Are we all engaged in the same direction?

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  • Are we all engaged in the same direction?

    Are we all engaged in the same direction?

    The year 2015 is beginning and as usual, we start to make wishes and get motivated to achieve our new well-intentioned resolutions … but do we have the same commitments for this year?



    Are we all committed to work?

    We easily notice that some people are committed, because they love what they do and others don’t, as they are bored or do not like their jobs.

    The first group of people, who enjoy their work, are so invested in their work that they do not count their hours and may be real business addicts.
    On the other hand, the others who do not appreciate their daily routine search for their place in society, having the desire to find it at some point in their lives in order to feel useful…


    Engaged people easily find a team, working together, and even considering it as a family.

    They can gather, discuss different ideas and excel at their work with a sense of lightness and confidence that rarely leave them. The most charismatic people possess an ideal that boosts creativity and efficiency.


    On the contrary, some people who feel lost and confused, have trouble finding a commitment of their own and in order to change their situation they look for a “caïd*” that, through an effective message, will convince them to engage in their mission.



    From that moment on, these people who were without references will feel also helpful adhering to a cause. The commitment here may be paradoxical.

    We think we do well by engaging in a project and then eventually realize too late the damaging effects.

    Others, less educated and more vulnerable, will not question the profile of this “caid”, (*caïd: gang leader who forces his opinion), even if he/she wants to divide the team or even destroy it … and so will not be able to change their decision or to realize the truly disastrous results which may occur.

    They feel so much better to follow a project, even if it comes from the desires of another, as they now have a commitment in their head that they are eager to run in order to feel alive.

    Can employers detect a split within their team?

    Are they able to best respond to a threat at work?

    Employers and employees are well aware that anyone can be hurt, outraged by actions, or even hit by a suicide … Regarding the threat of isolated acts, are we prepared to bounce back?

    It is evident that an intelligent, ethical and authentic engagement defending humanity and freedom can’t be punished…. A deadly violence is inconceivable facing “the weight of words and the shock of the drawings”.


    Why do we consider someone as a genius when he/she invests daily struggles in their work in order to make things better, while others want him/her to disappear?

    If we all wish to have a cause to defend in order to feel alive, why is it so difficult for some to believe in the support of a common human project full of varied ideas?

    Is the impact of a commitment related to the weakness or strength of the person who takes it or is it related to the values of peace and gathering of the engagement?


    There are atypical people in the business who want to bring their difference to their team. Why is it so difficult for them to share their opinions and views which may be considered “outside the box”?


    Fortunately, most of us in France collectively feel responsible and civilized enough to support a humanist and democratic engagement that protects all our rights for freedom of expression in the workplace.
    As a blogger, entrepreneur and French citizen, I dedicate this article to talented cartoonists, who took incredible risks every day at work to protect our freedom of expression in France.


    My PERFORMANCE OUTSIDE THE BOX firm, opens to debates, passionate and pacifistic, is committed to understanding you in order to better accompany you, and we wish to pay tribute today to Charlie Hebdo. Although we can’t always agree, commitment to defend our freedom of expression and our humanistic values should remain the symbol of our national identity.


    We join the surge of global solidarity I am Charlie”, also congratulating the French Police, that further demonstrated an exemplary self-control and full involvement in risk management.
    Our need to be responsible in order to keep our freedoms and to become strong in our conviction to remain true to our work, we mix all of our differences with mutual trust to continue the engagement of our French cartoonists:

    The Protection of Our Freedom of Expression …. “Outside the Box”!


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      • Sandy
      • 16 January 2015 at 17 h 58 min

      Great article about the engagement at work ! And so interesting to compare with social committments happening right now!


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