Why choose Performance Outside the Box?

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  • « Make A Difference »

    Delphine has a multidimensional approach linking your mind and spirit, which provides high quality, key value and efficiency gains.

  • « Fast & Efficient »

    Her cognitive abilities helps her to quickly identify and resolve the source of your concern.

  • « Customized »

    Far away from standardized methods and theory, her holistic support is fully personalized and committed to your specific case.

  • « Customer is King »

    Native in French with a background in the USA for more than 10 years, Delphine really focuses on customer service with a high level of care until total satisfaction is achieved.

  • « Detail Oriented »

    Very thorough, she loves to pay attention to the smallest details that make the difference!

  • « Zero Tolerance »

    Delphine likes when a great work is fully accomplished! She works with high requirement of professionalism, excellence, confidentiality, and quality of performance.

  • « Flexibility »

    Sensitive to emotions, she does feel your vibrations of the moment and those of of your business. It is the reason why she works at different times and gives her assistance worldwide whenever it is necessary.

  • « Make it Happen »

    Very pragmatic and spiritual, she gives a multidimensional analysis of your body, mind and spirit, which helps you move quickly towards your objectives.

  • « It’s all about Passion »

    Extremely passionate about what she does, Delphine gives you her dynamic and harmonious energy while she helps you evolve and optimize your business.

  • « Unique Service »

    Her approach is unique due to her high potential mindset as well as her connection with all different energy plans. Completely outside the box, Delphine shares with you all her multi-faced abilities to awaken your potentialities and give your tailor-made solutions.

  • « Follow Up »

    She gives key advice and guides you steps by steps until your accomplishment.

  • « Try now! »

    Whenever you're ready to think and act outside the box, what about contacting Delphine to talk about your project?