Navigating Business Through Difficult Times

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  • Navigating Business Through Difficult Times

    Navigating Business Through Difficult Times

    During times of change and uncertainty, it’s common for managers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to make mistakes that can hinder their progress. One of the biggest mistakes I see in my coaching clients is a reluctance to accept their mistakes as opportunities for growth.


    While it’s important to seek input from others to gain different perspectives and insights, relying solely on outside solutions can be detrimental. Instead, it’s crucial to take time for introspection and make your own decisions based on your own values and intuition. This way, you can be true to yourself and better serve others in the long run.


    If you’re struggling with this, consider working with a coach or mentor who can help you develop the self-awareness and confidence needed to make sound decisions. By embracing your mistakes and taking ownership of your growth, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the challenges of today’s business landscape and emerge stronger on the other side.



    We no more have our past marks to hold on

    This tumultuous transition shows us the collapse of our old system. It is therefore normal to have loss of reference, since we are invited not to be attached to what is dying, but rather leave our comfort zone that reassures us mentally.


    It is not easy with this Mind, which is an unconscious machine that only repeats what we have done and has memorized it in our Brain.


    But do you want to continue to live in an unpleasant situation, simply because you already know that suffering?


    Many managers and business leaders I accompany want to know the way before going. So, some of them don’t dare to go and then “wait” for the right moment, which never happens, since nothing comes from the outer world to our inner one; and we are never “totally” ready with a “linear” and “absolute” self-confidence.


    Also, several new entrepreneurs, who, like all of us, have one foot in the old world and another in the new one, want to be free to express who they are in their business, but at the same time, they do not accept the path of entrepreneurship, wishing for a “fixed” financial security in a “changing” world.


    But as I often say, you decide with your free will—


    Of course, it is better not to be radical and binary like our Mind, that wants to stop «completely» a job to start «automatically» entrepreneurship.


    But on the contrary, it is harmful to keep a job that affects your health to keep your financial security, because there, you have all the signs that show you that you’re gonna lose everything, and especially your vital security, YOU!



    In search of Harmony

    With humor, I often speak about the quest for balance, referring to Michael Jackson. It is never all black and white, all good vs all bad. In every situation, there are always both, since we are incarnated in a polarized world.


    It is therefore up to us to be nuanced in our thoughts, words, and our actions since we create what we vibrate.


    It is clear that if you have a project that is dear to your heart, but you believe from the beginning that it will be difficult, you will indeed create that difficulty.


    It is said that we create what we fear if we dwell on our fears. So watch yourself and see where you put your attention:


    1. I don’t have time…

    > Where do you devote your time and energy each day?



    1. I don’t have a choice…

    > Have you made the choice not to have a choice and thus give your power to others?


    Are you afraid of feeling responsible and not being able to take responsibility for your failures, which are on any road, your best learnings?


    Or do you put yourself in the role of an entrepreneur, but instead of fully embodying it with all that it entails over the long term, you run away from the short-term discomfort and prioritize the secondary benefit that your unpleasant situation brings you?



    1. I can’t say “no”…

    >Simply ask yourself, “Who is running my life?


    Are your surroundings more important than you-love-yourself to the point of forgetting yourself?

    Is it so insane to set respectful boundaries to be loyal to yourself?


    Observe if you are used to being in the permanent 2nd or even last position, to be in the shadows and therefore having visibility problems in your business to initiate…


    1. I am afraid of running out of money!

    > You embark on entrepreneurship and instead of giving yourself the chance to test new experiences, focusing on opportunities (= crisis in Chinese), you are no longer in the present to live them.


    With your head your leave for the future, with your «if», rehashing your fears of running out of money. And by activating this lack energy, you vibrate it and thus create the lack in your life!


    1. My team is not committed…

    > How do you manage your troops?  Are you a “real” manager or do you have only the status?


    Do you have a neutral or rather affect management to avoid conflicts in vain?

    Are you aware that pleasing everyone = no one in our polarized world?


    Have you taken the time to observe, to meet people and ask questions to discover the needs and wishes of those who are there for your business?

    Do you highlight the potential of each person that can help you to enrich mutually?



    1. I am too stressed. I can’t get anything done!

    > Indeed, wanting to do everything = nothing.


