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  • Taking action

    Taking action

    Taking action, but how?


    Indeed, it is important to act after reflection to find the right balance.


    Cogitating in your head without taking the first small step with your body to get on track is counter productive.


    So, in order to stop procrastinating, connect with your Inner Child, be curious, go and explore what tempts you. You’ll see whether or not, in the present moment, it suits you.


    In any case, everything is in motion. So, we change opinions by following the movement of our heart’s voice.


    On the other hand, those who don’t follow their Consciousness, but their Unconscious, feed their fears through their thoughts.


    According to neuroscience, we have 60,000 thoughts per day, of which 48K are negative and 90% are the same as the day before!


    This is why those who remain in a passive state are afraid… Afraid of failure in the face of the unknown. But do they know that they automatically fail if they don’t try to make an imperfect and flawed gesture to help themselves get what they want?



    It is clear that it is better to receive a “no” than not to go and remain in illusions.


    At the end of our life, we are rather happy recounting all our many experiences and various learnings than realizing our regrets of not having gone because of the fear of failing.


    Especially as we make mistakes on every path we take, whether it’s on the right or left road, since we are on a “School Planet” that teaches us what suits us best through our failures.


    We see that it is thanks to them that we learn our lesson perfectly, because it is based on our real-life-experience.


    We are not here to receive only knowledge via the intellect, but to experience Life through our body.


    Also, I notice that some of my clients prefer to choose the ease of the task even if it is no longer the right means to achieve the desired result.


    So I would ask you to consider the following question:

    Are you stuck doing the same thing as yesterday that has worked so far, even if today this method, this tool, this relationship are no longer the best for you to get your life project?


    Also, the mistake I observe in action is setting a goal to reach that is unattainable at the present moment.


    Many people focus on the final result without setting micro-objectives along the way to get there.


    They are therefore demoralized from the beginning because it is impossible to quickly obtain the expected outcome.


    The key is to identify the “small” actions that need to be taken to accomplish our “big” goal.


    And at each small step of progress, it’s essential to congratulate yourself for successfully completing each little milestone.



    Finally, what blocks most of the people I accompany is the desire to know the path before stepping onto it.


    You can’t wait until it’s square to jump perfectly into an imperfect world.


    The right moment is when you feel the impulse, even if you don’t know how to do it.


    Remember that “checking all the boxes” doesn’t exist in this polarized and ambivalent world that surpasses us. It only exists in our egotistical mind, where the ego is in survival mode, struggling for everything to be perfect….in vain!


    The key here is to wake up = to awaken = to become aware of your posture to launch yourself as you are; to move forward when you feel the call of your heart, doing your best, without waiting for all the necessary conditions… Because that’s never going to happen!


    Instead, you’re going to trigger body aches so much that you’ll be frustrated by staying around in circles….


    So I here conclude with the words of Lulumineuse-Belight: “always wanting to find the information beforehand is like wanting to see the top floor by stopping on a step. You just need to keep moving forward with confidence, and each step will reveal a little more.”





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