How to Make the Right Choice?

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  • How to Make the Right Choice?

    How to Make the Right Choice?

    We try to analyze everything in order to reach an objective and get a wise feedback, which would enable us to make the right decision, even if some of us base our decisions on external signs that may show us the right path …



    Quotation-Habeeb-Akande-life-regret-regrets-Meetville-Quotes-48137In any case, risks need to be taken in life. As Norbert Bensaid wrote in the Medical Light “willing to remove risks, that’s life itself that is reduced to nothing”. Or Herbert Otto who said: “it is when a person dares to act and get personally involved that he/she can grow and evolve”. Although, we know that each of us has our own limits.



    We of course want to be with the right business partner to receive relevant advice and effective assistance. We want this service to be right and efficient at all costs. Sounds good – but not so sure if we are not ready to change ourselves and our habits!


    me moving

    But how can it be done?

    When is the right time to make a decision?

    Should we listen to a number of experts or ourselves with our instinct that often seems to have the answer?


    Indeed, we want to feel that “it is the right time” to work with someone. But I may say that the right time is when we are ready to listen to a different point of view and a feedback outside the box to change our habits and move forward.


    Our feeling of “I feel good” is our inner sign that we meet someone interesting. We easily follow this sensation that seems to express that we are with someone who well understand us and that we are on the same page.


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    To make the right choice to find the right person for accurate advice, bespoke support, also comes from our expectations.


    We want indeed to have the best conditions to optimize our business, to grow in our sector. This is why the notion of results is important. But I may say that it is boosted with Human consideration.


    With Internet and social media, everything goes faster…

    Most of us are taken into this spiral of “Spontaneity” and others even have started to feel guilty when they are not aware of everything instantly. Indeed, it is now a thing of the past to wait for a response or to allow enough time for a task to be completed…



    I don’t give general advice and standardized training in a conference room.

    I prefer to unleash your potential and to reveal the value added of your business on the floor!

    Via a consulting session or a long term collaboration, I focus on your firm as if it was mine without counting the hours.



    Overall, I’ve noticed that all global businesses need Bespoke Services.

    In France, we heard this year of 2014, a few words from the government about having a unique contract and to reduce the part-time employment contract to 24 hours / week.

    To respond to this demand, my firm offers flexibility without involvement of wage employment and dismissal policy.


    not a living - a difference


    My outsourced approach in sales & marketing and communication for any entrepreneurs and leaders of business is in respect with legacy and is not comparable to the “zero-hour contract” established in England.


    I am at your disposal to meet you and to respond to your needs and wants, providing relevant results with a high qualification and experience to best fit.

    Again THANK YOU to all who have been trusting me!

    Comments (4)

      • Caroline
      • 18 January 2015 at 0 h 31 min

      I think one never knows if the right choice is made while taking it, it is only later with time that one finds the answer. However, having access to a pool of trusted and talented experts alleviates the stress of making a poor decision. Interesting article.

      • Robert
      • 25 November 2014 at 19 h 38 min

      We need to take risks to see if we have made the right choice or not.
      It is good to have the chance to try, to test…and then decide.
      Thanks for your online consultation, for us to test your expertise first 🙂

      • Brenda
      • 17 November 2014 at 16 h 05 min

      Congratulations for your Article. This is so realistic!
      We never know in advance if we make the right choice or not. We first need to make one, and if we don’t give a try, we will never grow, no matter how risky it may look like.
      Your expertise has brought a real added value to our business, with fresh vision and new ideas to improve our performances (internal as well as external) and to help us make the difference.
      Many thanks to the Team !

      “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing” Theodore Roosevelt

      • Maxime
      • 17 November 2014 at 0 h 27 min

      If there is no risk, there is no reward 😉


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