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  • I have no “Community/Social Media" Manager in my team!

Our team, specialized in Communications and Social Selling, propose a dedicated person to write for you on Internet (your web site, your blog, your social networks).

A good writing is not enough! The content must be the right one on the right plateform at the right time published to the right audience. A Digital strategy with an efficient planning should be in place to make the right actions for an online visibility and notoriety.

  •  I need a Sales & Marketing Manager to increase revenue!

You can get an Expert, without any wage obligation and labor costs!
Dedicated to a specific mission reaching your goals, operational and reactive, we bring you performance.

  • I need a Communication Manager, but I'm afraid to disturb the team in place with a new hierarchical arrival ...

Your solution is to externalize your Marketing/Communication service, doing a working contract with one of our experts, without wage commitment, so that you will have a quality person who will help you meet your objectives while keeping your team.

  • I can never answer other clients' queries, because I have no one to ensure the service.

Now you do!

Contact us and ask for an expert in Sales & Marketing to help you seize the opportunities that may arise.

Flexible and pragmatic, our experts smoothly complete the task on assignment, adapting themselves to your schedule with professionalism and proactive attitude for and like you!

  • To do the "dirty work", I have no one!

You want to rearrange your team while restructuring your departments, do not hesitate to call for an external operator specializing in change management.

Available to run your project independently, a better structure will be set up within your company.

  • I need someone bilingual French-English who knows the culture of my client to win this contract for me!

"You've come to the right place!"
Indeed, our firm has strictly selected perfectly bilingual experts who have successful international experience in trading, so do not hesitate!

Knowing different cultures and having lived in several continents, our experts have the right approach to win a negotiation in French/English on your behalf!

         *The service is free and anonymous

Customer References

When I need a report, an interview in English, or to host a VIP party in Monaco, I appeal to the firm. I do know that Excellence is their priority so I always contact them for a last minute mission. With the performance of an Expert, I get the quality service on time, without long-term commitment. Everything positive! (Translation from French)

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