#Coronavirus #Quarantine_Think of oneself first!

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  • #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Think of oneself first!

    #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Think of oneself first!

    Since we are all confined at home, “taking care of oneself” has been heard everywhere.

    I’d simply say that each one has some solutions and shouldn’t «copy paste» the solution of the Other.
    I think it is better to listen to our inner voice and choose what is right for us.



    All ideas are good to hear, and then I invite you to experience what resonates within you.

    I am not a person who forces others to meditate, eat light and exercise at home… Even if it does help to stay healthy with a strong immune system.


    I would rather say that this confinement invites us to think of oneself first!

    Yippee, some will tell me!

    Others will say: “but how do we think about oneself? »


    I would suggest you to go at your own pace.

    “Easy to say but not easy to do” for people who mix with the word “selfish” and for those who are used to thinking about others before thinking about themselves…


    First of all, let’s distinguish 2 notions:
    – To love others, it is necessary to take care of oneself and love oneself.
    – Caring for yourself and loving yourself first is not selfishness.


    Selfishness is rather to want others to listen to our needs before listening to their own.


    I would like to refer to the famous Quebec author Lise Bourbeau, who gives a popular selfish behavior that we often notice:  We are selfish when we want another person to please us in order to prove that she/he loves us.


    But the human paradox is that we need to be with someone else to feel oneself, which stimulates our brain!

    Our Brain needs attachment and our Heart needs Love, the two ingredients to feel alive.


    Scientific reports prove that loneliness causes more deaths each year than viruses.

    And indeed, the confinement of Men leads to anxiety, hallucinations and can accentuate pathologies that lower and destroy our immune defenses!


    So my friends, a big YES:

    – To thank the loving being we are and to take care of it every day.

    – Because we are human beings who breathe entirely thanks to the 7 elements of GAIA: Air, Water, Wind, Fire, Wood, Metal and Ether.

    – To highlight our potential in our life.

    – To create heart-to-heart relationships.


    In this confinement, in spite of physical absence, with new technologies (to be used wisely), let us renew and improve our relationships with others, and take time to listen (to us) and, above all, continue to feel alive.





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      • Daniel
      • 29 April 2020 at 2 h 20 min

      Great post! Your writing and viewpoints are great for discussion!
      We shouldn’t let our quarantine depress us. We should always still socially distance that way our mind is in the right place.


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