#Coronavirus #Quarantine_Our thoughts become our reality

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  • #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Our thoughts become our reality

    #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Our thoughts become our reality

    The current situation is so new that we feel different. Does it mean our thoughts are changing?

    The days seem to be getting shorter.

    On the one hand, it seems like we can’t do everything we want in a day.

    And on the other hand, it seems that we are helped to go to the essentials.


    But being lulled by this movement of life while observing what is happening lead to a real transformation?

    Are we able to open a new door to build something new that is more nourishing?


    When we observe what is happening to us through the Coronavirus pandemic, we realize that our thoughts have finally become actions.

    You’re going to tell me: “no no Delphine, I never wanted to be confined! »


    It is indeed quite difficult to realize again here and now our human power as a creator.

    What if I dared to tell you that we have collectively created a global situation where each of us is playing our part… Do you understand me?


    Do you know what we see outside through our eyes is our own inner reality?

    We are simply responsible for our inner state that becomes our outer state with our thoughts.



    With our thoughts that keep ruminating, we nourish our point of view at every moment.


    Today, we again get proof of our achievements by being in contact with the worst and the best of the situation:

    – Those who are in the posture to drop everything and lose their lives are resurfacing with clarity in Life.

    – People who continue to wear masks being in control go through painful ordeals.

    – Some of us who needed to learn the teaching of Life quickly have received it in a flash.


    Through this common situation, we observe today on a global scale that

    what we collectively thought very strongly becomes our own reality:


    – In this polarized world where we always have both sides of each thing, we are forced to reach out and be in solidarity with each other, and at the same time we cannot touch each other.


    – Many wished for change for a better environment and there, we note we were quickly able to close polluting industrial plants whereas no agreement had made before this possible! Here, thanks to this global pause, nature is taking back its rights.


    – Confinement leads us to take care of ourselves and return to our being. Returning to the individual to protect ourselves and not contaminate others, seems to be the most altruistic posture.


    – We realize that we are free beings by experiencing confinement, which appears like a prison.


    For those who understand French, I let you listen to Franck Lopvet in his exclusive interview in the Podcast Métamorphose which speaks very simply by defining this «sacred moment» as a beautiful opportunity that shows our creative power through thought.


    So if thought is creative when we put intention and attention with projection,

    why not dream of a new existence where everything is beautiful and pleasant for us?

    How can we do that?

    What about sitting comfortably and project your film of the future by imagining the whole scenario with a happy end? Test the experience several times and you will see that your thoughts will become your own reality.


    Why is that?

    Do you know that our Brain doesn’t know the difference between the reality we experience and the information we watch on television?

    So let’s project our ideal movie without insistently embracing external polluting and negative information.


    Projecting a film in front of our eyes, where we are both the actor and the screenwriter, triggers our energy of attention and intention at the same time. This energy is quite powerful, especially if we use it every day at home, quietly and simply.


    By realizing that our Brain can be our best friend or our worst enemy, as Sebastien Bohler well expressed it in French. It is by playing with our Brain and transmuting our thoughts that we will see another reality facing us.

    Let’s do it!

    “The ball is always in our side”, it is up to us to choose our direction!


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    • Thank you soooooo much Delphine for this article that makes so much sense !

    • Wow wow wow, this is so good! Your best blog post yet to date. And i feel like you have read my mind haha. This message is so important and nothing has ever been more true. It really made me smile, because i relate to this so much. Thank you once again for your words of wisdom! If only the whole world would read this with an open mind. So many people dont understand this level of attraction. That we created this great pause together – and it’s up to us how we will move forward from here and how we picture the future. Some will be stuck, some will pass away and some will move forward with a huge lesson that we can turn into something positive.
      From my own point of view it has been healthy for me to have this pause. Way less stress and getting to explore my creative sides – or maybe bringing those sides BACK! We hear people complain everywhere about being confined, instead of accepting it and making the best of it. Those people might not learn the lesson now, but they sure will later on, and it might even be too late for them.
      Lots of love


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