#Coronavirus #Quarantine_The Present is a Gift!

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  • #Coronavirus #Quarantine_The Present is a Gift!

    #Coronavirus #Quarantine_The Present is a Gift!

    CARPE DIEM: Seize the present moment without worrying about tomorrow


    In life, whether we like it or not, we are attached to our past and consciously or unconsciously, we have beliefs.


    Today, confinement leads us to detach ourselves from our usual daily life which is now STOPPED. And so we have no choice but to focus on our present in our home.

    Not going to work anymore for most of us, we improvise our daily life and we let ourselves go to our desires. I would say “finally for some!”.


    Indeed, many of us realize how lucky they are: to have a garden, not to be alone, etc.

    Others do not realize it yet, but the fact that we are stuck at home, it is right in front of us!


    No longer we run away from home to go to work or to get out of the house.

    We have no choice but to stay home and finally see what we have and who we are now.


    A frozen period that makes us think and act OUTSIDE THE BOX!

    This blackout period encourages us to see if we want to change things in our lives.

    The closed door to the outer world leads us to open the door to our inner world.


    As the Anglo-Saxons say, “a present” is a gift to welcome the present moment.

    Eckart Tolle even says, the present has the power to make us alive.


    The present is here for us. our past is gone. And the future does not yet exist.

    So, let’s live with what exists: the present!


    This quarantine period immerses us in the present, which is real to us, and shows that we can appreciate what we have ALREADY.


    A senior couple told me this morning that they are now enjoying what they have in their house whereas they used not to dare to enjoy it every day leaving the good stuff for special occasions.


    Here and now, through the Coronavirus, WE

    – Give ourselves the right to be in the present moment

    – Allow ourselves to be Carpe Diem

    – Enjoy every moment as if it were our last one

    – Realize that life is beautiful because it is fragile…


    Finally, we let ourselves vibrate life!

    Finally, we dare to do, and we dare to be who we are now!


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      • Daniel
      • 1 May 2020 at 21 h 05 min

      Excellent post! I would say also that being home now will point to self reflection in reevaluating what we are doing in our lives and find different methods of improvement. Giving the time to work on it and make adjustments before the world opens back up again leads to a better preparation for the positive change in the external world outside the home!


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