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  • I am starting my business, I’ve already aimed at my targets and think I have done the best... but I have no good clients yet!

Let’s analyze together your business and clarify your positioning points by points, compared to your competitors. Then, we help you to set up an efficient strategy to make it happen and to stand out, so that you will have a long-term activity that makes sense.

  • My employees are not motivated anymore ... it looks like they are only present for their wages!

Before taking directions that would have a negative impact on the team in general, let's see together the situation to make it clear and understood.

Then, let’s build a team dynamic that brings everyone to a common goal for your business.

  • How do I know if he/she is a good Coach in Sales & Marketing?

If you see someone coming up with books and giving you advice without taking the time to listen and absorb your business on the spot, run away! Professional and trained, we bring you a bespoke service and a concrete result!

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  • Train my team to boost sales?  I have neither the time nor the willing to do it!

Since your priority is to optimize your business, it is better to delegate training without impacting the business.

Therefore, let our professionals seriously train your team on the field, without disrupting your daily activities.

  • I want to attract foreign customers in my establishment! How do I deal with my employees who do not speak English?

Follow your goal so that you can stand out and do not step back when faced with this obstacle. It can disappear with our assistance, specialized in Sales training in French and in English! Then, do not hesitate to contact us to train your team on the spot in both languages, so that you will sell your products/services in English with the international clientele, as you wish!

  • I should use Digital at work to keep it going, so I would need to understand this virtual world!

Our Experts in Digital and inter-cultural communications, train you about Social Networks, so that you will understand this specific communication and how to use each tool on Internet.

Then, we will share with you the adequate platforms that match with your business to give you visibility and notoriety online!

         *The service is free and anonymous

Customer References

I needed the services of a Coach for Change Management, to improve the way I was running my business and leading my team every day. I was recommended Delphine from the firm “Performance Outside the Box” to carry out this change, as no one, internal to the team, could do it and ask the employees for change. I was very pleasantly surprised by her unique approach ... She did not come with books to take me into a meeting room to talk about the right management approach. She rather immersed herself in my daily operations and she trained me on the field to conduct the right change for my business. Thus, I did not have to stop my operational activities and I was able to immediately see the results of my team and with my client relationships. I was also pleasantly surprised that Delphine was fully committed (coming on weekends or at the closure of the restaurant), giving me accurate strategic ideas to gain competitive edge and management advice to be implemented right away. I was thrilled by her performance, especially after getting visible results from the first few days! (Translation from French)