Love at Work … Asset or Disadvantage?

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  • Love at Work … Asset or Disadvantage?

    Love at Work … Asset or Disadvantage?

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    It seems that the presence of emotional feelings for one person or for our job would increase the potential for achieving a task or project …

    We perform a task better with love than executing it in an automatic way or as in a production line. It is true that if we get involved in what we do, we are investing in more success. On the contrary, if we work without feeling, like a robot and without support, trouble comes fast as does Impatience to leave quickly from work.


    When we love our work or our team, we realize that we could spend hours, so much we enjoy it. But is it really productive to build sympathy and expressing emotional feelings ?

    According to the first employer in France, Mr. Guillaume Richard, founder of O2 Group, a service company to the people, “a satisfied employee is 99.9% insurance of a satisfied customer“.

    Many people say they work well together, as they‘ve appreciated one another from the first moment, having a friendly “love at first site”… but can this couple really work?


    Are Couples in private life who work together and who thus see each other 24/7, still objective in professional decision making? Don’t any of them “lose their mind”, seeing “all roses” or “only doom and gloom” and finally be far away from the reality of business?


    When hiring someone or even when comparing similar quotes, we choose the person with whom we’ve had the greatest affinity in the interview. Do we then make the right decision? Have we had any unpleasant surprises afterwards?
    “Yes and no,” you might say … because actually, even though the feeling and nice understanding are positive for the choice of a person to perform a project, it appears that this is not all. Yes, “love is not enough,” also in the business!


    In some parts of France, some employers prefer friendship, even identity resemblance in their recruitment team or similarities when choosing an outsourcing partner.
    It is well known, friendship leads to complacency and it can be seen that some employers select their school friend for a position which they themselves don’t have the attributes to perform … and ultimately we all realize that this person is not capable for the position he got hired for … so “it is a pity” for the firm and “good” for him.
    For bosses who think it doesn’t matter or that it’s more complicated than the simple reality, “too bad” for them, even if it is a shame not to be able to help such companies that also have potential. For others who question the situation and remain professional to develop their company, they will always have the opportunity to bounce back and better select the following time!

    So it is good if there is affection at work, but this ingredient should always be accompanied by the “pro” ingredient to remain credible to our strategic choices. Indeed, the fact “of seeing all roses” every day and leaving the professional aside can make the situation unclear or even invisible. On the other hand, a person, who receives affection at work, through ongoing support from a supervisor or via sincere sharing and solidarity times with a team, or simply by having an everyday satisfactory job, would be efficient.

    We clearly notice that love and harmony in the workplace are more and more important by focusing on “the human”.

    @loveatworkfoundationlogoIn England, Nigel Cutts’ foundation, “Love at Work”, emphasizes that people work better when they are loved and respected. This institution recommends that companies put “love” at the top of the list of required skills for tomorrow’s leaders.

    Japanese go further in this emotional approach by encouraging workers to bring cats to the office, so that they are in a loving environment, further away from stress. The RocketNews24 website reveals that this unique concept launched by Japanese companies aims to foster cohesion and productivity of employees. The Ferray Corporation specializing in creating websites, and appreciating the increased performance of their employees due to the presence of animals, has decided to encourage their staff to come to work with their house pet, paying 5000 yen per month (about 35 euros).


    In France, entrepreneurs do not need to resort to this kind of concept, already having incorporated the “human” into their businesses. This is not the case in some other countries where dehumanized “chain labor” causes considerable damage…



    When creating a business, we always hear that it is better to be in partnership to share ideas and concerns to become stronger. It seems obvious that it is better to be coupled with a partner with whom we have affinities. If we are both on the same wavelength, the company will indeed advance faster. On the contrary, if we are associated with a person for other reasons, the duration of our couple will be short because we will realize quickly that we don’t understand each other and thus conflicts of interest may appear.


    To succeed in business, we should make the right choice and be surrounded by truly passionate and professional people in order to get positive energy over time. When we feel supported by real people who give affection to our project, a synergy is installed!
    We can well notice it in an unexpected field, the finance sector. With the concept of “love money”, unknown people show their affection for a business project and confirm that they believe in it by giving money…


    So “yes” for Love in all its forms but beware of the dose of love in order to remain efficient and pro!
    I agree with the naturopathic Amy Neuzil, who in her article “Can you love unconditionally your colleagues?” shows unconditional love to work, “to the variety of ways that love is possible, not limited only to a romantic partner or a small group of family.” She focuses on our “need to be loved, our instinct to love and to communicate with others” through the notion of trust being justified “to be as human as we are and to provide the opportunity to others to be the best version of themselves by creating an environment where people feel more comfortable talking, being authentic, sharing ideas …


    During my accompaniments for service companies, I give personalized and efficient solutions quickly.. In contrast to some large consulting / training firms that have come directly with their complicated tools to change everything without soaking everyday activity and observing human potential with details…


    In addition to my online personalized services, in French and in English, my strength is also our on-site support to detect and first use the potential of the company which is rarely used wholly or wisely … and that’s why our sincere collaboration brings great clients feedbacks.



    And you?
    Have you thought to get support? Do not stay alone and get bespoke services.

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      • Maria
      • 16 March 2015 at 19 h 17 min

      Indeed, ‘love’, ‘passion’,’respect’ and ‘trust’ are essential to succeed in everyday business!

      • Canelle
      • 26 February 2015 at 19 h 35 min

      Yes, very interesting article and so realistic. Thank you !

      • Jennifer
      • 26 February 2015 at 15 h 59 min

      Very interesting article! Thanks also for sharing the difference between some countries…


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