#Coronavirus #Quarantine_Time to learn?

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  • #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Time to learn?

    #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Time to learn?

    Learning is for who?

     In our society, when we talk about Learning, we often refer to students, whereas we learn throughout our life experiences if we take time to observe them.


    Today with the quarantine period, Learning is not only for students but for everyone.

    Some may say that they dare to learn what they want now!


    Indeed, we can give ourselves joy by discovering a new activity at home.

    Like students, we can improve our learning by giving:

    – Attention and concentration

    – Commitment and investment

    – Joy experiencing failures and successes

    – Repetition and sleep that consolidate our brain data.


    Sleeping? What a great excuse to be blocked out in our house to stay in bed longer!

    Having a better sleep and a better diet are possible if we wish.

    What is interesting is to listen to our desires and to follow our own rhythm at home.



    Learning is really an important step for everyone:

    LEARNING with our own means helps us UNDERSTAND a situation and then ACCEPT it.


    Also, I would include another essential ingredient for learning: to be CURIOUS!

    We see it in people who are curious about life like children.

    Indeed, children are in a permanent quest to discover their universe at every moment like a game.


    What is the power of children compared to adults?

    They want to know everything, to learn everything. They fall down and get up to continue.

    Unlike some of us, as adults, who are afraid of falling, do not go to the discovery of Life.

    Those do not give themselves the right to fail and to feel the vibration of Life to be alive for just a moment…

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