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  • How to do a market analysis?

Swamped with data in a competition context and of "Time is Money", you need a clear and understandable view of your data collected and sorted out by a targeted monitoring and a proper benchmarking of your business, so let an independent serious Auditor perform a complete SWOT carefully and thoroughly for you.



  • How to target your customers and get your right positioning?

Do you know that your Target has several audiences to be segmented?

Do you know that your positioning is evolving with your customers?

Let Delphine perform a concrete and detailed audit and show you how to position correctly with each of your clients.


  • How to handle a period of doubt!

Whether in a period of transition, crisis or a change, we all need an "outside the box" opinion to discuss and clarify our situation.

Delphine, Business Coach and Personal Development Therapist, helps you to see more clearly your situation and step back from your situation to move forward. Feel free then to ask for Delphine, who identifies and values your own performance to guide you to the right way, step by step.



  • What are the steps to realize your project?

Whether you launch your start-up or you intend to prospect foreign markets, Delphine makes a concise and holistic analysis of your situation and about yourself, linking your body and soul and asking you direct questions.

As soon as you're ready to discuss with Delphine, you will know your positioning and your direction step by step, concretely.

So feel free to share your project to get the right strategy now!



  • How to better organize your work?

You have the right strategic idea to move forward, but you don't know how to set up a coherent and efficient organization...

Let me analyze your time management in order to give you proper tips to better manage your day-to-day in a timely manner.

*The service is free and anonymous

Customer Reference

We called the firm to get an analysis about the cruise and the hospitality industries in Europe. We wanted to quickly receive information on the trend in comparison with other continents. Since Delphine is a specialist in this sector, we knew we could get the latest information and best practices.

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