    Also, following your unconscious machine instead of following the changing cycles of your body, running as a “hurried human” and not living in the present moment, you become a robot that you are not, as an imperfect human, so it is normal to lose your health.


    Since you are the one who brings you your good-and-bad luck, it is up to you to ask yourself: “what is eating my interiority now?”


    This question will make you understand if you are in the present or if you are already in your future illusions that do not exist yet…and that you will create if you stay in!


    It is by taking out this energy that eats you from within, through the movement of body and sound for instance, that you will free yourself from your mental prison that feeds fears and paralyzes your body. So it makes sense that you can’t move forward.



    Our head lies to us unlike our body

    As you can realize from experience, it is a waste of time and energy to try to be a good person, as a Human.


    We are here to be a fair person, without moral judgments, since everything is energy and vibrations, as Tesla and Einstein already said.


    So, we are not perfect robots to execute, without a Soul, but complex and ambivalent emotional beings.


    That is why it is essential, at present, with these powerful solar flares, projecting magnetized particles and radiation towards the Earth, to respect the timing of evacuation of our «heaviness» through emotions.


    In recent days, these coronal mass ejections (CME), known to have a profound impact on our mental, emotional, and of course physical health, are bringing transformational energy changes.


    It is therefore natural to be disoriented at this moment in the middle of a solar storm, by abrupt changes and upheavals of state of being:  bodily aches, insomnia, hypersensitivity, over-tension, violent reactions…


    We all go through a powerful emotional release through the body to cleanse ourselves and remove old memories, so we can’t do anything else but accept this timing of release through the body.


    It is therefore fundamental not to go against what is happening and not to seek to do something else at the same time!


    In order to help yourself through this storm as best as possible, it is essential to welcome what is there, remembering that everything passes.



    It is by doing the best you can, by frankly expressing the truth of your heart, that the crossing will be lived at best:


    – Let go of the head that thinks non-stop about responsibilities to take time with your body.

    – Balance yourself in “over” action = “not enough” inaction to recharge your batteries.

    – Wanting to control everything prevents us from realizing our projects with the unexpected of Life.

    – Stop wanting to change to be someone else, because we are here to express who we are.

    – Stop wasting energy fighting but see how you can build complementarity.

    Do not put yourself in a single box that you have identified when you are multifaceted.

    – Respect the specific timing of each thing, one by one, following the cycles of your own state of being.

    – Try to stay focused, aligned and well anchored to be aware of your actions in the present moment.

    -The more you celebrate your small progress, the more your Mind will get used to creating abundance.

    – Favor your body, your “compass”, which speaks to you with its aches/words, instead of following your brain machine which unconsciously can destroy you if it is in control of your life!


    Dare to change your mind to be on your wished direction

    When you choose to be an entrepreneur, with or without a team, it is important to be surrounded by people so that you don’t remain alone in your corner.


    Many managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders are going through the same thing as you. It is therefore necessary to be liberated and lightened by the word, as well as to be supported by understanding and inspiring people, in a benevolent way.


    This entrepreneurial road is not a competition to see who the best is, but a transmission of information and energy to be in your place, by creating your own evolutionary path, to feed the Living!


    This road is long and full of pitfalls, far from the routine and the virtual world.


    It consequently requires taking real, limited but recurring risks to manifest what you want and to share it with other living beings.


    Business Leader


    The «real» Manager, Business Director, Entrepreneur is an adventurer, an explorer of Life, who gives himself the means to make the best way on his track, while opening himself to novelty and the diversity of spirits, without wanting to be right but with the intention of creating coherent links to grow by giving meaning to his business.


    He knows that he is, with determination, to rise through trials, in his own way, and at his own pace.


    By learning at every step, who he is, he shows up his singular value, without judgment and without fear of being authentic, in order to bring his uniqueness to the world and thus make Life circulate within him.



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      • Siw
      • 9 March 2023 at 9 h 11 min

      I loved this article and it is a great read with a lot of wisdom. And indeed: ”Also, several new entrepreneurs, who, like all of us, have one foot in the old world and another in the new one,…” this hit hard haha – because I personally feel this so deeply, having one foot in the new world and one in the old one, that I’m really trying to be free of 100%.. But I move forward gradually one step at the time, and I’m very grateful for that.


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