The 8 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make in times of crisis.

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  • The 8 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make in times of crisis.

    The 8 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make in times of crisis.

    In this health crisis where the atmosphere is anxious with new restrictions, it is not easy for all of us as entrepreneurs… That’s why it is important to support one another.


    Among the business owners that I accompany, I notice a notable difference between:

    > Business leaders who can communicate with their teams

    > Start-uppers who currently wish to open up their business

    > Small entrepreneurs who are more impacted by this crisis.


    I really feel a different energy between people who aspire to start their own business and those who already have their own enterprise.

    Why small entrepreneurs are deeply affected?

    I sincerely believe that future entrepreneurs are putting themselves in a dynamic where they start from scratch and therefore dare to be and do everything possible to succeed in making their project a reality.


    Contrary to those who already have their own activity and have difficulty in changing their habits, being afraid of doing differently if they don’t see any immediate change.


    This is why it is important to remember that the life of an entrepreneur is an adventure where we discover, test, fall, recover, and constantly adapt to the flows of life.


    • “Failing” is an excellent step that is necessary to learn and (re)position ourselves where we really want to be. But to be aware of our new path require time to feel what we really want to BE now and MAKE it happen.


    In my favorite French magazine “Brain & Psycho “, the title of its last publication is “Growing up in spite of trials”. I would rather say for having lived it: Evolving thanks to the trials of my journey!


    • “Being patient and persistent” is the key to success when we believe in something.


    Today, I really observe that some VSE entrepreneurs are losing their entrepreneurial spirit, so much so that they are influenced and paralyzed by this climate of fear.


    I would like to refer to Dr. Joe Dispensa who explains that the uncertainty of the future is obvious because life is constantly changing. He suggests that we transform our thoughts and create our future intentions so that our feelings become our reality, whatever the current state of our society is.




    I note that some independent entrepreneurs:

    – Would like to have a solution that comes from outside without questioning themselves.

    – Want to have immediate results.

    – Already are (unconsciously) defeatist to prove that they have been right.

    – Are not flexible: either it works, or it doesn’t!

    – Prefer to wait until next year and cross their fingers that a great opportunity will come to them.

    – Try to do some actions to prove that they’ve done things without going outside their comfort zone.


    Those who know me and who come and see me know that it is “us” who block or unblock our life, making choices at every moment.


    It is obvious that this crisis leads us to be in a new life and therefore gives us new opportunities to draw our strength and deploy all the potentialities we have and that we do not become aware alone.


    Here are 8 mistakes among entrepreneurs who already have their business:

    – I don’t know how to do my business remotely.

    – I don’t want / can’t be trained to perform my work remotely.

    – Until now, that’s the way it worked for me and that’s the way I like.

    – Quickly I tried to do differently and I stopped because I don’t feel comfortable.

    – I called several people I know, and I got several refusals, so I didn’t continue.

    – Don’t know what to do so I watch the news on a loop to be aware of any changes.

    – I’m stopping my activity and I’m waiting to start again next year hoping that this crisis will be over.

    – I did copy exactly what she/he does and it didn’t work for me!


    Luckily, those who said that and who came and see me are now in a different energy.

    They realized that everything is possible when YOU give yourself the means:



    *Believing in your projects

    *Visualizing your thoughts in action

    *Daring to take one step at a time

    *Welcoming your emotions as indicators of your path…


    Indeed a direct “outside the box” interaction, which opens all spheres, uses the power of words and gives a clear synthesis of your situation wakes you up to realize that we are expecting YOU to share your value to the world now!


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      • Rose
      • 25 October 2020 at 17 h 42 min

      Thanks for the clarification! Indeed, some Business owners keep having habits that block their evolution.


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