#Coronavirus #Quarantine_Life from survival!

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  • #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Life from survival!

    #Coronavirus #Quarantine_Life from survival!

    Life is different today through the Coronavirus.

    Indeed, some people end up together at home.
    Today it’s a spike in divorce and baby boom… would you tell me 😊

    Indeed, the confinement between people makes it possible to (re)produce a long connection between them.


    But it is above all a reconnection with oneself that confinement offers.

    Today, we are all “speed” to be everywhere at once and to want to go as fast like machines !

    Information between humans is so fast, viral and permanent that many of us have been “burned out”.

    life reconnection

    Here, this brutal stop puts an end to our incessant whirlwind and help us to stay alive (against the virus).

    As if the Universe was taking back its rights.

    We are asked to use our energy wisely (no more than our body allows) consiering that we are not a machine.

    Good to stay at home?

    We are tend to slow down and to become aware of what we used to do for a living.

    Is our daily life we’ve had, is still OK now?


    At home, we can take the time to reconnect with our life, to see what we’ve done in the past until today, as if our life was in a movie in front of us. Does the Human I am now want to live differently? What are my desires that were hidden under my masks in my daily life?

    Can we say that Life is still beautiful?

    The Coronavirus allows us to reconnect with ourselves in an authentic way, to take the time to ask ourselves the right questions and to see if we are at the place, we really want.


    Thanks to the Corona virus, we’re going to decide consciously, either be able to continue our fulfilling life, or we be able to choose another way to reinvent ourselves to be “alive”.



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