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  • Make the right actions now!

You've received wise advice and now want to be guided to implement them.

After a clarification about your situation, I guide you to concretize the right actions to achieve your goals. To make you successful, I do a Neuro-Activ Coaching to improve your own capacity of management and develop your emotional/spiritual intelligence.

  • How to manage and motivate your team?

Before taking directions that would have a negative impact on your team in general, let's see together the situation to make it clear and understood.

Be ready to get my feedback and let’s build a team dynamic that brings all to a common business goal and enable professionals to contribute their best.

  • How to make your resume and properly introduce yourself?

Through direct exchanges, Delphine easily detects who you really are and what you want to do today. By asking you relevant questions, she helps you improve your resume, write a new one that enlighten your performances and write an effective cover letter.

These holistic and pragmatic interactions also bring a clear and comprehensive skills assessment so that you recognize your potential and follow your inner voice.

Professional and results oriented, Delphine is fully committed to ensuring that all your existing profiles (on- and off-line) are up to date, coherent and efficient. See who quickly got self-confidence and a job!

Certified Training Organisation N.

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  • Training/Conference - Public speaking.

Whether it's to introduce you to an interview or solicit clients, you face different people from various cultures with a diverse vision from yours.

Delphine, who has lived in several continents, knows and understands the needs and expectations of mixed cultures, in addition to speaking different languages.

She then gives you the organization of the dialogue, teaches you how to use the specific language with the keywords of your interlocutors to seduce. We speak about "seduction", since any sales/partnership/recruitment/cross-teams' relationship is an Emotion where the feeling of Confidence must occur.

  • Training for sales.

You'd like to seek customers efficiently that combines Marketing, Communication and Commercial Strategy or you want your employees to get trained in Sales techniques in English to attract the international clientele... You are in the right place!

Trained and experienced, optimizing global businesses and leading multi-cultural teams, Delphine offers a full atypical and interactive training to be operational in Sales in English and French.

  • Training/Conference - Social Media

Expert in Digital and inter-cultural communications as well as webmarketing, Delphine trains you about Social Networks, so that you understand this specific communication and how to use each tool on Internet.

She also informs you of the adequate platforms that match with your business to give you visibility and notoriety online!

 *The service is free and anonymous

Customer Reference

I needed the services of a Coach for Change Management, to improve the way I was running my business and leading my team every day. I was recommended Delphine from the firm “Performance Outside the Box” to carry out this change, as no one, internal to the team, could do it and ask the employees for change. I was very pleasantly surprised by her unique approach ... She did not come with books to take me into a meeting room to talk about the right management approach. She rather immersed herself in my daily operations and she trained me on the field to conduct the right change for my business. Thus, I did not have to stop my operational activities and I was able to immediately see the results of my team and with my client relationships. I was also pleasantly surprised that Delphine was fully committed (coming on weekends or at the closure of the restaurant), giving me accurate strategic ideas to gain competitive edge and management advice to be implemented right away. I was thrilled by her performance, especially after getting visible results from the first few days! (Translation from French)