.



    Nowadays many emphasize the value of Health, others of Freedom, Beauty etc.
    Why not simply accept each other’s reality and truth and gather all our values by connecting with the Nature of which we are a part of?


    Thanks to the air of Gaia, Life breathes within us. Without the oxygen offered by Mother Earth, we would not be able to breathe. Let us realize that air, water, fire, earth were not created by human hand.


    This Covid-19 showed that we can no longer mistreat Nature (in this case animals) for our over-consumption. We are requested to return to our place as a being of this biosphere and to remember our Amerindians who preserved the harmony of ecosystems.


    Most of us feel guilty, about our excessive behavior and our disputed lifestyle, which is a favorable emotion to bring us back to our responsibilities!


    At the same time, confinement showed us that the human hand have created new technologies, which have been utilized wisely. We were cut off from the outside world and physically separated from our loved ones. The use of these new communication tools allowed us to create and strengthen relationships between us.

    This quarantine period also introduced rituals of thanksgiving. We now daily thank caregivers at 8:00 p.m. Also, we become aware of the usefulness of each one of us, as well as the importance of people who used to be regarded invisible in our society, whereas they are now named in the USA as Heroes!


    After the confinement, the deconfinement… we are in the ordeal!

    It elevates us and takes us out of our habits.


    In spirituality, it is often said that Life is school…

    Here we see that we have made mistakes that have a terrifying impact.


    We are taught a good lesson to understand and learn in order to change and evolve differently!

    Are we going to be good students?


    Comments (2)

      • Daniel
      • 12 May 2020 at 12 h 19 min

      Thank you Delphine! All your posts really connect with me and help me think for the better!

      • Siw
      • 11 May 2020 at 19 h 16 min

      This!!!! So good to see someone finally speak up about this topic of death and how far the governments are willing to go… So glad you wrote yet another incredible blog post. This pandemic really shows how hard it is for people to accept that we all are going to die eventually. Nobody can live forever. What matters is that we live strong and with passion, and that we are awake while LIVING. I think most people are afraid to die, because deep down they know that they did not enjoy life to the fullest.


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