2022 seems the year of dividing and reuniting relationships

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  • 2022 seems the year of dividing and reuniting relationships

    2022 seems the year of dividing and reuniting relationships

    Why do most of us right now have complicated relationships?

    Whether our professional, personal, love or family relationships, each of us is working on ourselves, at the level of the wholeness of our being, through the relationship with the other, by trying to welcome, more or less at our level of Consciousness, our 2 polarities, feminine and masculine, the Yin and the Yang.


    What better way to harmonize our relationship with Loving Self through relations with others, by facing a functioning opposite to ours, to release our individual wounds and our collective memories and thus love ourselves entirely?



    Remember that it is the relationship that allows us to heal from our beliefs, to grow up and to learn more about ourselves.


    Personally, I am experiencing the acceptance of several behaviors that my beliefs have been so far opposed by ancestral loyalty, so here I am, again, “in the face”, in another way, trying to reconcile those contradictory functionalities.


    For a long time, I have been explaining that we are in a polarized world where everything is 2, in the evolutionary cycles of Life, and that it is therefore essential to accept the functioning of Life, with its ups and downs, in order to be alive and no longer be in the survival of the Ego, which wants, in vain, everything to be at the top, quickly and continuously, which is, of course, a mental illusion.


    • We can appreciate joy because we know sadness.
    • After the day comes the night cycle.
    • A battery only works with the + AND the -.
    • A Human being needs both legs to be balanced.


    In my latest blog post, I informed you that the current cosmos-telluric energies are pushing us to transform the “or” into the “and” in order to move towards the Unity within us.


    This is why I encourage you to stay in integrity, alignment and to position yourself with “heart-rage”, following your vibration of today (and not that of yesterday, which hinders your evolution), while respecting the opinions of others that are and will always be different from yours, as everyone has their own reality, through their own “glasses” tinted with their own transgenerational, karmic and childhood “baggage”.


    The experiences of February 2022 push us to express the truth of our heart, and not the truth of our neighbor, or our loved ones. We are encouraged to detach ourselves from what is no longer in accordance with our vibration of the day and to assert ourselves, without worrying about the gaze of others. We go towards the acceptance of all the truths that all humans have, through their own filter.



    “You have the life that you vibrate at each moment”

    It is necessary to learn that our desires change permanently according to our vibration, which also evolves constantly, like Life! So at one moment, you can be active and at the next moment, be passive and it’s OK!


    So STOP judging with your Mind (“that is not good, and this is good”) and rather think, like Einstein, in terms of energies and vibrations, that must be in balance to be in the flow: if we have been too much in action, our Soul helps us to do nothing to be in inaction and thus to find the balance.



    Since this month of February, we’ve moved to another level.

    We are going through an energetic wave that now asks us to welcome, without judgment and with love, our majority functioning as well as the opposites, in order to reunite within us first all parts:


    • Strong and weak
    • Stable and also unstable
    • Saying “yes” and then “no”
    • Yin feminine and Yang masculine polarities
    • Our head and our body…


    Through my multidimensional experiences, I still take this trial as a learning experience with humor, humility, and humanity, noticing the repetition of my thoughts, where my Mind, binary and radical, comes in and opposes everything that is contrary to what my personality is, convincing me that I am the one who is right of course and not the other 😊!


    I remind you of the indispensable role of the Ego in this 3D world to distinguish us from each other, unlike other energetic dimensions like the 5D where we are Unity.


    But when we activate our Head at high frequency, by feeding ourselves daily with low energies (via human or material means) it is sure that we will be in excess and create a rupture in our relations.



    Everything that is outer self is only a reflection of our inner self

    The conflicts that we observe outside are only ours inside and highlight that we are not now in peace.


    We notice that the patriarchal system is currently collapsing and thus the relationships between men and women are today complicated.


    It is a learning phase, necessary to build a new and more harmonious world where men and women no longer oppose each other, but rather accept each other in their differences in order to interconnect with their complementarity.



    As I often say during my accompaniments, to heal a wound, it is not enough to become aware of the blockage with your Ego, because you cannot heal a mental problem with the same Unconscious. We should go through the Body!


    We must embody it. This is why I always propose, to those I coach, psycho-corporal daily practices, so that they free themselves from their mental beliefs, connecting the body, the Soul and the Unconscious. Everything is a regular experimentation to “test & learn” a new habit of Life.


