#Coronavirus #Quarantine_Break the routine to create!

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  • #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Break the routine to create!

    #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Break the routine to create!

    Is it the right time to nurture our creativity?

    With our confinement, we create a new life… so the key word is ADAPTABILITY, hence a good organization to do our best in this challenging period.


    What should be a good organization?

    In my opinion, the best planning is ours, since it is the best suited for us!

    The one that allow us to do what we want to do in a day, considering the new hazards and adding our desires.


    As we are at home, it is time to act our wishes!

    Let’s be fair, taking into consideration in our planning, all the unexpected and all the tasks that will take longer to achieve, with the presence of our children and/or our partner in our home .


    What would be interesting to ask: Am I happy to break my routine?

    What are you doing or going to create?

    … Something you have never done since your childhood.

    … Start cooking with the whole family?

    … Draw? Tinker?

    … Play any kind of manual games, far away from smartphones?


    The human being has an unlimited power of CREATION, so let’s go!

    Let’s be innovative, creative, let’s experiment games that allow us to remember the old way of communication far from screens, to play Life in all simplicity so that each day of confinement offers a moment of joy and laughter!


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      • Siw
      • 21 April 2020 at 7 h 13 min

      Exactly! If people don’t come out of this quarantine with a new skill or new projects done etc. Then they never lacked time, they lack discipline


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