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What do I really want now?

To do an analysis about your business and yourself, it rarely happens from general auditors.

Swamped with viral information in a competitive context where "Time is Money", you need a clear and understandable view of your global situation!

What about collecting specific data by a targeted monitoring of your business as well as getting a full audit about your human being!

Let Delphine, an independent serious Auditor perform a multidimensional analysis carefully and thoroughly for you!

Want to target customers and get your right positioning!

Do you know that your Targeted audiences need to be segmented?

Are you aware that your positioning is evolving with your customers?

Delphine can conduct a full analysis that shows your strengths and opportunities to take advantage in the marketplace.

How to handle a period of doubt?

Whether in a period of transition, crisis or change, we all need an "outside the box" feedback about our professional activity.

Delphine, Business Development Consultant, helps you to see more clearly your business and step back from your situation in order to move forward.

Feel free then to ask for Delphine now online, who can  detect your own value with her multidimensional analysis.

How to start a project?

If you launch your start-up or you intend to prospect new markets, Delphine carries out a concise analysis of your situation, linking your body and soul.

As soon as you're ready to answer Delphine's direct questions, it will be obvious for you to know your direction.

How to better organize your work?

You have the right strategic idea to make your difference, but you don't know how to set up an efficient organization...

Let Delphine perform an analysis of your time management. Through holistic inquiries, she gives you proper tips to better manage your action plan.


A - Analyze, observe, listen, and feel the field of your business. Establish outspoken and direct speech, human consideration through a present and an exchange with the actors who work within your business.

B - Evaluate the existing state of your company, in real and on the Internet, in order to determine what is good for you to reach your aim and to distinguish what no longer needs to be for you.

C - Identify your current resources that are there for your success and those that you don’t (really) exploit.

D - Notify the opportunities available for you today so that you can easily obtain your goals.

E - Share my feelings about your Human being and your “baby”, your business, so that you are aligned with your values and you are in your place.

F - You have the right ideas and the adequate resources to succeed, but your organization needs to be reviewed… Clarifying, noting, planning, sorting and overseeing your business management will be your key Audit!

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