First article : A Woman in charge!

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  • First article : A Woman in charge!

    First article : A Woman in charge!

    Following numerous requests, with a woman in charge, we are finally online!


    cant change the worl but make a difference

    It is true that until now, I was more focused on helping my customers to boost their business with total commitment rather than highlighting the added value of my firm.

    It’s interesting to see the effects of having a presence on the Internet: excitement, fear, joy, pride and above all the proof that my firm is different from the other consulting and expertise companies.


    Think and act outside the box is for me the key to make it happen.

    To pear-form together gives us strength to move forward together !


    I understand that it is not easy to think and act outside the box in big companies. It is the reason why I prefered to create my firm with different entrepreneurs who can fulfill their potential together.

    With my firm, I want to detect and spotlight people’s potential and values.

    Definitively not copying the standards and not providing the same general consulting and expertise.


    To be a woman in the Business World may be a challenge.

    As men, I also take risks, I have doubts… and I have also excitement, adrenaline too!


    The Tribune newspaper mentioned this year in 2014: “the more women have responsibilities, the greater the chances of success are high.”

    Dow Jones study about over 20,000 American companies for nearly 15 years has showed “the presence of women in leadership in Startups encourage their success.”

    Ms. Marina Torre mentioned in The Tribune newspaper that “it is a matter of equality; parity would be a guarantee of success. Startups that hire women as leaders are more successful than others.”

    It gives hope and energy for Women! So let’s do it, shall we?


    According to Laura Strong, Tribune reporter : “The reasons and aspirations that drive men and women to become entrepreneurs are still the same: personal development, the entrepreneurial spirit, the will to be independent rather than employee or to have more free time or from the place of work. Fears are also similar: fear of not being up to par, administrative problems, financial difficulties or jeopardizing the family budget.



    Despite apprehension and doubts which are present each time we take a risk, daily passion is essential at work in order to stay alive.

    This passion and risk-taking are beneficial for our health, as it brings joy and energy.



    Of course Business pressure is stronger for entrepreneurs than paid employees with a guaranteed revenue, but the fact that I add value everyday makes me thrilled. It all makes sense for me!


    At first we thought that the appeal of good wages would satisfy us, but eventually we realize, some rapidly and others after bad professional experiences … that the only motivation to wake up happy in the morning and to seize the energy of life is to make our passion our profession!


    Have you noticed how easy it becomes to get up earlier or the fact that we keep doing something for hours?

    We do not see time passing, because we revel ourselves in our business – even more so when our customers place their trust in us and are satisfied with our services!


    launching on the netSo let’s ensure growth together via the Internet. I am counting on you to share the word and share this online launch!


    Welcome also to the new subscribers of the blog who enrolled during the launch! Big thanks!

    Feel free to comment any article you wish, so that we may converse together!

    Your opinion matters a lot! Speak with you soon …

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      • Delphine
      • 2 November 2014 at 17 h 35 min

      The whole team thanks you all for your trust and consideration! Will continue to do our best to assist you the best…!

      • Marsha
      • 26 October 2014 at 14 h 42 min

      Inspirational article, will definately recommend your services. Big Congrats

      • Caroline
      • 20 October 2014 at 4 h 18 min

      Insightful and refreshing article. Congrats – best successes!!

    • Great first article and amazing website! Congrats!


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