    To heal a wound, a programming, it comes to light in our life, often repeatedly so that we notice it, and can release it through our body emotions.


    Those who want to heal something, by hiding the issue, running away from it, or trying to solve it quickly, it will reappear until you take responsibility for assuming your actions and change them to create another reality in your life.


    Are you aware that if you are going through a painful ordeal, it is because you are able to overcome it, because you’ve created it for yourself, in the present moment, in order to grow on your life path?


    202″ 2″ is the year to combine our opposites

    This 2022 year, as challenging as 2021, is the timing to appreciate our relationship with ourselves, through our relationships with others, while respecting one another, and also to accept all the “dark” parts, as we’ve already welcomed with love the “bright” ones.



    Observe your majority functioning in relation to others:

    > We disagree with each other, and we run into our cave. Those who are mainly “Yin” have this protective behavior and thus do not express their feelings to avoid conflict, as usual.


    > If you are mostly “Yang” like me, even if I am a woman, you think that what is obvious for you is also obvious for the other person and therefore we have difficulty understanding the opposite behavior of the other, being very selective in our surroundings, even if we go, contrary to the “Yin”, deeper into our relationships.



    – The Yang, if he/she feeds their Mind, will seek the “why” …Why is the Yin in denial? (for example). And if they do not “put water in their wine”, they can radically transform a disagreement into a conflict, whereas the Yin will flee the relationship at that time.


    – The Yin, which position themselves on the others, contrary to the Yang, always focus their attention to please everyone and therefore no one, since we are in a world of duality.


    If each of the polarities do not respect themselves first and are not aligned with themselves, for whatever egotistical reason (to please the other, to cling to the past created together, to show in society that we are a “good” person in vain…), it is not “right” for the Soul, so there will be a separation of the relationship at that present moment.


    If you awaken more to your Divine Consciousness and put your Unconscious Mind at Her service, you will help yourself to be in the moment and be present in the observation of yourself, with all your senses.


    By activating the presence of the Heart, in your Soul and Consciousness, you take time to realize that indeed, the other, even if you have similarities, can have an opposite functioning to yours, and that’s OK!


    You have the choice (as usual with your free will) to try to accept the complementarity of the 2 polarities to be in a harmonious relationship, or else you can also remain in your Mind, blocked in your choice, often to be right, and judge that functioning of the other in relation to yours.



    It is our Unconscious that, in high energetic frequencies, judges, criticizes and compares, while we are Love beings who all belong to the same Source.


    The energies of this 2022 year invite us, through our relationships, to love our so-called “dark” parts that are reflected in front of us, in the other, in order to allow them also with the so-called “light” parts, because one cannot live without the other.


    Thanks to our relationships, we can experience all our facets as human beings, accepting that we are ALL, with all our “dark” parts as well.


    By embodying love in ALL, with our WHOLE Yin and Yang, in all its contradictory forms, we can be in Life, in the WHOLE and share our value with others.


    I then take this opportunity to thank all those who accept difference and who perform a “pair-formance outside the box” to reveal yourself and bring your synergy to a more peaceful world xx


    Comments (5)

      • Dan
      • 21 February 2022 at 19 h 02 min

      Love your new article! Thanks for sharing confidence!

      • Liz
      • 16 February 2022 at 17 h 46 min

      Such a great article! You are such an eloquent writer and oh so right about it all!

        • Delphine
        • 16 February 2022 at 17 h 48 min

        WOW! Huge thanks for your feedback Liz!

      • Siw
      • 15 February 2022 at 12 h 33 min

      Another beautiful blogpost ! this truly touches my heart and soul. This is SO relevant right now and I recognize myself in this a lot. The deep diving into ourselves and the importance of acceptance of the other person, and indeed how important it is to love oneself before loving another. I feel like we see more and more egotistical actions from people and Love is becoming a game, which it should never be. Love IS and SHOULD be our common source, but in a world with so many broken and unhealed people, it is rare.. How important it is to keep a non-judgemental mindset towards each other..
      thank you for this well written post with so many great points! Keep up your amazing and healing work!!

        • Delphine
        • 16 February 2022 at 17 h 44 min

        Huge thanks xx It makes me go on xx


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