Stop the bad habits of management!

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  • Stop the bad habits of management!

    Stop the bad habits of management!

    As a Business Leader, which management bolt, have you broken/break open in your company?


    Here are some successful keys introduced by a new management that has embarked on a course of change and get a better team commitment, with a higher rate of profitability and well-being:


    1 – The hierarchical model is out of breath. Now it’s time for self-governance where teams “no longer wait for orders”! They make decisions, submit them for approval and execute them in line with their values, being responsible and confident.


    2 – Inaction in front of the computer to show others our attendance record is over! Finally, employees can take breaks whenever they want without fear of being judged or controlled… With Telework, Management now wants action to get results instead of working time.


    3 – Reinventing your business after the Covid_19 is about adapting to a new environment, responding to new consumer expectations. The management of any company has the power to adapt to anything.


    Like the French company Decathlon which manages its strategy with the entire group, some bosses now dare to free the word of all their employees in order to undertake collectively with sense. We no longer continue the habits of the past with the manager of the manager’s manager…


    4 – Long term forecasts and planning charts are becoming obsolete since the blackout period that made us aware of our uncertain world. The new management is now acting in the present, welcoming the virtues of letting go and living from day to day.


    They therefore carry out regular field reporting with the employees concerned by a common project. They also implement interactions with experienced people to achieve a real goal. Figures, excel charts, and Power point presentations have been replaced by coherent ideas and a simple action plan that is easy to understand and concretize in order to make the company evolve now.


    5 – Employees need leadership to be mentored, supported and encouraged. This is why the new management no longer creates a “children/parents” link between employees and managers, but rather a link of self-management where the leader orchestrates his/her team. He/She is present to clarify the vision, make decisions that bring the best conditions, and the best solutions for growth.


    6 – The new management allows each person to enter their company as if they were at home: employees can dress up, as they wish, in order to remain themselves outside their residence, without masks* and suits. Also, the new management tries to avoid neutrality. When place and being are depersonalized, the human being cannot be productive.

    *Preferring screening tests to wearing masks internally.


    7 – We have become aware of the importance of the social bond to feel healthy and have a strong immune system during this pandemic. The business directors have therefore understood this benefit and have thus strengthened exchanges and sharing, by creating places of free gathering, where all departments mix up and communicate together. We have seen that information circulated much better and faster and led to a fluidity of team synergy.


    8 – Finally, some company managers order that they no longer fill out information in reports that nobody reads! What time and energy wasted in making these long reports for many people, instead of making it happen… Finally, the tasks that employees perform make sense and contribute to the concrete evolution of the common project! Through this crisis, the top management goes to the essentials and determines more clearly the objectives of each team in order to move forward in a different way.


    9 – Some Directors now focus on getting their business back on track. They have thus freed old penalizing structures and behaviors that were blocking the dynamism and investment of the teams: annual evaluations, the budget system, centralized decision making, etc.


    10 – The new management is changing the metaphor for the company. It is no longer a machine, an army, but a living ecosystem! Managers are therefore asking employees to act not as a robot but as a human being, to be creative every day for the company! Power is put back into the hands of individuals so that they can use their full potential at work.


    11 – Leaders are now realigning themselves with the real needs of the company, i.e. the raison d’être of its existence: does your business bring added value to the world today?


    Business owners are now focusing on the real needs of their society and not on the artificial needs that do not exist. They know anyway that the new “Z” generation does not want to work in “bullshit jobs” but rather in a company that has meaning and is aligned with their values…

    Out of 11, how many keys do you give to your own company?


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      • Siw
      • 21 July 2020 at 13 h 16 min

      What a great article!
      And yes indeed this is the change we want to see, and some companies have seen that change already luckily.
      Every leader and boss should read this and lead by this management style. It would create a much happier work force everywhere. Employees would/will have a better balance in life and more energy.
      Sadly i see bosses leading by fear management still, even after the lock-down and who refuse to change, being just stubborn as always.
      I hope the world will get rid of these kind of managements over time. The current manager of the company i work for, is leading by fear, and i could say yes to all 11 statements on the NEGATIVE side….


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