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  • Make the right actions now!

You've received advice and now want to be guided in order to implement them. After a clarification about your situation, I show you how to concretize the right actions to achieve your goals.

For you to succeed, I do a Neuro-Activ Coaching to improve your own capacity of management and develop your Emotional intelligence vs Artificial intelligence. 🙂

  • Need help in transition period!

In times of change, we are in doubt and we do not know if we make the right choice. Through direct exchanges "without filter", I detect the performance of your brain and to tell you when you vibrate the most.

The clarification of your situation and the keys I give you allow you to trust yourself and to do what you love. Whether to improve your brand or to value your profile, I offer you a personalized service up to accomplishment.

  • How to manage and motivate your team?

Before making decisions that would have an insignificant or negative impact and to also prevent psychosocial risks within your company, you should get an outside look at your business that will provide a different vision from yours and added value over time.

I’m there to give you a neutral and well-argued feedback for you to build a team dynamic that brings each of your employees together in a common goal.

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  • Training/Conference - Public speaking.

Whether it's to introduce a project or to solicit clients, it is important to spread a clear message. It is also important to know as well as understand the culture of the person which whom you talk with.

Having lived on several continents, I can share with you what it is important and valuable for each culture while speaking English in different countries.

To meet and converse with someone is a "seduction" because any (commercial / partnership / recruitment / cross-functional teams) relationship creates an emotion where the feeling of confidence must operate at the first moment.

  • (Get) Training for sales.

You'd like to seek customers efficiently that combines Marketing, Communication and Commercial Strategy or you want your employees to get trained in Sales techniques to attract international clients... You are in the right place!

Trained and experienced, optimizing global businesses and leading multicultural teams, I propose a full and interactive training to be operational in Sales (English and French).

  • Training/Conference - Social Media

Expert in inter-cultural communications as well as webmarketing, I train you about Social Networks, so that you understand this specific communication and how to use each tool on the Internet.

I also inform you of the adequate platforms that match with your business to give you visibility and notoriety online!

 *The service is free and anonymous

Customer Reference

We hired Delphine, to help the company in some areas where we needed to get stronger. She came to our firm and got involved in our daily operations to better understand our operations and our needs. Every minute spent was very productive, no waste of time or endless meetings. We really appreciate that she focused on details, soaking up the business and giving us personalized ideas to better organize ourselves and move forward. We noticed a difference quickly. We highly recommend Performance Outside the Box, if you need results that are permanent and in a reasonable time frame.

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