Are You Allowing Yourself to Be a Human Being?

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  • Are You Allowing Yourself to Be a Human Being?

    Are You Allowing Yourself to Be a Human Being?

    Still Human or became a robot?


    A question I often ask my clients in transition, entrepreneurs, managers, and business leaders, so that they stop being a “human doing”, and instead rediscover their essence of “being” and then their inner power.


    In our society, where the Internet and the Artificial Intelligence dictate the frenetic pace, it is essential to ask a fundamental question:

    Am I still a human being, or have I become an ego-driven humanoid, guided by my ego, that personality that hides my true Self ?


    As a human being here in 3D, the Mind always interferes, along with our Soul. That’s why we need to take a moment to pause, breathe, and assess where we invest our energy (time, attention) every day.


    This moment of inaction is crucial for “self-checking” and observing who does control our life.


    With this Soul/Mind duo within us, it’s up to us to (re)find a balance.


    Our Mind is either at the service of our Soul (called Higher Mind) or is the servant of the Ego (called Lower Mind). And that’s this one I want to refer today, because in this dual society where we are and that separates us, we are all wearing masks through our lower Mind/Ego.


    To make it simple for you, just remember that when we allow ourselves to be guided by our heart and conscience, we are aligned with our true essence.

    On the other hand, if we let the mind dominate our existence, we become automatons.


    Here are the consequences of this mental domination:

    1. The frantic race to do everything leads to accomplishing nothing.


    In this world of polarity “want to do everything = nothing”.


    We end up focusing on quantity rather than quality. And through the Law of Karma, “we reap what we sow”, so by focusing on the quantity of things to do without investing in quality, we can’t receive quality in return.



    1. The habit of always being in action to prove our worth, to the detriment of our health.


    Over time, we realize that value lies in being and in human presence.

    A child would rather prefer to receive attention and be in a relationship than having money and being alone.



    1. The mind is binary, radical, and cold, like a machine.


    It drags us into cerebral stories that can block the realization of our dreams.


    This Unconscious Mind fears the unknown, and tirelessly repeats what it has memorized in the Brain, even if it brings us discomfort.

    It can’t know if it is good or bad for us because it has no consciousness!



    1. To feel safe, the unconscious mind repeats the patterns acquired during childhood.


    At the same time, when we awaken and open our consciousness, we realize that we mechanically repeat models instilled by our family, which are no longer relevant today.


    It is therefore up to us to respond, at every moment, to our own needs rather than to the expectations of others, to detach ourselves from the gaze of others, and to free ourselves from family conditioning.


    In any case, the expression «those who love me follow me» means that people who love you for who you are and not for what you do, will still be there on your way. The others will leave and that’s for the best!



    1. Body aches are the words of our Soul.


    Staying constantly in our head, rehashing our thoughts, prevents us from moving and crystallizes our body to physical ailments.


    In order to be able to let go and reconnect with yourself, stop allowing weeds to take root in your inner garden. Protect your garden from external pollution and limiting beliefs and let in the good energies that make sense for you.




    1. The Mind also plays a big role in distinguishing ourselves in this 3D world.


    It enables us to recognize our differences and put them at the service of complementarity.


    However, if we continually feed our ego, we fall into false comparisons, since we are all unique, with our own singularities.


    1. The ego is linear, fast and perfectionist in survival mode.


    Those who let themselves to be drawn by it mistakenly believe that results must be quick, perfect, and definitive.

    This is indeed impossible in our polarized world of Life, as human being, with many paradoxical facets.

    We are led to constantly change our mind to follow the cycles of Life.



    In my previous post on social media, I stressed the importance of observation to become aware of how we speak, think and behave, in order to change and stop repeating the same mistakes.




    To protect us, which is its main role, our inner robot quickly puts us in a familiar comfort zone, even if it is no longer relevant and is now problematic.


    So, I’d suggest you ask yourself:

    Has my comfort zone become an uncomfortable zone for me now?


    The key here would be to regain your power in your Soul and Consciousness to engage with yourself.


    It is therefore necessary no longer depend on others to be loved, but to love yourself first in order to love and be loved by others.


    How can we expect to be loved if we don’t already love ourselves?

    In other words, the belief that “if everyone is happy, I am happy” is wrong. We should function differently: if I am comfortable with myself, I can share my bright energy with others.


    To get back then to your essence, you need to get back to basics, to value and prioritize yourself.


    That is why it is vital to reconnect to our inner child: to breathe, sleep, eat well, move, and change our mindset to serve our intuition.


    It is when we let go of mental control that we reconnect to our consciousness.

    That’s when we can remember buried yet alive projects within us and thereby reconnect with our purpose of human being.




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      • Siw
      • 23 June 2023 at 11 h 49 min

      ‘That is why it is vital to reconnect to our inner child: to breathe, sleep, eat well, move, and change our mindset to serve our intuition.’
      ahh yes – this has been the theme for me this year so far and it has changed my life so much for the better!

      • Thanks Siw for your comment and support! I’m glad that my writings help you to move forward xx


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