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Wanna a full Support?

Though a Neuro-Activ Coaching focused on your Emotional intelligence, Delphine guides you to maximize your personal and professional potential in order to to boost your business.

Whether or not you have already your action plan, her unique coaching includes a multidimensional brainstorming with a holistic analysis, relevant ideas and a permanent guidance until goals achievement.

Need help in transition period!

In times of change or crisis, we are lost or in doubt and we don't know what to do. Through direct coaching, Delphine easily detects your strong potential, diagnoses your emotional problems to present new solutions for growth.

The clarification of your global situation and the keys given helps you to trust yourself and do what you love. Either to improve your business or to value your profile, Delphine offers you a personalized coaching with a step by step easy process to implement.


How to motivate your team?

Before making decisions that would have an insignificant or negative impact and to also prevent psycho-social risks within your company, what about getting an "outside the box" look at your business as well as a bespoke coaching to build a management team dynamic towards a common goal.

Through a deep observation of your business, field interactions, and direct questions, Delphine provides details of your management, gives key ideas, shares experiences for your improvement and committed team over time.

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Public speaking.

To introduce a project or to solicit clients, it is key to spread a clear message. It is also important to know as well as understand the culture of the person which whom you talk with.

To meet and converse with someone is a "seduction" because any (commercial / partnership / recruitment / cross-functional teams) relationship creates an emotion where the feeling of confidence must operate at the first moment.

Having lived on several continents, Delphine shares with you what it is valuable for each culture while speaking English in different countries.

(Get) Training to boost sales!

You'd like to seek customers efficiently that combines Marketing, Communication and Commercial Strategy or you want your employees to get trained in Sales techniques to attract international clients... You are at the right place!

Trained and experienced, optimizing global businesses and leading multicultural teams, Delphine proposes a full and interactive training to be operational in Sales & Marketing.

Multi-channel Communication.

Expert in inter-cultural communications as well as intercultural communication, Delphine trains you about Social media and other alternate ways of expressing, so that you understand how to use each tool.

She also informs you of the adequate platforms and the right communication media that match with your business to give you visibility and notoriety.


A - Clarify your current positioning and the goals you want to achieve in order to set up a suitable ACTION PLAN.

B – Help you to act and bounce by identifying your mental blockages and your fears that live in your UNCONSCIOUSNESS.

C - Align your MIND, BODY and SOUL by making you aware of your new desires for accomplishment.

D - Create and develop the appropriate strategy, guiding you step by step, until IMPROVEMENT.

E - Bring coherence linking the overall strategy of the company and the operational within the ORGANIZATION.

F - Improve your multichannel COMMUNICATION, your brand image and (e) notoriety in connection with your being.

G - Build and deploy a relevant BUSINESS STRATEGY, with a targeted Marketing, that bring profitability and value to the market.

H- Raise awareness of your usual TEAM MANAGEMENT and put into practice new ideas for enhancements, which unite and engage all your human resources.

I - Estimate the level of quality of your current CUSTOMER SERVICE and provide your own essential worth to stand out!

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