An "outside the box" Vision

Diverse People in a Meeting and Teamwork Concept

Performance with purpose

The firm Performance Outside the Box was founded by a passionate and globe trotter, Delphine Choukroun, who with her international experience and her multidisciplinary expertise, proposes a holistic approach to improve your human capital and the productivity of your business worldwide.

Audit, Advice, Coaching & Training in Strategy, intercultural and multi-channel Communication as well as transversal Management;

Delphine's brain is full of ideas and highlights your top skills easily, with a catalytic learning capability.

She therefore can help you to launch your project and optimize your business, giving personalized tips to move forward, via a disruptive approach, relevant questions and a multidimensional vision.

Communications Consultant, Delphine assists you to write any support in French and English to enhance your brand and stand out on any supports (Print, TV, Radio, Internet).

Need a quick advice now to find a solution or improve your situation?

Delphine is available online to listen to you, give you bright energy and key drivers to make a difference now!


Observe, identify potential areas of performance to optimize business.
Provide a personalized and relevant added value that is justified thoroughly.

Work on individuals, develop each one's capacity, bring a new vision, create the conditions for change, listen, adapt, innovate, teach intercultural skills, accompany through the transformation, gather skilled people, move the lines, make a difference ...

Delphine likes to be surrounded by multi-lingual, trained and experienced independent entrepreneurs.
She selects an expert with whom she can give a full and greater value to the customers.
Fluently bilingual, all our services are in French and English.

- Priority is Customer Need-focused
- Requirement & Determination
- Efficiency & Quality
- The Synergy of the Collective
- Contributed Added Value
- Daily Passion
- Satisfaction for All
- Unique and holistic "Outside the Box" approach


- Identification and development of business performance
- Training in sales techniques
- Optimization of business processes

- Internal audit
- Operational & strategic advice
- Analysis, benchmarking of local & global markets
- Establishment review
- Quality management
- Events organization and supervision
- Integration of all data from all channels

- Creation of "marketing content" for websites, social networks, campaigns, speechs
- Improvement of organizational processes and information systems
- Enhancement of collaboration and interaction between different units
- Training managers for an efficient multi-channel communication
- Promotion and sale of local and international activities
- Branding, marketing, and advertising strategies

- Management coaching
- Process of change driving
- Involvement in launching business start-ups
- Cross-functional transformation projects management
- Networking organization and coordination
- Advice on cross-cultural business

Various sectors

In the area of strategy, communication, marketing and business development, Delphine supports you to maximize your business, giving a personalized and efficient service.

Tangible results are guaranteed after conducting an Audit.

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International Interventions

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