Exiting the rut by thinking and acting outside the box

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  • Exiting the rut by thinking and acting outside the box

    Exiting the rut by thinking and acting outside the box

    In this long period of Human transition, “pair-forming outside the box” with others is one of the keys to weathering the storm when many things stop around us.


    It’s indeed the way I choose to avoid remaining stuck in my past habits, in my egotistical mind, and in my limiting beliefs.


    In this polarized world, Humans need social ties to avoid feeling like the living dead. That’s why the people around us are important in helping us move forward.

    > Do you open your heart by following your instinct at the present moment?

    > Or do you allow yourself to be pulled into the same time-frozen circle?


    Being quite solitary, I nourish myself with Nature, I give myself heart-rage when it does not go well, and when I find that I’m drowning in emotions with my Mind, I return to the present in presence and recharge myself with the vibrant energy of people who inspire me to bounce back.


    Whether face-to-face or online, it’s essential to connect with individuals who resonate with you and share with a bright energy to stand up.


    As a great traveler, I enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life, to further expand my mind. I’ve come to realize that it’s in outside the box exchanges that we allow ourselves to let go of the ego that wants to be right by sticking to its own opinion.


    This heart-to-heart interaction, without expectation and judgment, helps us see our situation from a different perspective, thanks to people who share their feelings with us, in simplicity and authenticity.


    It’s thanks to beautiful encounters that make you vibrate that you return to your problems, approaching them differently.


    For all Humans, it’s a vital need to remain in living bonds, and a responsibility to unite in the complementarity of our polarities, in peace and love.


    It is therefore up to us to keep moving and vibrate every day, whatever our path.


    With the current energies of renewal, we’re called to change our life habits outside the box and go discover people who animate us, to meet people from different culture than our own, to listen to various points of view, and to open up to something else we already know.


    The goal as an adult is to in fact rediscover out Soul as a child of wonder, asking the famous “and why?” questions, knowing that it’s normal not to understand everything with our small egotistical mind in this overwhelming world.


    The main thing is to re-learn to listen to your inner voice in your body, which is your path. Remember that the body never lies, unlike our head, so who do you follow from now on?


    My inner voice took me on the path of people who breathe new life into me, and with whom, we tried, in our own way, to (re)build society for Humanity and the Living.


    By understanding that there are as many human beings as there are truths to embrace, it is with compassionate listening and respect for the diversity of opinions that I had/gave the chance to exchange with French Dr. Louis Fouché, Professor Christian Perronne, and scientist Philippe Guillemant about our evolving present here and now.


    Please remember that relationships are enriched by our differences, so thank you again and always for radiating your difference, your uniqueness as a Human Being, to bring your value to the world. xx


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      • Siw
      • 7 October 2023 at 8 h 19 min

      WOW! It’s all so true! What a well written post. Love it!
      Reading this made me feel alive, made me reminisce on all my travels and people I’ve met and connections I’ve made, that’s made me who I am today.
      Thank you for sharing your words!!!

        • Delphine
        • 16 October 2023 at 14 h 38 min

        Thank you Siw for your ongoing support regarding my writings! Helps me to keep going!


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