#Coronavirus #Quarantine_Powerful Human beings?

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  • #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Powerful Human beings?

    #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Powerful Human beings?

    With powerful, our French President Macron mentioned: “We are in a health war… We will kill the virus!”.

    Human beings have always believed that they are more stronger than the other beings of the planet…
    We have acquired abilities beyond our wisdom to use them wisely.

    Today, the Universe is showing us through the Coronavirus that our civilization is not well.
    We are realizing this because Men are confronted with their primary urges: life and death.

    Still considered as a “thinking chimp”, we are on a survival principle.
    This is why Men act as animals that undergo the world with their Ego… despite our evolution towards sharing.


    In this world of Duality with the good and the worse at the same time, we are asked to save our civilization.

    At this extreme point of life and death, human beings are powerful and weak at the same time.


    Which route are we going to choose?
    The one that protect human beings and other beings that inhabit this planet, or another direction, leading by some scientists who forget Nature.

    Let us therefore pray in a “fair” state of consciousness of those who govern us with powerful manner.

    Let’s hope to be attentive together to Mother Nature, who without Her, Humans would not exist.


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      • Siw
      • 25 March 2020 at 17 h 48 min

      Love this! So good to get a non-scientific view on this matter and it all makes sense!


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