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  • Time is Money

    Time is Money

    “Life goes by so fast. We don’t see time passing…”
    It was the case before, and even more now, as if Life has been accelerated …?!


    A balance showing time spending with a US dollar

    Indeed, we run after time, to accomplish all we want to do.

    Some even become very frustrated when they realize they couldn’t do their task. Others, without worry, directly postpone their schedule to the following day…


    Already in 1857, Baudelaire spoke about Time that “eats Life up” and named it “the Enemy” in one of his poems of The Flowers of Evil. For him, it reflected a suffering rather than opulence.


    Although, in 1748, Benjamin Franklin first used the expression “time is money” towards a young merchant. Expression that has become a well known citation.

    Paradoxically, time seems to be our everyday enemy, as it constantly reminds us that we must be well organized to accomplish our actions before the hour sounds. Then meanwhile we are delighted to realize that we do have time to accomplish our tasks.

    Quote of Benjamin Franklin "remember that time is money"

    Should we “take time” to do a job well?

    We all know “fast is done badly”, so we prefer that our team take the time to do their job correctly to ensure a good result.


    On the other hand, we must go faster nowadays with the Internet. Some people even ask us to be as fast as machines!

    A few employers have a sense of failure when they realize they can’t do everything and are unable to keep the same pace as many social networks, and ultimately feel guilty when they take a break!


    Few of us realize that we fix our clock like a machine, to the detriment of our body and soul.

    It is also quite complex to understand the meaning of the quote “time is money“, because we often say that we have much time and no money coming when we are jobless. On the contrary, there is a flow of money and time is missing when we have a job…

    We can understand that having time is as good as money…but in business, is it really valuable?


    When Benjamin Franklin issued this quote “time is money” for the first time to a merchant, the explanation was to know how to use his time to make profits.


    We all believe for a fact that we should keep a balance in managing our time. The human being is not a machine and therefore can’t constantly work and requires beneficial breaks to recover.

    So why do we not hear our “alarm” that is warning us that we are on the verge of a “burn out”?


    a balance with a clock and money


    Can it be cultural?

    Western culture feels guilty if they don’t do anything and often feel that it is not beneficial.
    Unlike Buddhism considers “busyness as a form of laziness”, advocating “the activity of doing nothing” to regain control of our attention, so disturbed by the new digital economy and processing speed…


    With the installation of machines, Internet and social networks that never sleep, we are taken by that infernal rhythm that we need to know everything and do everything to perform within the required time.

    Indeed, machines are now everywhere to go fast and save time, and we are conditioned to follow them to update our business.


    We then live in a world where everything should be executed spontaneously.
    We clearly see it through the sending of emails, where the expected response should be almost instantaneous. If it is delayed, some people wrongly qualify it as “low performance”…


    Everything goes fast – social networks encourage us to go faster and to have this culture of spontaneity.


    A clock around money expressing "time is money"

    Should we go fast to succeed?

    Do we have to respond to all of our daily emails to accomplish our business effectively?

    Of course not … But it is normal not to make sense of things at that time when we are in the “speed”.

    Then, breaking time is essential to step back and refocus on our priorities … knowing that the time for idleness is essential to boost creativity and stop stress.


    In 2009, neuroscientists have made a study of brain imaging for workers facing a new and unusual complex task.


    They confirmed that our brains depended on downtime, not only to recharge batteries, but also to treat the flood of data, consolidating them in our memory and strengthen neural pathways of learning.


    This study among others reiterated that any new study is easily integrated with rest periods.


    This permanent wealth of information and networks can turn us away from our primary objectives related to our business.


    Instead of encouraging companies to develop machines to be more efficient, I recommend to optimize the existing potential of companies.

    Being on the grounds, I give you an essential outside look to your business.

    Being on a mission with a client, means that my counted time is dedicated to achieving your goal and bringing a fast customized result.


    To eliminate wasted time or wanting to do everything, my firm can help you prioritize and structure your processes to reach your objective, guiding you to strategically manage your time and succeed professionally.


    > You have the feeling of being disorganized?

    > Want to avoid your procrastination?

    > You feel that you are wasting the potential of your team and your energy?

    > You realize that your business is not profitable and you don’t know what to do?

    > You do too many things and at the end you’re exhausted?


    Choose the right partner to assist you in your business success.

    Do not waste your time!
    Time is precious, so use it wisely to make it a source of value!


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    • I wholeheartedly agree with this article as we live in a society where the line between being profitable and using our time strategically can become blurry. As pressure to perform increases constantly, companies should optimize in the existing potential of their resources before considering drastic alternatives.

      • Steve
      • 29 March 2015 at 18 h 27 min

      True that we want results as fast as possible. It is the reason why we appreciate your on-line assistance to get some strategy advice. Thanks for sharing your ideas by distance for people like me who need fast and concrete outcome…


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